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Advanced Member Tooltip - LibHistoire  Updated this week!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.14
by: Sharlikran [More]
Temporary fix for the broken guild roster. The addition of Last Seen is the best that can be done with what is available from ZOS until the guild roster information is fixed.

This addon adds some information to the standard guild roster tooltips:

- Days since a member joined
- Last Seen - When the player logged off
- Amount of gold that a member deposited on / withdrawed from the guild bank.
- Export Stats feature

This is a continuation of the mod by Arkadius for use with LibHistoire. If you would like a version that does not require LibHistoire then use AMT 1.6 by calia1120



Export Stats

/amt export <Guild Number>
Lua Code:
  1. [9] = "@LazyPlayer = > 195&0&0",
  2. [10] = "@PlanetMageplar = 195&0&0",
displayName = daysJoined "&" timeLastSeen "&" amountDeposited "&" amountWithdrawan
The ">" symbol means that the server's guild history did not have any record of when the player joined the guild because the server does not go back that far. Otherwise they joined in the amount of days indicated.

When using Epoch time

displayName "&" daysJoined "&" timeLastSeen "&" amountDeposited "&" amountWithdrawan
To Refresh

/amt refresh
Refresh data from LibHistoire. This will pull in all guild data available from the cache including information for joined date.

- Did not realize that the guild founded date processing was not automatic depending on region. There is now a dropdown to choose the Date format for your region. Such as yy.dd.mm or dd.mm.yy and so on.

NOTE: This only affects how the guild founded date is processed because ZOS made it a string for some reason.


- Pre PTS version


- API Bump
- Only transmit LibHistoire Bank information for the current week since the kiosk flip
- If player does not have permission to view bank deposits and withdrawals rather then display zeros for the information don't display that information on the tooltip


- Fix for: AdvancedMemberTooltip.lua:834: attempt to index a nil value


- Fix for offline status when the server has used epoch time instead of the seconds since someone logged off
- Updated how the player's days for deposits are shown. Now if someone has not deposited any gold for the week it will say "0 d" for 0 days ago.
- Updated time formatting to show days, hours, minutes, and seconds
- Offline status updated when the GM logs in. No need to be online to track when a player logged out last as with previous versions.


- Fixes to address when a member joins the guild, while you are online, have not reloaded the UI, and does not exist yet in the user database


- Updated Epoch time export

NOTE: Joined date when unavailable to the server will be exported as April 4 2014. Last seen date will be 0 when unseen, or the Epoch time recorded when the player's status changed to offline. Hopefully sorting in a spreadsheet will be better with this format.


- Opps forgot to add a new separator for exporting with Epoch time


- Added toggle to export Guild Stats with Epoch time which is what the game uses by default.

NOTE: I am not a spreadsheet guru but I know that a spreadsheet can use the Epoch time and convert it


- Added Time Since last Login to export
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Re: sharing?

Slash commands

Originally Posted by Ashjunkie
I tried the /amt export command, but it doesn't do anything.
You have to add the guild number, 1 to 5 in the order you have for the Guild Menu drop down. The new output format is on the description page.

Originally Posted by Ashjunkie
Says there is no such command. /amt help also doesn't work for me (nothing happens).
You might have a mod installed that suppresses errors then because I accidentally put an invalid command in the code. It would have said something like, "Lua Error in line 718: Attempt to access a Nil Value". That's about what I had anyway. I didn't screen shot it.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I addressed that issue.

In regards to sharing

First before I explain everything, I added the last seen information as a feature and as a simple tool because ZOS broke everything and is not fixing it fast enough. There will be things that are beyond my control. You also may have expectations of ZOS but remember they only provide the information they choose to provide.

Originally Posted by Ashjunkie
How can we share the history so we can combine it with other guildies? So we can try to "see" everyone that has logged on?
I do not have the resources to make EXE files or use other languages like python, java, or jason or anything else, upload that to a site and then make it secure somehow such that no other guild could see the information.

I know people are really used to games like WOW where they have hidden chat channels and such but this is ZOS and they do not allow in game sharing. The first thing that would be used to exploit is player position in PVP.

The GM and the officers will simply need to have a standard to follow. If inactivity is less then a certain amount kick them and log why and share that on some kind of website for your guild or in a Discord channel for the GM and officers only. That way if someone in the guild doesn't follow the standard the player has some recourse to be invited back.

Lastly, people using MM 3.0 feel that the server has unlimited information for certain things. So please remember these things.

The first thing to remember is that ZOS does not log when a user logs out and add that to guild history like guild sales are logged. So unless you or an officer are online, you will not see the players online status change. This is shown in the tooltip and the export as "Unseen" which should mean to you and officers, that you just simply were not online if they logged in and then logged out.

However, I added online and offline tracking to this tool on 3/13 which is several days before I uploaded it. I have been online quite a lot (except when sleeping) and out of 498 members 50 have an Unseen status. If users are not logging in more then a few moments and the mod has not caught their online status, (unless they are in EU and everyone else is in NA) and their sales are low, then to be honest, that's not really activity to me.

This rest covers scanning, so if you don't need to know then skip the rest.

LibHistoire and what the tooltips mean

The server does not keep that much information. The server keeps 10 days for Guild Sales, but only maybe 10 to 20 days for other categories.

For gold deposits if you see numbers that make no sense, like 18704 days ago for gold deposits, that means it is undefined. The time is 0 because they didn't make a deposit recently. I'm not going to refine that at this time.

You will also see values for when the guild member joined such as "> 20 days" or if you have used LibHistoire for 200 days then you might see "> 200 days" and all that means is when LibHistoire scanned the guild information the join date was not available because the server had discarded that information.

Remember also that this is the same as with MM 3.0 where sometimes people feel MM does not see information it should. If the information could have been available (less then 10 to 20 days) then that is server or user related. LibHistoire will auto request information from the server but server load will dictate whether or not that automatic request is approved.

If you need accuracy for deposits or joined data, then be sure to scan the Guild and Bank categories the same way you do for MM 3.0. Also the same as MM 3.0, you do not need to do a full complete scan of any category (pressing E until it disappears) more then once. As long as you pay attention to LibHistoire and request about a day of information each day, and click rescan in the LH GUI, then you should always have accurate information.

Although this last part is related to scanning, LibHistoire is not responsible for the online status. That is instant and part of the game's internal C code.
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How can we share the history so we can combine it with other guildies? So we can try to "see" everyone that has logged on? I tried the /amt export command, but it doesn't do anything. Says there is no such command. /amt help also doesn't work for me (nothing happens).
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