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Patch for:
Combat Reticle.
Waking Flame (7.1.5)
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Combat Reticle (by Aetheron, calia1120) - fix
by: skawiaw [More]
update for Combat Reticle.

LibAddOnMenu 2.0 now must be installed separately, LibStub dependency removed, so issue with settings fixed.

this was mentioned in the comments:

Originally Posted by AlienSheppard
I think this addon is a must, however:


LibStub by Seerah (embedded)

LibAddOnMenu 2.0 by Seerah (embedded)

LibStub are deprecated, can you get ride of this? To use this addon, we have to install libstub, which is causing problems with other addons.

Also, LibAddOnMenu 2.0 dont need to be embedded anymore, can be installed in separate.
Originally Posted by happycat
When installing this addon and setting my reticles to my desired looks. I discovered that my addons menu list has disappeared all except this addon.

Any suggestions on how to fix this.
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Stealth changes not recognised

I realise that Combat Reticle has been abandoned so I thought I would ask here.

ESO changed it's behaviour regarding stealth and moving between "zones".
It used to be (before update 30?) if you went from one zone to another and you were stealthed you would remain stealthed. Now if you go between zones ESO automatically unstealths you.

I think this is a bug in ESO and I have reported it but nothing has been done.

Combat Reticle now gets confused whenever you change zones while stealthed. You have to go back into stealth mode momentarily to fix this every time.

By "change zone" I mean, for instance:
  • porting between zones using a wayshrine
  • porting to a player house
  • entering or exiting:
    • a delve
    • a player house
    • a dungeon
    • some cities (with gates)
    • some buildings

It is just irritating if your character is stealth-based and so spends most of the time (outside cities) crouched

Can anybody help?
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