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Quiet Sanctuary
Version: 1.0.0
by: ecru [More]
Quiet Sanctuary is designed to lower your ambient volume when you enter The Erstwhile Sanctuary player house, and raise it back up when you exit your home. I created this addon for myself, but others may find it useful.

Why does this even exist?

Good question. A few of the areas in The Erstwhile Sanctuary are some of the loudest in the game with ambient volume turned up due to the proximity of the waterfall to the back of the house. If you don't like hearing the deafening sound of rushing water while you're in your home, you would have had to turn your ambient volume down to <25% or lower, and then manually raise it back up again when you leave.


With two simple sliders, this addon will allow you to set both the ambient volume inside of The Erstwhile Sanctuary, and the ambient volume outside of it. The volume will automatically change when you enter/exit your home.




If you have any issues, feel free to contact me in game on PC/NA: @lowkeyyy or on discord: lowkey1985.
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