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Crafting Price for PerfectPixel
Version: 1.0.0
by: Vel_33 [More]
While our country and my city are under attack by russian pigs and missiles are flying at us every night, I decided to do something useful for you, because time matters to me now.

What does this addon do?
In crafting mode, you will see the cost of materials spent and the total amount for the item being created. You will understand whether this item is worth selling or the crafting price is too high.

For me, this function was very necessary and not having found an analogue, I decided to modify one PerfectPixel addon file - I was pleased with the result and I am sharing it with you.

For this modification to work, you need the PerfectPixel addon itself and the TamrielTradeCentre addon, since that is where the price comes from (links to these addons below).

First install PerfectPixel (if you haven't installed it before). After that, unzip this mod and copy it “on top”. The explorer will ask about replacing the file (there is only one file) - agree to the replacement.

My ID in the game is Vel_33 - if you liked this mod, you can gift me something

It remains to wish you a pleasant game, peaceful skies and goodness.

From Ukraine with love.

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