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File: Set Collection Marker (Sticker Book)04/29/23
Automated Request
Posted By: gandalf-07
Hello and thanks for this awesome add-on! It makes it so easy to identify uncollected items. Also the "Req" function is a very useful shortcut to ask for missing items. In our guild we have the rule to never whisper when asking for gear while in group or guild chat, instead make a public request so the others know that you as...
File: Bag Space Indicator05/05/21
thanks for this addon
Posted By: gandalf-07
I love this addon. Could you possibly add a quest log counter :) ? It would be great to have that information without opening quest log.
File: Master Merchant05/05/17
Re: Language change
Posted By: gandalf-07
Have the same problem.
File: Master Merchant02/14/17
UI-Error when logging a character on
Posted By: gandalf-07
Every time I log on to a char, I get the following Error: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_Guild.lua:215: operator < is not supported for nil < number stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_Guild.lua:215: in function 'MMGuild:addSaleByDate' user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:3055: in...
File: Master Merchant01/15/17
Problem with Mastermerchant language change
Posted By: gandalf-07
Hi, don't know where to post a bug. So I try here. When I switch Eso from English to German I get an error message: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_Guild.lua:214: operator < is not supported for nil < number stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_Guild.lua:214: in function 'MMGuild:addSale...