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File: WritWorthy07/03/21
Re: Motif not found errors
Posted By: ziggr
Hrm. I'm stumped. Motifs 105 and 106 were added to WritWorthy 6.2.2 2020-11-05, and carried over to LibMotif where they live today. Not sure why these two motifs don't work for you. -- LibMotif_Data,lua: LibMotif.DATA = { ... , = { pages_id = 2776 } -- Ancestral Orc , = { pages_id = 2849 } -- Thorn Legion ......
File: HomeStationMarker06/26/21
Probably a bug in HomeStationMarker...
Posted By: ziggr
Probably a bug in HomeStationMarker's language support. What language are you running? I in my home /hsm scanlocs not working for sets, it's remember only default stations, how i can fix that?
File: WritWorthy06/08/21
Re: /writworthy port
Posted By: ziggr
/writworthy port gives me a message that I am not allowed to visit that house. Is this intentional? Are you on PC EU? "No public crafting house for EU server. If you have one to volunteer, contact @ziggr on ." My home is open to all on PC NA. Open to all, even players who are not in any of my guilds or friends li...
File: HomeStationMarker06/07/21
You're like my favorite player righ...
Posted By: ziggr
You're like my favorite player right now, you know that, right? Thank you so much for all these fixes. Added to code, and uploaded in a new HomeStationMarker version a few minutes ago. --Z Hi, I found one small problem in the import. When I inserted the exported data from the Windows notepad, I kept getting a Wrong server...
File: HomeStationMarker06/04/21
Re: alternate craft stations
Posted By: ziggr
Nice. Added to the code, will publish in the next update, probably a couple days from now. --Z At the urging of some of my guildmates, I changed out the standard cooking station for my elsweyr grill, which counts as a cooking station, but it doesn't show up to home station markers when using that for writs. I'm assuming that is a...
File: HomeStationMarker06/04/21
Hrm. Not sure what's causing this....
Posted By: ziggr
Hrm. Not sure what's causing this. A quick glance at the stack trace says that LibLazyCrafting.DeleteHomeMarker() is apparently calling HomeStationMarker.DeleteMarker(set_id, station_id) with a nil station_id. "Please remove the marker for station " does not tell HomeStationMarker what to do, so it throws an assert() error inst...
File: WritWorthy06/01/21
Re: MM and TTC?
Posted By: ziggr
WritWorthy supports TTC. WritWorthy gets its prices from LibPrice, to get prices from MM, ATT, and TTC, in that order, whichever it finds first. I've been running MM with WritWorthy to get prices. As a returning player, my MM is having trouble finding prices for a lot of things (not enough data yet). So once I'm updated I'm goi...
File: WritWorthy05/30/21
Re: DLC Check?
Posted By: ziggr
This. 100% this. PC NA: visit @ziggr's primary residence (Grand Psijic Villa) with Port to Friend's House and `/ptf port @ziggr 62` I'm sure there's a similar home on PC EU that's open to all visitors. I should just add something like "/writworthy port" to automatically jump to my crafting hall if you're on PC NA. Anybody...
File: WritWorthy05/14/21
Re: Scan
Posted By: ziggr
You can scan writs from your bank. Settings / Addons / WritWorthy / Include writs from bank in auto-crafting window : ON You cannot scan writs from your guild bank. Tell me please. May i scan writs from the bank or guild bank? Without moving writs.
File: WritWorthy04/28/21
Lazy Writ Crafter's LibCustomMenu errors are not something WritWorthy can fix.
Posted By: ziggr
Seeing as I installed WritWorthy's latest update today, and Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter hasn't been updated since the 7th, I'm assuming these errors have to do with WritWorthy. @Votan disagrees: Version 7.0.0 will break Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter (up to 3.0.4), because the way it includes the library can no longer supported....
File: HomeStationMarker04/28/21
Re: Jewelry station
Posted By: ziggr
Aha! I understand. I'll take a look later this week. Thanks for the debugging work! --Z There is a small problem, when identifying station location on interaction - some jewelry stations have minimum of 3 units of material to make anything, not 2. So GetSmithingPatternResultLink will return nil, if material count is 2 and set_info...
File: WritWorthy04/27/21
/writworthy mat
Posted By: ziggr
I just uploaded WritWorthy 7.0.1 that includes a shiny new material list window: Type /writworthy mat in the chat window to show or hide the material list. I'll eventually add a button in the main WritWorthy window to show/hide the material list. But probably not for a while. I kind of want to...
File: WritWorthy04/15/21
Just went from CP 1385 to 1840 by d...
Posted By: ziggr
Just went from CP 1385 to 1840 by doing about 3000 master Writs during Anniversary Event. :eek: Very nice! .
File: LibMotif04/14/21
LibMotif 6.3.2/2021-04-14 fixes Soul Shriven
Posted By: ziggr
It was a bug in LibMotif:Export(). I erroneously favored the achievement (1418 "Soul Shriven Style Master") over my list of overrides in LibMotif.SIMPLE. Fixed now. Baertram: As for saved variables: LibMotif doesn't even use 'em. I use them for the LibMotif_Scan.lua code myself, and was too lazy to comment them out for release....
File: WritWorthy04/13/21
WritWorthy 6.3.1/2021-04-13 requires LibMotif
Posted By: ziggr
I just now published a version of WritWorthy that requires the new library LibMotif. You'll need to install that library. WritWorthy has always carried around a table of motif -> achievement ID. That table told WritWorthy how to detect whether this character knew how to craft something in that style This is the table that I had to...
File: WritWorthy03/20/21
Re: Material List dump into chat
Posted By: ziggr
Oh bravo! Well done. Well done, indeed. --Z Howdie
File: WritWorthy02/28/21
Material List Window
Posted By: ziggr
I dont see how that could be very difficult. True. It's just a simple matter of code. I have chosen not to write that code, even though fellow players such as yourself have so politely asked for it. Just not how I want to spend my volunteer time. It's not very difficult. Probably less than 20 hours for a first draft, and anothe...
File: WritWorthy01/19/21
Heh. Yeah, that's an old buggy writ...
Posted By: ziggr
Heh. Yeah, that's an old buggy writ from the early days. Impossible to craft or turn in. They appear in guild stores occasionally, and are bought up by collectors of such rarities. Reporting an error for such an erroneous writ is a correct and expected response from WritWorthy. --Z WritWorthy: Could not parse. I thought...
File: Master Writ Inventory Marker (WritWorthy Extension)01/15/21
I love it! Nicely done. Adds a f...
Posted By: ziggr
I love it! Nicely done. Adds a feature that some folks have wanted for years. Glad to see that somebody wanted it enough to write it. The code that calls into WritWorthy is good. Unlikely to break with future changes to WritWorthy, since ToKnowList() is kind of the fundamental function WritWorthy uses internally, too. If I chan...
File: WritWorthy12/24/20
Missing materials now reported in tooltip as of WritWorthy 6.2.6
Posted By: ziggr Out of Hakeijo? Now WritWorthy will let you know in the tooltip. There are settings to turn this off, missing materials only (default), or on for all materials (this can add 7 lines of materials to blacksmithing/clothing/woodworking writs, which makes the tooltip ridiculously tall)....
File: WritWorthy12/01/20
How to remove WritWorthy's broken AGS integration
Posted By: ziggr
WritWorthy, and other add-ons, include code that add filter options to AwesomeGuildStore. I can see some text from WritWorthy, and a whole bunch of icons/buttons from somewhere other than WritWorthy. I have no idea why WritWorthy's code (and other add-ons' code) no longer works with your version of AwesomeGuildStore. But yeah, it'...
File: WritWorthy11/12/20
Re: Re: WritWorthy 6.2.4 adds error message for when LibLazyCrafting cannot yet craft a set
Posted By: ziggr
Fixed in 6.2.5. Thanks. 6.2.5 2020-11-12 Fix copy-and-paste bug in FR translation table that caused it to emit errors if missing a translation for a new EN string. DE RU translation were not affected by this error. bad argument #1 to 'string.format' (string expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'string.forma...
File: WritWorthy11/11/20
WritWorthy 6.2.4 adds error message for when LibLazyCrafting cannot yet craft a set
Posted By: ziggr LibLazyCrafting requires update for set " Appears when a required set_id is not yet in LibLazyCrafting's set table. Should help next year when the next batch of new craftable sets show up.
File: WritWorthy11/11/20
Nice catches. Thanks. Fixed in Writ...
Posted By: ziggr
Nice catches. Thanks. Fixed in WritWorthy 6.2.3 6.2.3 2020-11-11 Motif ID 101 Greymoor. Remove erroneous duplicate Motif ID 88 for "Moongrave". --Z Hi, I got an error saying "motif not found 101" then "WW: Could not parse" on one writ, then when looking at the code, found a couple...
File: WritWorthy11/09/20
It might take a few days before Dol...
Posted By: ziggr
It might take a few days before Dolgubon has a chance to teach LibLazyCrafting about the new Markarth sets. LibLazyCrafting is an amazing and powerful library, but it does require work after each update. Until LibLazyCrafting is updated, park this master writ (and any other master writ that calls for Update 28/Markarth sets) on a...