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Baertram 02/01/15 12:51 AM

I've released a new version "0.5.1a" of my addon FCOItemSaver.

New features:
-Show a confirmation dialog if you try to bind an item to your account, that was unbound so far
-Tooltips for the marker textures

Both are customizable and will be enabled/disabled by the settings.

I'd like to hear some feedback about the tooltips and especially the Ant-Equip dialog.
Does it work as it should and does it recognize all unbound items correctly?

Thanks for your help.

Baertram 04/14/15 07:05 AM

Quick attempt to fix FOCItemSaver texture dropdown box for players using a lower screen reosultion then 1920x1200 -> Icon sliders instead of a dropdown box:

I did not test it properly but with this version of FCOItemSaver here the settings menu will change the dropdown box to sliders for the icon textures.
This was done without ingame tests so there might be errors in the lua source code.
If no errors appear the icons could not be showing up in the settings menu or the text of the items could not be updated properly at the icon's headline label.

But at least, if its working without lua error, you would be able to use the sliders to choose the different icons and they should be applied to the markers too.

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