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ESO-Database Game Data API for AddOn Authors

Hello everyone,

tomorrow I will release the new version of my ESO-Database Client and it includes a first version of the Game Data Export AddOn. This AddOn currently stores the positions of Chests, Thieves Troves and Psijik portals.

I imagined that this data could be useful for many AddOn authors, so I made the data available via API. The advantage of this is that several hundred players per day will use the AddOn starting tomorrow with the release of the new client to contribute data. There are already some data available from the Client and AddOn beta testers

You can find the API documentation and endpoints here:

For the future I have plans to integrate books and harvest nodes as well. This could be interesting for Harvest Map and Lore Books

What do you think about this idea to make the data available for all AddOn authors?
If you have some wishes or ideas for other data, feel free to ask me :
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ESO-Database Game Data API | API for AddOn developers to fetch game related data like Chest positions etc.
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