Hello everyone,

the Infinite Archive results page for characters was released today. On this page, you will find the results for every Infinite Archive run you have completed with the ESO-Database AddOn activated and whose data you have uploaded to the ESO-Database servers.

Each result contains the same information that will be shown at the end of the Infinite Archive run ingame. Additional information collected by the add-on is also displayed. You can customize the view with filters and sorting options.

You can see a preview of the new subpage at my character: https://www.eso-database.com/en/char...inite-archive/

Hello again,

Today I have published more new statistics on the website. The following new statistics are available.

The new battlegrounds' statistic category has been added with a lot of values.

The new housing statistic category has been added.

New statistic values
Also, new values have been added to some existing categories:
  • [Combat Statistics] Falling damage
  • [Loot Statistics] Looted Psijik Portals
  • [Loot Statistics] Looted Thieves Troves
  • [Loot Statistics] Looted Heavy Sacks

Leaderboards & Signature images
All the new statistic values have been added to the ESO-Database Leaderboards and the signature image generator.
Another long-awaited feature has been added to the ESO-Database! The currency overview for characters, including the bank and account wide currency. You can find this new page on your character's profile as own category.

Click here to open the ESO-Database website:
The new Infinity Archive statistics are now available on the website! The first part of the new statistics can be found on your character profile under the statistics tab

Example profile of my character: https://www.eso-database.com/en/char...05/statistics/

Hello everybody,

I have included a long requested feature for the Export AddOn. It is now supported the game client in Russian language. This means that you can export and upload data normally with a Russian game client. The website and the displayed information are still available in English and German.

At a later stage, it is quite possible that the website and upload client will also be made available in Russian with the help of community translation.

You can find the AddOn here: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info...portAddOn.html