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REQUEST/Question for addon

So this addon may already exist and if it does could someone link it to me. But is there an addon that tracks a bosses hp % that you could configure to certain builds where at a certain percent you can set it to show an alert to drop certain skills and when to start execute? If there is no such thing is there any way someone would be willing to try and create it? I feel like newer players and players who want to get into more endgame content could use this as a tool to help them remember which skills to drop in content. I especially have very bad adhd and forget which skills to drop when it comes down to it so if anyone could help out that would be great.
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I'm not aware of any addon with that flexibility to configure "per boss" and "per class" (as some executioner skills are class relevant, like NB's "Assassin's Blade" + morphs, and some are not class dependent like 2hd "Executioner") but here is a start which might help you to show when to use executioner/finish skills:

And I really doubt that an addon should show you what skills to use, especially per boss?
You should define and learn a rotation of skills on your bars, and use that always.
And then use the executioner skill once boss drops below a certian HP -> And that's not boss dependent but only HP dependent imo.

But I'm no trial player so might be wrong here.

For a better help inside dungeons and trials try out these addons:

For dungeon ingame help texts/tooltips:

For visual markers to help with positioning etc.

Or search for special addons that got the "Dungeon's name" in their name as there also exists a few explicit helper addons for certain dungeons.

Auto change of equipped item sets based on dungeon, dungeon stage and/or boss (trash groups or boss e.g.):

Or you can use some totla UI change like Bandits UI and add some plugins like this:

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