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Please read BEFORE requesting addons/updates/features/creating addons

Thank you for reading this BEFORE posting new addon (feature) requests/addon fixes/addon updates, and for following these simple rules.

What addons cannot do
  1. Change anything prior to or at the character selection screen, pre-ingame code, or at/during loading screens, or in the crown store/market, at the scying UI, at the Tribute game
  2. Read the current position (x, y, z) of non-grouped players, or even enemies/NPCs
  3. Change any visual textures/effects of skills, weapons, armor, procs, pets, mounts, houses, characters, NPCs, and other non-UI related things
  4. Change sounds of skills, weapons, armor, procs, pets, mounts, houses, music, NPCs and other non-UI related things
  5. Play custom sounds or videos or animations or include other 3d objects from external sources.
  6. Include any external files in the addons that are not lua, xml or dds (texture files).
  7. Load files which are outside of the live/AddOns folder (SavedVariablse are stored in live/SavedVariables but we do not have access to the files directly, only via the ZO_SavedVars wrapper class), or which are in a depth > 3 subfolders of your addon (where "your addon" = addOns' txt manifest file's depth).
  8. Change the visual indicators like the "selected enemy" frame or "AOE ground rings/fields"
  9. Change the name plates (only the font might be changed "globally" which would affect all text that is using the same font)
  10. 3d markers in the world cannot be drawn inside dungeons (or only via hacky ways that ZOs officially does not support. ZOs clearyl said they explicitly did not want to have 3d markers in dungeons and thus the API blocks that. If your addon found a way to do it though, you might work against ZOs will!).
    So no, there won't be any easy way (first due to the lack of position information about enemies/NPCs and secondary due to this lack here) to draw any selected enemy OR group markers above the heads.
    -> ZOs added the target markers meanwhile which can be used to draw icons aove the enemy heads (manually, by keybind).
    Group markers are provided by the game already and can be changed via addons e.g. "Votans Group Pins" and there is a way to highlight grouped players (in overland areas) with a light beam effect e.g. "Lights of Meridia"
  11. Change the camera x/y/z axis position to anything that is not changable via the official settings menu.
  12. Hide pets, players, mounts, NPCs from the game. There is a setting to hide them by the game if you are near crafting tables/inside towns, so use that one please. But it won't hide them in dungeons or overland afaik
  13. Move, jump, crouch, swim, block, or call any other movement or fighting related controls/actions of the player in any way
  14. Cast skills in any way
  15. Use items from the quickslot (you cannot e.g. auto-drink a potion, but you could try to cast a companion or banker via API functions, or eat some food)
  16. Automatically start interactions that you usually need to do via a keybind (companion, banks, scrying, scribing, ...)
  17. Any other "botting related" automatisms
  18. Send messages to chat (which others can see) directly. They are only allowed to add text to the chat message box and you manually need to press the return key to send.
  19. Modify ingame mail's gold
  20. Change behaviours/restrictions of the game like "change slotted skill on the actionbar during combat", "teleport/mount if in combat", etc.
  21. Change tooltip's textures or texts. Some texts might be changed if they use constants, like a trait uses a constant ingame. One could change the constant text and the tooltip text (as well as ANY other position in the game these constants are used!) will change then too. But the surrounding tooltip texts, around the constant in there, cannot be changed!
  22. Directly communicate with files on your PC on-the-fly/live. Means: Data can only be stored into SavedVariables (SavedVariables cannot be altered on the disk and read into the game! They are copied in internal game memory and only read from that memory, saved to the disk on a reloadui or zone charge with a loading screen. Any altered data on the disk file will be overwritten from internal game memory at that point! ). These can only update as the game does a reloadUI/zone change ingame, and not live every n milliseconds. Exchanging data with other players via save to disk, send to server, read from server at other player, transfer to his/her ESO won't work!
  23. Exchange data between websites or use web services in real time. External clients, like TTC does, writing and reading SavedVariables, is the only non- realtime way to exchange data between addons and external sources
  24. Share data between players. Only for grouped players: There exist workarounds via MapPings but the more addon use the same method the more stressed the server will get and might kick you because of message spam. If you want to create addons sharing data between grouped members you should use LibGroupSocket, or LibDataShare so that many addons using these libs will work together properly!

What addons MUST not do
Please read what addons must not do at all and strickly follow these rules!

What addons could do
  1. Change (or disable -> See addon "FCO ChangeStuff e.g.") the sounds of UI related things like click, book open, book page change, menu open, etc.
  2. Add additional controls to the UI. From simple buttons over textures (needs to be ingame texures or provided supported .dds files -> read here for more information about the supported width/height and properties: )
    They can move with the player's position but you need to invest a decent amount of effort and performance loss (espeically if you want to do that for group members as well).
  3. Draw 3d markers in overland areas (e.g. "Harvest Map")
  4. Show/hide UI controls (not all controls can be hidden properly/in time/Accordingly to your needs though. It depends on the use-case)
  5. Consume some items from your inventory, like eat/drink food/drinks. Not all will work though (potions e.g. might not be automatically consumable, one would need to test it).
  6. Add tooltip texts by adding to the bottom of the tooltip.
  7. Use API functions defined here ( -> APIVersion number of live -> Linked "API TXT Documentation" file) to get information.

If an API is missing you can ask if there is any way to achieve your use-case via this forum please: If there is no way (please wait for an answer first!) you can ask ZOs in the wishlist forum for new API: If you find a bug in ZOs code check the buglist here and raise a new bug (if you are sure it IS a bug AND you have tested this with all addons disabled AND provide info how to fully rebuild the bug + maybe even a fix:

If you request new features for an existing addon
  1. Read the addon description if any feature requests are wished/supported! If not: Do not ask for new features for that addon please and respect the authors will!
  2. If feature requests are allowed you might also find the addon portal enabled. Below the download link there will be a "Feature" button. USE THIS BUTTON if given.
  3. If a github link is given check if there feature requests are enabled and add it to the github repository of the addon
  4. Check the addon comments if someone has asked for the same feature already. No there is no search for the addon comments so please at least check the comment pages of the current and last year in total before asking the same again!
  5. Do not use the forums to request new features. Use the addon comments of the particular addon you want new features for as the authors will see this way easier than having to search any forums.

If you request new addons
  1. Read the above "What addons cannot/could do" and do not ask for features which are already mentioned as not possible via addons!
  2. Please also read the addon request forum for similar request in the last year. As long as API did not change they will still not be possible then, if the answer was no. And don't expect the API to change for any automatisms or visual/sound changes for non-UI related things!
  3. Use the addon search and search for some of the keywords your addon would be about, like e.g. guild, event, ability, skill, weapon, gear, craft, enchant, etc. Search for single words to get a wider result, or use multiple of the words to get less results. If you do not find anything try to change the search terms to other similar/less generic ones, e.g. gear -> equipment, craft->smithing etc. If you find addons read their descriptions/features list. If you request addons which clearly can be found that way yourself you most probably won't get any answer, or just the addon search link, as ppl will use the same to help you. But it's not their job to search existing addons if you could have done the same!

If you request an addon fix/update/revive
  1. Read the addon's comments if someone else of the community has posted a fix or a fixed version for download
  2. If not: Try to contact the author of the addon via private message, the addon's comment section or if a github link is given via the github repository -> bug report/feature request
  3. If no answer was given for ~2-4 weeks you may ask for someone here at this forum to provide help/a fix
  4. Read this hints what definately should be updated too at addons/revived addons: What to check and change for older addons you'd like to revive

If you want to take-over an abandoned addon/Before creating a patch/copy of an addon

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