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Event Box Timer

This is a place to discuss this addon, looking forward to the input.


Event Box Timer
This addon was inspired by Plunder Skull Timer by code65536
Many thanks to that addon in pointing me in the right direction to make this possible and have one that will be able to track every event in one addon!

This addon will help you track the time since your last Event Box and based on the cooldown change color to represent when you are able loot another one.
Red = Still on Cooldown
Yellow = 30 Seconds Till Cool Down End
Green = You are able to acquire another.

(Other Events to Be Added as they Happen and Cooldowns can be tested)
Witches Festival / Plunder Skull's | 3 Min Cooldown
Gates of Oblivion / Coffer's | 5 Min Cooldown ( Fargrave Coffer [Deadlands] / Blackwood Coffer)

Default Settings:
Timer will Display after you acquire your first Event Box (see commands below for other options), it will stay up until you have not acquired one for 5x the cooldown (also commands below for other options).

/ebt.autohide - Toggle (Enbable/Disable Autohide) after 5x Cooldown Reached
/ - Show the Timer
/ebt.hide - Hide the Timer
/ebt.test - Test the Timer [Hey, maybe you just need some sort of timer (wink wink)]
/ebt.reset - Reset Position, Settings and Timer
/ebt.status - Check the Status of the Timer and All Settings

Timer can be moved around your screen, just drag it where you like!

  • Gates of Oblivion: Even though the cooldown is 5 min, there is a still a randomness to the drops after the 5 min. This will just help you know when you can get them again. (Also note that the timer is for Random World Drops and not Daily Quests. Do note it does however reset upon getting one from daily quest.)

  • Use this addon and test it!
  • Submit Bug Reports
  • Submit New Event Box Item ID's (If I have not gotten to it already)
  • Test Time Between Cooldowns (You will need an addon like Loot Log for this)
  • Send me Gold? [ Username: @Smugger21 ]

To Do List (Working on adding)
  • Log of Drops
  • Calculated Drop Rate Over Time in Time Period
  • Track Limited Daily Drops (So you know if you got that for the day)
  • Custom Timer (Be able to set the timer to something you want it to be and have it count to that)

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