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Troubleshooting: AddOn install/find & HowTo: Reporting errors

Where do I need to install/extract the addon zip files to? Or what is the "/live" folder?
The "live" folder is the folder which the game uses on your drive to store the relevant data, like AddOns, SavedVariables, logs, Screenshots. As the name says already this is the folder for the "live" server. There also exists a "PTS" folder for the public test server (PTS).
Your addons need to be placed in the folder /live/AddOns (create the folder if it is missing, but please watch the case-sensitive name, with capital A and O!).

If you are not able to locate the correct folder where to extract the addons to you will find the information here:
How to install an addon
In addition you can login, take a screenshot via they screenshot keybind and watch the text written at the top right corner of the screen.
The folder shown there should be the one where your subfolder "AddOns" will be located (1 folder above "Screenshots").

As a base troubleshooting rule: Make sure you logout before you update any addons or dependencies!

Why are images/textures the addon provides not shown/shown wrong/invisible ingame?
You were logged out as you updated the addon, right?
Exit the game before you continue! You have read correctly: EXIT, not only logout.

Check the folder where the addons are installed (see above how to find it) and navigate to the parent folder (e.g. "live").
Delete/rename the file "shader_cache.cooked".
Login (your first login after changing this file will take a bit longer as the texture cache will be rebuild) and check if the textures are shown now.
If not: Check if the addon installed extracted all needed .dds files (check the addon's subfolders) and/or reinstall the addon (Logout before!).
And delete the shader_cache.cooked file again then, before logging in.

The shader_cache.cooked file will cache your textures of ingame vanilla game textures as well as addon provided .dds file textures.
New added textures of new addons could fail to load properly or just show transparent as they are missing in that file,
especially if you have not logged out and exit the game BEFORE updating/installing addons!
Also: If you change textures ingame via addons (using the RedirectTexture() function e.g.) it often happens that these textures still show the old texures ingame.
To fix these missing/wrong textures ingame: EXIT the game and delete this cache file.

It will be rebuild automatically the next time you login. So your first next login willtake a bit longer.

What are those "dependencies" or "libraries"?
Libraris are addons which contain re-usable code. These are designed to be re-used in different addons and thus can be added as a dependency
to these addons, in order to make the addon know that this library is needed to be installed.
The library can be installed once into your "live/AddOns" folder (just like normal addons), or it could be included to the addon's folder/subfolders.

So dependencies are just other addons/libraries which must be installed and loaded ingame,
or can be installed and loaded (so called "optional" dependencies),
in order to make the addon load and work as well.

How do I find and install needed dependencies/libraries for the addons I install?

Why can't I see any addons inside the game's AddOn manager?
1. You have moved your documents folder to another drive e.g.
Search for UserSettings.txt or AddOnSettings.txt file on your harddrives/sdds and check which folder it is in (with the most up2date date and time!).
Below this folder, in the subfolder AddOns, your addons need to be located so the game will find them as well.

2. Microsoft OneDrive
If you are using Microsoft OneDrive and your "documents" folder was moved to the OneDrive be sure to remove the Elder Scrolls Online folder from it again and put it into the normal documents folder (below windows user folder) again. OneDrive is not supported within ESO!
Additional information can be found in multiple ESOUI and also the official ESO forum threads (e.g. here)

3. Microsoft Antivirus (Windows Defender) is blocking the documents folder against changes
After an update to the Microsoft Windows 10 Antivirus tool Windows Defender the tool is blocking access to the folder users/dcouments somehow. You have no write access (not always at least) and thus the file AddonSettings.txt or the SavedVariables folder in the live folder cannot be updated properly.

Whitelist (allow) the Elder Scrolls Online executables and the "live" folder + subfolders (see here how to find the live folder or search for the files UserSettings.txt or AddonSettings.txt) within Mircosoft Windows Defender in order to allow the update of the files and folders again:
Whitelist ESO within MS Windows Defender

What are "SavedVariables"?
Please read here: SavedVariables

lua error messages ingame
Sometimes you will see a lua error message ingame, telling you that somethign does not work, or is nil (not given) etc.
These error messages look like this for example:

If you see such error messages please click on the "Show more" checkbox at the bottom left to see all relevant information about the
error message, including variable names and their contents!

If you see such an error message, and you got no idea how to fix it, please read the point
"How to report a lua error message to the developers"

The lines of the error message provide you an information which addon was involved.
Important: It must not be the causing addon but could be just a library which is missing.

As example this line:
user:/AddOns/pChat/pChat.lua:2172: attempt to index a nil value
Starting after user:/AddOns/ you'll find the foldername of an addon involved into the error message. Here: "pChat".
Afer that it tells you the filename "pChat.lua" and the line number in this file "2172".
This information is valuable input for the developers so they can have a look what code is called at this line.

Please ALWAYS enable the "More info" checkbox at the bottom left BEFORE taking sreenshots, or reporting lua erros!
It will show you even more information, like which variable was nil as the error happened, and is mandatory for the devs to have the proper information. Thank you

"stack traceback":
The lines below this line will show you what was called before the error happend in the line at the top, in file pChat&pChat.lua:2172.
So if you read the error message from bottom to top you see where the call started and what other libraries or addons were involved maybe.
The stack is, as the name says, a stack whch needs to be read from top to the bottom to see where the error's cause is coming from.
Means: The most obvious error causing addon will be at the bottom of the list then. And not always it's the last one at the top. This could also error out as another addon
before (down the stack) causes some bad lines e.g.
This also means:
If you blame an addon better show the whole error message to the dev if you are not able to name the causing addon for sure!

You open any addon's settings menu which uses LibAddonMenu-2.0. As another addon, totally unrelated, uses a very old version of LibAddonMenu-2.0, this addon causes a bug
which will make ALL other addons fail to load their settings panel. The cause and the bad one is the old addon including the old versin of LAM, not the addon wich you have tried to
open the settings panel and the error is shown!

How to report a lua error message/a bug to the developers
As you found out which addon(s) were involved into the lua error message (see above at "lua error messages") or a bug
you should do the following:
  1. Copy the error message text
    Important: Click on the checkbox "Show more" at the bottom left of the error message.
    Copy the whole text of the error message from top to bottom to your clipboard (mark it with the mouse and press the keyboard keys CTRL+C).
    Switch to your desktop, open a text file or create a new one via WINDOWS key + r ("run command") -> Enter the text "notepad" -> press RETURN key -> Microsoft Notepad Textedit will be shown -> paste the copied text via keyboard keys CTRL+V or right mouse context menu ->Paste.
    Save the file as new txt file at any place where you easyily find it again, e.g. create a folder "eso errors" in your "Downloads" ordner.

    Please do not create screenshots and send the screenshot of the error messages!
  2. Update your addons and dependencies
    Your dependencies / libraries might not be up 2 date. Be sure you have installed all needed dependencies of your addons,
    and if not, install them. If you got them installed they might be older and need an update.
    Find out more here: how to find the versions and update them:
  3. Report the error message/a bug to the addon developer(s)
    At the section "lua error messages ingame" above you will find the information how to see which addon(s) are involved into the lua error message.
    If there was no error message and you only found a bug you need to follow the same steps please.
    Write down the names of the addon's named in the error message and then search the addon here at www.esoui.com via the addon search,
    top right corner of the website.

    Switch to the comments there and write the following information:
    • Date and time as the error message happened (this is important to track the appropriate version and coding + LibDebugLogger checks -> See below)
    • Complete lua error message text which you have copied to notpead/clipboard
    • Steps how to reproduce the error, e.g. Login, open inventory, click on any row -> Error appears
    • Information that you have already updated the addons and dependencies.
      If you do not provide this information the devs wil most likely ask you as next step to do so, so just do it automatically before posting the error messages.
      If in the error message an addon or dependency/library was mentioned: Tell the developer which version of these you are using!
    • Optional: If you took the time to test how to reproduce or fix the error: Provide this additional information about what you found out as well.

LibDebugLogger and DebugLogViewer
In addition to the standard eso lua error messages many addons already use custom defined debugging messages (whch will not be shown in the normal chat, but in a seperate loggin addon -> DebugLogViewer).
The needed dependency of these addons and DebugLogViewer is the library LibDebugLogger.

The benefit of LibDebugLogger is, that it will log the name and version of all loaded addons of your game session.
This will increase transparency for the developers a lot as they are able to see which versions and which addons were active as error messages happened.
Be sure to go to the settings menu of the addon DebugLogViewer ingame and change the "Stack trace"checkbox to ON so that the error messages will be kept in total with all needed information!

So if you get an lua error message, UI warning ingame it will automatically be tracked inside the LibDebugLogger SavedVariables file, as the library is installed and enabled.
This information will be kept for 1 day only as otherwise the files would get too big and the game would load too long at login.
So make sure, after getting error messages, to reload your UI/logout and backup the SavedVariables file "LibDebugLogger.lua" (see above at "What are SavedVariables" to find the /Elder Scrolls Online/live/SavedVariables folder) at once.

Provide LibDebugLogger SavedVariables file to addon developers:
As you have noted the date and time of the error message you are able to share the SavedVariables file of LibDebugLogger with the addon developer(s),
so they are able to see more information about the error. This will help a lot.
Important: Please ALWAYS include the date and time as your test was done, so one can find the relating lines in the log files!
The addon devs could even commnunicate with you to retry to rebuild the error message, but changing the debugging level of LibDebugLogger to collect even more addon related information. But this will be handled diffeerntly on each error message and cannot be described here in detail.

To share the file you need to open your SavedVariables folder (See here how to find your AddOns folder, navigate 1 folder to the top and open the subfolder "SavedVariables").
Once in there copy the file "LibDebugLogger.lua" to another place, e.g. "Downloads/ESO errors".
You got multiple ways to send the data to the developer now.
Please always provide the same information as mentioned above at the section "Report the error message/a bug to the addon developer(s)", even if you just share the LibDebugLogger.lua SavedVariables file!

a) Upload it at sirinsidiator's "Online LibDebugLogger log viewer website: https://sir.insidi.at/or/logviewer/
Drag & drop the LibDebugLogger.lua file to the rectangle showing the text "Drag and drop a LibDebugLogger.lua saved variable file here" or click on the button "Choose it from disk" and then browse to the folder where the LibDebugLogger.lua file was copied to, e.g. "Downloads/ESO errors".
After uploading the file there will be a "Share" button at the top of the website. A link will be created. Copy this link to your clipboard by using CTRL+C or mouse right click->Copy, and then send the addon developer the link via private message or addon comments.

You are also able to just see what the file provides online by the help of this viewer yourself.

b) ZIP it to decrease the size, then upload it somewhere else (cloud platform) and share the link with the developer
c) ZIP it to decrease the size, then send it via email to the developer (if he has provided you an email address)
d) Other ways of sharing files, that you prefer

In the end the developer should have the information how to rebuild the bug/error message and see what versions and addons you were using at the date and time the error/bug happened.
Thank you for your support!

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