Sending a full error report with LibDebugLogger
In order to help authors find the root of the problem you have, you can follow these steps to send them a log of what is happening in your game.
  1. Ensure all your addons are up to date and correctly installed (Minion sometimes does not extract all files!)
  2. Find LibDebugLogger in your AddOns folder
  3. Rename StartUpConfig.example.lua to StartUpConfig.lua
  4. Start the game (or use /reloadui) and take the steps to produce your issue
  5. Don't forget to write down what exactly you did!
  6. Now log out or /reloadui
  7. Go to your Saved Variables folder and locate "LibDebugLogger.lua"
  8. Upload the file to (look for the button on the right side) and send the link together with your description of the problem and the steps to reproduce it to the author (e.g. via PM in case you are worried about the information contained in the file)
  9. Rename StartUpConfig.lua back to StartUpConfig.example.lua - leaving it may cause performance problems!