Welcome to the Portal of Tyx.

I started to use GitHub for my developing process.
Feel free to visit my site and check out the latest Updates to my Addon

Remeber: The Updates I make on GitHub may not be stable but are the most reason.
All Updates will be released here as soon as I am sure that they are stable.
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03/15/16 03:52 PM by: Tyx
Hello together,
I updated Clock for the latest Version of ESO.
Should work still fine. ZO didn't change any API function I use.

Have fun playing.
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03/17/15 08:41 PM by: Tyx
I don't know how often I will play, but at least I can promise you, that I can and will maintain my addon (Clock) again.
Starting with v0.7.0, which I will release around this weekend.
There will be no great changes (don't get fooled by the incrementation from 0.6 to 0.7), I just have to add a few variables to the Save_Variable and thus it will reset your settings. Sorry for that.

- Years end Bugfix
- Waxing, Waning icon switch
- Toggle Background
- Choose to show real- and lore time next to each other
- Maybe sth more

I will upload the new Version very soon to GitHub so you can test it.
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09/17/14 05:40 PM by: Tyx
Hi there,
thanks for always supporting me with my mod and downloading it.

My subscription of ESO has stopped a few days ago, and with the beginning of the new semester and other reasons, I will not continue playing ESO.
My mod should work fine now without any further patching but, if you found a bug and report it, I will continue fixing any bugs if necessary.

So... Good bye for now, maybe, with new content and the holiday breaks, I will return.
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08/27/14 06:32 AM by: Tyx
Hi everyone,

I don't have that much time right now and probably will spent less and less time in the game until a vet fix is out or something convincing enough to come back...

But with this latest Update and the awesome animated watch from Harven, I think this Addon is nearly finished.
I know there is the "swinging" of the Clock which will not stay still and the moon cycle is not perfect yet, but that are just minor things I might fix very soon or later

Have fun playing,
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07/03/14 10:07 AM by: Tyx
Hi everyone,
I started to use GitHub for my non stable (and stable) updates.

Check it out: External Link