(Standalone) libraries - Why that?
If one of the depending libraries for an addon is missing you cannot enable the addon ingame!
So please check the dependencies of the addon ingame, or in the description section of my addons.

The best possible way is to install "Votans Addon List" addon which will seperate the addons from the libraries.
It will show you the dependencies at each addon line, right column, as tooltip for the "red" icon (if an addon is disabled and cannot be enabled). Scroll down to the libraries at the bottom and enable the ones needed for the addon then.

Comments / feedback / "Netiquette"
If you post comments about the addon not working anymore and haven't read and understood what is written here, it is not the addon's nor the developers fault!
Just ask if you do not understand it, but tell me you have read this text! If not I won't answer or just write "Description" as a hint.
Please keep in mind we do this on our free time and are not able to play this nice game if we need to work on the addons.

If you show me you have read this text and ask in a kind way I'll help you for sure.
If not...
Rude answeres/comments will force me to remove the addon totally from pulbic.
This might make other ppl really angry with you and you can be sure I'll make your posts public so they can complain directly towards you.
So please think before you ink and remember: This software is for free. We invest our free time for you.
Think what it was like playing the game without addons and then rethink your text before you write :o
You got no rights to force me to do anything here :rolleyes: Many thanks, I appreciate your help and understanding.

Why do I do this
This change is needed to reduce maintaining time of all the 30+ addons I need to keep updated.
Each patch or change of a library will need me to update ALL addons even if only the libraries need an update :( Excahnging the librarie folders within the adodn, backing things up, testing them, building the ZIP files and write changelog here needs me to invest about 5-10 minutes for EACH addon :(
By removingg the libraries and let you install them as standalone "addon" I'm not forced to update the addons if the libraries change. This will save me hours of work!

Please support me with this, install the libraries as standalone once via e.g. Minion and your addons will be set to work normally again + you gain the benefit to be able to update the libraries via Minion automatically as they are updated, and all addons will recognize it automatically without having you to need to wait for an update of each/or at least one addon containing the new library files.
+ the folder size of your AddOns folder decreases a lot if the libraries only need to be "ONCE" in the folder, and not also in each subfolder of the addons.!
+ I might use the gained time to work on fixing addons or adding new features as well.


Standalone library
"Not included" in other addons zip files.
You need to download the zip file of the "library" and install it alone, as if it would be a whole addon.
You got the library then in your AddOns folder like AddOns\LibStub (like an addon is shown the same way, e.g. AddOns\FCOItemSaver).

You need to close the game! If you install the standalone libraries with the game started they are not recognized properly. So close the game client or restart it before/after the standlaone libraries are installed.

For me:
More time to play the game again and maybe maintain the addons better as I do not need to update each time if the library changes and can focus on the needed stuff.
-> So you might benefit fom it as well

For you:
You will be automatically able to update the libraries as standalone versions via Minion e.g. and are also up2date all the time.
Depending addons will recognize it automatically and need no addon update if simply the library needed an update.

Libraries are code line which can be re-used in other code lines (addons e.g.). The LibAddonMenu-2.0 is for example a library which provides the standard UI and controls for the ingame settings so adodns are able to provide these settings (checkboxes, dropdown, texts, buttons) for you.

Included libraries were only included into the addons to make life easier for you, the users, in the beginning of ESO. And there was a kind of bug which did not allow standalone libraries to be used properly, which got fixed meanwhile.

Loading of libraries
The game assures via the library LibStub that libraries (included in other addons or standalone versions) will only load the newest version.
So if a standalone library is loaded with the highest/newest version, the included libraries in other addons won't be loaded again. One could even strip them from the other addons as well to fullfill the purpose of a "library": Reusable code for several other code (addons).

The game will load addons + libraries in the following order:
Unsorted loading of ALL folders which are inside the folder AddOns.
It checks the folders if there are txt files in.
It reads the txt files and check sif in there is specified if this folder is DependendOn or OptionallyDependendOn any other folder (addon, library).
If dependencies are found it will load the dependencies first, and then the addon/library which depends on them.

So as basically every library is depended on LibStub the game will load the folder LibStub (standalone library) first, or LibStub from any of the subfolders of an addon (included librray) if not found as standalone.

The most important thing is the txt file (called: manifest) which gives the information about version, api version it was build for (will be compared ingame with the game's api version and if the version in the TXt is lower than ingame the addon/library will be "disabled" in the ingame addon manager until you enable the checkbox "Allow out of date addons"!), dependencies of the addon/library.

If you understand this, what libraries are, how they work, read the description of addons properly: You will have no trouble in the future.

If you do not want to read, just press buttons to update/auto update everything without thinking, you do not want to understand/learn how eso addons work, but only use them: You might get in trouble in the future. But I bet there are other addons out there which fullfill your needs then (if they will not be changed to use standalone libraries as well, which might happen earlier then you think ).

Thanks for your support.