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Actually keep ppl from destroying item by blocking it
Feature #: 511
File: FCO ItemSaver
Date: 08/11/14 12:58 AM
By: Kalera
Status: Feature already added
After accidently deconstructing an Encasement of Anguish I felt that maybe ESO needed something to protect users from themself. I have never ever, in 15 years of mmo playing, done this before. So I felt bad, remembered there were addons that dealt with this "problem" and found FCO_ItemSaver.

Nifty addon, yes. But it is pretty much useless since all it does is display an icon or hide an item. It will not prevent players from destroying it. Meaning if you're deconstructing a bunch of items, many of them, and don't pay attention you will still destroy your valuables because not paying attention is the problem in the first place. It matters very little if you do not pay attention to an icon, a name or a flashing warning sign with huge neon letters than says PLZ DO NOT DESTROY MEH!. The act of not paying attention in the habbit of clicking away is what destroys items. So, what you are not paying attention to is irrelevant as long as you are not paying attention. And if you paying attention you don't need an addon to protect you from not paying attention. Yeah, I know this sounds terribly confusing and I am ranting like Sheogorath on LSD.

So yeah, it would be nice if you could actually block items from being used for deconstructing, research, trade, destroying etc. Maybe even pop up a warning, play some alarm sound. You get the idea. Get users attention back to where it is needed and keep them from destroying their stuff.

Thx for listening :)

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By: Baertram - 08/26/14 06:59 AM
Hi Kalera,

I've spend many hours now to avoid the deconstruction but I'm not able to fully fullfill your request.

It is possible to prevent items to be moved by drag&drop from your inventory to destroy the items. I can cahnge the popup menu to hide the "Yes, destroy" button and I'm able to override the keybinding for it, so pressing "E" won't do anything except cancel the popup dialog.

It is further possible to prevent icons to me dragged&dropepd to the deconstruction panel. And it is possible to prevent the double click on the icon to add it to the deconstruction panel.
But it is not possible to fully prevent the standard keybinding "E" to add an item to the deconstruction panel :-( I can hide the button showing the "E". But if you press the key (or your gamepad button) it will still be added :-(

As you are palying with a gamepad I'm sorry to say that it is not possible to fullfill your request at this time. Maybe in the future.

If I get more experienced with LUA scripting and ESO source codes I'll have a deeper look into this. If it will be possible for me I will implement your request.
By: Baertram - 01/06/15 09:50 PM
Done since several versions... Just forgot to update this feature point here.