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ID Bug Date By Status Notes
4257 LUA error - waiting for response 11/04/22 09:47 AM squallsakura Unconfirmed
By: sirinsidiator
11/04/22 09:58 AM
4271 waiting for response 12/28/22 03:33 PM hitmonjhan Unconfirmed None.
4324 bug when opens guild shop 04/18/23 07:29 PM KristaJL Unconfirmed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
4307 IconPicker Widget: attempt to index a nil value in UpdateChoices() 03/25/23 05:36 PM KnightofOsiris Unconfirmed None.
4308 IconPicker Widget: icons in widget are not updated following call to UpdateChoices() 03/25/23 05:46 PM KnightofOsiris Unconfirmed None.