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Include zone/map name next to station name
Feature #: 1736
File: WritWorthy
Date: 03/15/19 09:41 AM
By: ziggr
Status: Wont add Feature
Help people find where they need to go in order to craft an item.

"Law of Julianos" -> "Law of Julianos (Wrothgar)"

Make it optional, since many folks use guild crafting houses instead of stations out in the wild.

Could be difficult to squeeze all that text into the narrow column. Might have to resort to tooltips or something.

For set bonus stations such as Armor Master or Morkuldin list the station's zone or nearby waystation in WritWorthy's tooltip addition.

Saves a trip to the web to find out where Armor Master or Morkuldin is. Doesn't avoid the groan when you realize you have to traipse all the way to the Imperial City or use the Orcs' inconveniently placed Wayshrine public transit network.

One possible implementation, drawn by contagrepolis01

ovinnik suggests that the zone/wayshrine location could be buried in a tooltip. I like this: saves space.

I'm unlikely to ever implement this:
  • Tooltip and /writworthy window space is precious.
  • Most WritWorthy users, and all PC NA players, have access to large guild halls with each attuned crafting stations.
  • All PC NA players can use an add-on such as Port to Friend's House to visit my Craftorium: PC NA @ziggr Grand Linchal Manor
  • CraftStore already has this feature.

2019-11-08 Won't implement
2019-09-28 teaselroot requested
2019-06-27 ovinnik requested
2019-03-15 contagrepolis01 requested