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Dressing Room 2018
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
2176 Skill bars have wrong class since update 02/13/18 01:55 AM Kelinmiriel Unconfirmed
By: Kelinmiriel
02/13/18 08:27 PM
2178 swapping 02/14/18 11:02 PM Maboy1273 Unconfirmed
By: Maboy1273
02/14/18 11:06 PM
2639 Dressing Room stopped working completely 05/24/20 10:49 AM thorwyn Unconfirmed None.
3363 attempt to index a nil value 04/20/21 10:11 PM Snottykitty Unconfirmed None.
Asylum Sanctorium Status Panel
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
2177 change able notifications 02/13/18 11:26 AM GeckoX Unconfirmed None.
Loot Log
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
2338 Possible addon related error - Murkmire patch 10/22/18 10:36 AM Andrea Unconfirmed None.
Keybinding: Miscellaneous Mementos
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
2619 no new keybindings apprear 04/17/20 11:03 AM boab Unconfirmed None.
Codes Combat Alerts
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
2941 Addon Settings Disappear Since Latest Update 06/26/20 06:24 PM RoszyDDS Unconfirmed
By: code65536
06/27/20 06:43 AM
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
3333 Usernames with some special characters are not unescaped 02/23/21 12:09 PM Shredder121 Unconfirmed
By: Shredder121
03/01/21 09:47 AM
Character Knowledge (Motif, Recipe and Furnishing Plan Tracker)
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
3844 ESO 7.3.7 plural ITEMSTYLECHAPTER change 04/11/22 01:43 PM Shredder121 Fixed
By: code65536
04/27/22 09:54 PM