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04/21/15 06:09 PM by: wilson0x4d
I've just published a new Add-on X4D Vendors, I love stealing, but I hate sifting through my bags figuring out what to launder, and I love looting too, but again I had sifting through my bags to figure out what to sell and what to keep.

X4D Vendors solves that problem by allowing me to configure which items to "Keep" and which items to "Sell", the items I configure to keep are automatically laundered and the items I configure to sell will be sold to merchants/fences appropriately.

I have more planned, but only so much time. If there's a vendor-specific feature you want me to consider now is the time to bring it up.

First, I want to thank everyone out there that PM'd me and sent best wishes for me and my family over the past 6 months. There were long days for me, and I lost touch with ESO for a while as a result. I want you to know that things are looking much better now, and that family is in good health! I also want to thank everyone that PM'd me fixes and ideas even during my hiatus. I have read *every* single PM, nothing was missed. Just as well, a few of you published various workarounds, fixes, forks, etc to keep things working for the community until ESO simply changed too much. Like everyone else that benefited from your effort THANK YOU!

That said, the bad news is that when I finally updated ESO and pulled in my addons I found problems everywhere. Entire APIs gone, event signatures changed, what a mess!

The good news is, however, that I've addressed all of the problems caused from ESO updates. I'm also taking the time to go through user requests, PMs and comments received over the last 6 months, so there will be a few changes based on user feedback as well.

Other than that, I believe I've smashed every bug and we're looking at some uploads early this week!
I have to apologize, due to a series of life changing events (ranging from job loss to cancer in the family) I haven't been playing ESO at all for several months. Similarly I've not worked on the add-ons since the ESO 1.1 patch. It's sad because I had big plans, and now I just can't afford to focus on it.

I have many PMs and bug reports I haven't read, and may not read through for some time. Again, I'm sorry.

I did keep all of my work hosted on github: https://github.com/wilson0x4d/X4DESO ... I welcome anyone to fork it, or even take over development (I'll give you rights on the repo if someone has already done this.)

Otherwise, I'll be back in ESO one day, but today all of my attention is somewhere else

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