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Welcome to my shiny new ESOUI portal! This is where I'll be posting about up-coming features and add-ons. Feel free to leave feedback, suggestions, bugs, insults, etc.
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09/01/17 07:18 AM by: Aetheron
Hey All, I haven't had time to update Combat Reticle for the latest ESO patch yet, but the current version works fine. You can either just run it as-is out of date, or edit the CombatReticle.txt file in the add-on folder and add 100020 to the APIVersion line - this will make it up-to-date.

Hi All,
I just published Combat Reticle version 2.0 which includes two new combat modes (someone requested this a long time ago), support for reticle theme modules, and API version update. FYI - this version is not backward compatible with old settings.

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10/29/16 08:37 AM by: Aetheron
Just uploaded a fix to Combat Reticle for the "nil function" error that would happen on loading characters and using wayshrines. If you don't want to download the latest version, you can fix the issue by editing the manifest file (see the "What's New" section on the Combat Reticle page).

On another note, I finally managed to create a combat mode configuration that produces a reticle that I can actually see during combat! (the whole point of the add-on!) It's ugly, but works: I used a largish black filled circle as the base image, then use a smaller hot-pink filled circle as the overlay. Then apply a transparency animation to the overlay only, using the square-wave generator and a strong modulation level. This creates a highly visible blinking dot that's hard to miss!
Just uploaded version 1.3.0 with updated API version and two new features:

- New "Owned" item/container warning icon: this option can be enabled from settings (near bottom) and will display a "red hand" icon near the reticle whenever you interact with an owned item or container. This warns that you will be stealing the item if you activate. This is useful if (like me) you disable all built-in reticle text that tells you when you would be stealing.

- New "Imperial" theme: this theme is based around diamond-shaped reticles and provides high-visibility for the Imperial City or other PvP encounters. It's my new favorite! (Load from the themes tab in settings.)


I just released Combat Reticle version 1.2.0 with support for Stealth Combat mode. There is a new "Stealth Combat" configuration section where you can now configure the "Stealth Eye" color and an optional overlay image just like the other Stealth modes. I originally missed this mode as I don't play stealthy-style too much and I didn't realize you could actually be stealthed and still in combat. So, for all you NBs out there - enjoy!