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Bug Eater (Update 6)
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
1329 BugEater is not showing something in chat & LAM 2.0 option is not working properly 04/29/15 10:52 AM Baertram Wont fix None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
1332 Some items get not moved from backpack to bank 04/30/15 07:11 AM Baertram Wont fix None.
Inventory Insight
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
1831 LUA Error 10/06/16 07:07 AM Dr.Caligari Awaiting Feedback None.
2049 lua error and addon not working, after Horns of the reach released 08/16/17 02:31 PM rudvil Awaiting Feedback None.
2050 v 2.15, same error, addon not working 08/17/17 05:06 AM rudvil Awaiting Feedback None.
2129 Can't right click any items in Inventory Insight 11/28/17 01:48 AM gootdude Awaiting Feedback
By: kato3113
12/09/17 08:38 AM
2190 error message after fresh install of 3.09b 02/27/18 09:45 AM [email protected] Unconfirmed None.
2198 when cursor is above one of the set parts Error occurs, here text of error in message 03/20/18 12:19 PM anethum_eu Unconfirmed None.
2295 nil index when tracking certain guild bank 08/19/18 09:11 PM Kyzeragon Unconfirmed None.
2373 UI appears with housing editor, cannot close 02/23/19 12:00 AM MrsNorrell Unconfirmed
By: manavortex
02/23/19 10:37 AM
2418 temporary duplicate gear listings 05/12/19 06:28 AM eventHandler Unconfirmed None.
2512 Inventory insight wont work. I can open menu and type research, but no items shown. 10/20/19 09:39 AM Helicorn Unconfirmed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
1859 cant lock UI window 11/14/16 01:27 AM polysoft Confirmed (Working on Fix) None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
2104 Right-click not working? 11/02/17 06:20 PM babylon Fixed None.
Furniture Catalogue
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
2322 Bug when learning pattern 09/21/18 05:39 PM IronMercer Unconfirmed None.