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Vestiges Epic Quest
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
4278 Tracker Location Save 01/16/23 09:45 AM WooLeeOom Unconfirmed
By: Masteroshi430
01/17/23 02:58 AM
PersonalAssistant (Banking, Consume, Junk, Loot, Repair, Worker) [Masteroshi430s branch]
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
4279 PA Junk - Mark as Junk doesn't work with mouse Keybinds. 01/27/23 05:23 PM Hollyngton Confirmed (Working on Fix)
By: Masteroshi430
01/28/23 02:12 AM
4378 UI error popup thing in the game 08/04/23 12:42 PM TenderPaw Unconfirmed
By: Masteroshi430
03/23/24 02:59 PM
5282 Decon items even with Trait turned off 11/26/23 10:48 PM ezekial69 Unconfirmed
By: ezekial69
11/26/23 10:54 PM