Hello everyone and welcome to my developer portal! Please use this page to give any feedback, bug reports or feature requests for any of my add-ons.
12/21/21 05:42 PM by: static_recharge
Go Home has been updated for the Deadlands DLC with a few new minor features added.
- The house list will auto-populate from the game information
- No more having to reloadui to see newly purchased houses in the lists
- The settings menu has been streamlined and added a way to clear a hotkey
12/21/21 03:23 PM by: static_recharge
With update 2.1.0 I've added a Pause/Resume button right next to the timer as well as fixed a few bugs and increased the API version so it doesn't show out of date anymore.
09/20/21 02:46 AM by: static_recharge
STimer has been updated to continue working even after a /reloadui. Also the alert sound has been changed to something that is a bit more noticable.