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Clockwork City (3.2)
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Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.4.02
by: Phinix, Garkin, Kith, silentgecko
SRENDARR Description:

Check out this helpful configuration tutorial from Yolo Wizard!

Srendarr adds the ability to track buffs and debuffs on yourself as well as others (even group members!), both the standard abilities that appear under the Character window as well as many special buffs like enchants and gear procs that normally only show via graphical effects on your character (or not at all). It can also do other things like keep track of Hawkeye and Merciless Resolve stacks. The aura tracking is designed to visually mesh with the standard UI theme but includes many options to change the appearance, and even more options to categorize and filter how the auras appear including multiple movable display windows, groupings for auras of a similar nature, a blacklist for unwanted auras, and now whitelist options for only showing auras you choose on a given frame.

As of version 2.0.0 (and above), S'rendarr uses the API changes made in late 2015 to allow for 'perfect' knowledge about aura details. All auras on the player and their target are now displayed and accurate, as is the castbar for the few abilities in game that have a cast time. The downside to this change is the occasional display of 'junk' auras you may not care about. These can be added to the included blacklist or, if you believe the aura should never be displayed, please report its name and when it appeared and it can be included in a 'never show' list built into the mod itself.

/srendarr unlock -- unlock the aura display for movement
/srendarr lock -- relock the display

Additional options can be found in the Settings menu under Addon Settings, S'rendarr.

I wanted to share my gratitude and appreciation for the excellent players who came together to help me through vMoL. Raiding and PVP haven't really been an option for me since my brain cavernoma, but these kind folks helped me through it and what's more, it was a blast hanging out and chatting with them! Thanks @nekotakoyaki, @anotherTimeWizard, @Sneebly, @Dr'Strange, @YuYJ, @Rossdresser, @HalfEatenCornea, @MrPickel, @FKNSTEVO, @iTz_RickDawg, and @stileanima for the help and humor and good times, and the awesome Dro-m'Athra skin of course!


New in 2.3.5 is the option to show buffs with a duration for everyone in your group or raid on their unit frames. You can either whitelist specific auras to track, or show all buffs with a duration that you don't specifically block. Full customization and positioning options. NOTE: Due to ZOS problems with internal group indexing and almost all group frame addons using different methods to sort to compensate, group buff feature currently only supports vanilla and Foundry Tactical Combat group/raid frames.


Some new debug options have been added under Addon Settings, Srendarr to help track down missing/incorrect auras:

Warning: Spoiler

Bugs & Feedback:

Please use the Author Portal to report Bugs and Features
v2.4.02 ~Phinix
- Changed behavior of stack tracking when in icon-only mode for better visibility.
- Added icon-change on proc events for stacking auras (currently Nightblade Grim Focus and morphs are the only abilities in the game that actually do this).
- EDIT: Re-uploaded to fix oversight causing names to appear on group auras which was not intended.

v2.4.01 ~Phinix
- Added new option under the general tab to disable showing seconds for timers with a duration in minutes.

v2.4.00 ~Phinix
- Fixed bug that caused special procs not to be tracked when certain debug options were enabled.
- Fixed game reporting Sunderflame debuff as a buff incorrectly.
- Fixed Caltrops timer starting when entering ground target mode instead of on activation when not using quick cast ground target mode.
- Modified time display to show seconds next to minutes remaining.
- Minor change to Defensive Rune tracking (not seeing any bug with behavior).
- Updated Russian localization (thanks KiriX).

v2.3.99 ~Phinix
- Fixed a minor annoyance where last target auras would remain floating over the empty target area when moving through load screens. It seems something changed in the client and the addon was no longer getting the target lost update for zone transitions.

v2.3.98 ~Phinix
- By request, added options to filter/show ESO Plus status aura to the Filters: Aura Filters for Player and Aura Filters for Target sections. Previously this was universally blacklisted.
- Added new source of Focused Aim 2s refresh aura to default blacklist.
- Maintenance to included language support files for easier translations. Specifically, added the English lines to commented language files so you don't have to switch back and forth when doing translations. Machine translated lines are indented.
- French, Japanese, and Russian language files need updated translations!

v2.3.97 ~Phinix
- Fixed the bug with the blacklist ignoring auras. Keep in mind that manually adding auras to any of the prominent lists will still bypass the blacklist, and this is intended behavior.

v2.3.96 ~Phinix
- Fixed group aura functionality for supported setups and properly disabled for unsupported addons (for now).
- Fixed a bug with group auras that was causing duplicate icons to be created when group composition changed or the game re-indexed the group frames.

v2.3.95 ~Phinix
- Updated LibAddonMenu/LibStub.
- API bump for Clockwork City.

v2.3.94 ~Phinix
- Added stack tracking in icon only mode.
- Added proper redirection for default tracking of modified bar ability auras.
- Added scrollable dropdown menus (added in LibAddonMenu 2.0 v24).
- Cleaned up general options tab, various other minor visual tweaks.

v2.3.93 ~Phinix
- Fixed ID display on icon mode auras when debug option to show ID is enabled.
- Fixed right-click aura in icon mode to dismiss (when possible) wasn't working.
- Added blacklist entries for duplicate vampire drain auras.
- Corrected Warden Scorch timer (and morphs) to properly display as AOE.

v2.3.92 ~Phinix
- Fixed a game bug where Warden Healing Seed (and morphs) were reporting a 12 second duration for the ground effect instead of the correct 6 seconds. You can now track your ground heals accurately!
- ADDED PRELIMINARY SUPPORT FOR STACK TRACKING! Currently only the Hawk Eye passive from Bow and Nightblade Grim Focus (and morphs) show stacks, but these are the only abilities I actually know that use stacks so, yeah. Please report any problems!

v2.3.91 ~Phinix
- Fixed bug with no-duration passives like Warden empowered fetcherflies getting stuck when changing zones and other cases where the game doesn't send an end event.
- Fixed Templar Sun Fire and morphs (Vampire's Bane and Reflective Light) Major Prophecy buff to be properly classified and show as "Major Prophecy."
- Rebuilt the addon's internal Major/Minor effect database. Adds 2 new Minor effect sources and 55 new Major effect sources, plus the Templar stuff above.
- Various code cleanup and improvements. For example, special proc durations are now pulled from the ability ID's rather than hard-coded making the addon much more update-proof.

v2.3.9e ~Phinix
- API bump for Horns of the Reach.
- Updated libs.

v2.3.9d ~Phinix
- Re-populated Major and Minor buff list with all current (Morrowind) ID's and effect types.
- Added new dev function to pull all IDs for each type of effect by Major/Minor. See bottom of AuraData.lua for details and command usage.

v2.3.9c ~Phinix
- Fixed an omission that caused errors when unlocking after assigning the new debuff whitelist 2 to a frame.

v2.3.9b ~Phinix
- Added 2nd prominent debuff whitelist.
- Fixed a typo that caused errors when adding auras to certain whitelists.
- Rearranged general settings tab to be more convenient.

v2.3.9a ~Phinix
- Fixed a bug causing passive auras to disappear when changing addon settings.
- EDIT: Re-uploaded without version change to re-enable LUI group aura support temporarily. NOTE: May go out-of-sync over time (needs investigating).

v2.3.9 ~Phinix
- Added ability to track Aggressive Warhorn Major Force by whitelisting "Major Force."
- Added ability to whitelist fake auras (like Grim Focus and Shadow Image).
- Fake auras will now show their correct ability ID when Srendarr is set to show these.
- Srendarr's custom auras (abilities not tracked by the game but shown in Srendarr) will no longer vanish inappropriately when entering menus or cursor mode.
- Fixed a bug causing normal auras to reappear after showing example auras in settings then toggling lock on and off.
- Set up new internal framework to allow changing the name display of abilities by ID.
- Set up new internal framework to allow whitelisting/blacklisting ability ID's outside the previous range of 1-100000 as some new abilities already exceed this, but previous limitations prevented searching larger blocks without crashing.
- Added support for tracking Destructive Mage, Shadowrend, and Sentinel of Rkugamz proc sets.
- Reverted duplicate auras for Acid Spray and Molten Armaments being blacklisted by default. If you only want to see one aura icon for these or other abilities you will have to blacklist them yourself.
- Removed LUI group frame compatibility until I can find time to figure out why group ID's go out of sync.

NOTE: Due to necessary changes to the inner workings of the addon, this update will require you to remove items from your whitelists and blacklist and re-add them. Write them down before removing them or use the chat output created from removing to quickly re-add them.

v2.3.8c ~Phinix
- Fixed issue with alternate aura icons not taking effect after previous update (thanks Majeure for reporting).
- Other minor code cleanup (cosmetic/redundancies).

v2.3.8b ~Phinix
- Fixed omitted nil check causing errors on certain ability use. (Thanks Greevir for the report).

v2.3.8a ~Phinix
- Fixed a typo that was causing enchants and other simulated procs to not function properly.

v2.3.8 ~Phinix
- BETA fix for auras disappearing when "only show player debuffs on target" is checked and others cast the same ability on the target. The current API makes it impossible to track a separate aura icon/duration for the same abilityId applied by multiple sources that are not the player. HOWEVER, this update does allow proper separation of abilities that were cast by the player and ONE copy of the same ability cast by a source that is NOT the player showing simultaneously.
- Changed handling of simulated player cast abilities to pull duration from the ID instead of manually setting them, which now properly accounts for passives that incrementally increase ability duration (like Nightblade Dark Veil).
- Fixed possible issue with some ranks of Caltrops and morphs not showing.
- Fixed Sorcerer Storm Atronach ultimate to track as a short buff and not an AOE.
- Fixed Infallible Aether set proc to properly track as a debuff on the target.
- Added support for Nightblade Summon Shade (and morphs) tracking.
- Added support for Nightblade Grim Focus (and morphs) tracking.
- Future-proof updated API to support Morrowind.

v2.3.7f ~Phinix
- Fixed bug related to adding to group whitelist by ID (thanks Kyoma).
- Added Witchmother Potent Brew redundant auras to default blacklist.
- Added Keep Bonus IX to Cyrodiil filters (thanks Scootworks).
- Some language file updates and other random tweaks.

v2.3.7e ~Phinix
- Improved hud scene hiding exception for sample auras.

v2.3.7d ~Phinix
- Completely rebuilt the group buff code from scratch. Much faster and should no longer generate errors due to previous out-of-range scenarios. Also cleaner.
- Created framework for submenus in custom tab panels. Cleaned up the settings menus for a big quality of life improvement.
- Fixed a bug that could cause errors if buff with a long timer appeared on a group frame.
- Fixed a bug that could cause errors on group size and type changes.
- Fixed a bug that caused auras with no duration to not sort properly to the bottom of the list.

v2.3.7c ~Phinix
- Fixed a minor bug with group frame initialization.
- Improved the appearance of aura icons when not using the icon timer animations. Icons now fit all the way to the edge of the frame.
- Added callback to hide all auras when in menus. Normal mouse cursor mode will still show them, and the button to show example auras within Srendarr's settings will still work.
- Cleaned up some code from earlier feature testing.

v2.3.7b ~Phinix
- Changed aura window sort functions to allow proper sorting of all auras regardless of type.
- Fixed a bug that was causing group and raid frame auras to not properly apply their configuration settings on startup.
- Added new feature to individual bar config: "Aura Class Override" - Allows you to manually set whether Srendarr will treat all TIMED auras (toggles and passives ignored) in this bar as either buffs or debuffs, regardless of their actual class. Useful when adding both debuffs and AOE to a window to make both use the same bar and icon animation colors.
- Moved the "Hide Timer Bar" back to thee top of the individual frame settings when setting to Full Mode so it is more visible and obvious.
- Improved the "player only debuffs" filters. Should be working properly now in all cases.
- Fixed the broken Reset button for bar positions.
- Fixed accidentally deleted language string.
- Improved localization file layout.
- Various minor code cleanup.

v2.3.7a ~Phinix
- Enabled whitelisting of toggles and passives in the prominent groups.
- Fixed Block instantly disappearing when whitelisted (see above).
- Changed the default color for aura icon timer animations (one time color reset).
- Fixed a problem that was causing the group and raid frame options to not display correctly.
- Rebuilt localization files (need updated translations).
- Some quality of life maintenance on the settings menus (more to come).
- Code structure sanity pass.

v2.3.7 ~Phinix
- Added full color customization for the new aura icon timer animation.
- Added debuff support to bar color customization.
- Fixed display of Templar Spear Shards AOE. Timer now begins appropriately when the ability hits not when you start targeting.
- Fixed a bug that could cause other players' enchant or gear procs to trigger Srendarr as if it were your effect.
- Fixed a bug where the aura icon cooldown animation was showing in Mini bar mode.
- More random code improvements.

v2.3.6d ~Phinix
- Moved the options to use the new cooldown animation icon style or hide the timer bar in full mode to the individual display window tabs. Can now be configured separately for each frame.
- Changed behavior to allow buffs or debuffs whitelisted to a prominent display to go through to the normal display window set for that type of aura (if applicable) if the prominent group it was set to is not assigned to a frame. This allows you to quickly disable separating out listed buffs/debuffs without having to clear your whitelists.
- Added new frame choice option for gear procs not normally tracked by the game, and separated these from enchant procs.
- Changed behavior so whitelisted auras and debuffs will still display even if that type of ability has been otherwise hidden by filters.
- Fixed Defensive Rune tracking with proper duration for each rank.
- Various code improvements.

v2.3.6c ~Phinix
- Fixed bug causing auras to duplicate or otherwise not behave as expected with the new debuff whitelist.
- Updated Russian localization (thanks Kirix).

v2.3.6b ~Phinix
- Added the ability to right-click buffs in icon only mode to cancel them. So, you can cancel your current food buff, turn off a toggle,
dismiss your pets, etc. by right-clicking their Srendarr icon.
- Fixed the position of icon mode tooltips so they no longer cover the aura icons.
- Added new Debuff Whitelist option. Can now add debuffs here to separate them to a target window much like prominent whitelist auras.
Will still pass to the normal debuff window as well if assigned. Separate "only player debuffs" option for normal and prominent debuff windows.
NOTE: Non-debuffs added here do nothing.
- Added group buff support for LUI unit frames.
- Re-built the database of Major and Minor buffs including the new Lifesteal, Magickasteal, etc.
- Fixed small transparent box that could show in the middle of some highly transparent aura icons.
- Removed Vampire aura 'Fed on ally' from default blacklist; Can be filtered from player filters again.

v2.3.6a ~Phinix
- Fixed the "Do Not Display" option (and possibly the new frame 9 and 10 options) from being linked to the wrong setting after the update added new fields to the choice dropdown.

v2.3.6 ~Phinix
- New option to display auras with the countdown animation effect (similar to Foundry Tactical and ActionDurationReminder), with a black backdrop making icons much easier to see. Also included an option to hide the bar when using full mode for display frames, so you can just show the icon and the aura name if you want to (like Foundry Tactical).
- Fixed a bug that was preventing setting changes for the group and raid frames from taking effect. Settings are now applied instantly in realtime to all group/raid frames.
- Added two new customizable windows for aura assignment for a total of 10.

v2.3.5c ~Phinix
- Fixed a bug where auras were sometimes duplicating instead of refreshing on the group frames.
- Added new option to filter group frame auras by duration.
- Added auto-repopulation of group frame auras when group size changes.

v2.3.5b ~Phinix
- Fixed (hopefully) a case where other players casting the same debuff on a target would cause your debuff to disappear when Only Show Player Debuffs was enabled.
- Fixed other player's Crystal Fragments procs triggering false proc event for player.
- Added Templar Cleansing Ritual AOE (and morphs) and Templar Spear Shards AOE (and morphs) support.

v2.3.5a ~Phinix
- Fixed bug causing auras to duplicate on group frames instead of updating.
- Fixed bug of group buffs appearing in prominent whitelist windows.
- Added new feature: "Show only player debuffs on target" under target filters.
- Updated German and Russian localization (thanks Scootworks & Kirix).
- Some general code cleanup.
- Re-uploaded without version changee to fix unlock error.

v2.3.5 ~Phinix
- Added new feature: Group and Raid frame buff tracking. You can add abilities to track for all group/raid members to the new Group Whitelist. Alternately, there is an option to make the Group Whitelist a Blacklist and show all group buffs with a duration NOT added to your list (toggle).
- Restored AOE tracking ability due to API update.
- New debug option, "Show Verbose Debug" added.
- Updated LibAddonMenu, LibMediaProvider, and LibStub to the latest.
- Various code and language string changes. Non-English needs some updates.

v2.3.4g ~Phinix
- Temporarily disabled showing AOE in tracker to avoid recent API change resulting in seeing all surrounding AOE cast by anyone with no way to reliably filter out only the player's AOE abilities. NOTE: ZOS has indicated they will add a way to check if the source of an effect was the player so this functionality (and much more) will be added in a future release.
- Updated API version and added the Briarheart proc.

v2.3.4f ~Phinix
- Added the Infallible Aether proc.

v2.3.4e ~Phinix
- Added crusher enchant proc on target, and Bear Trap, Hamstring, and Ensnare on player (thanks Scootworks for some of the ID's!).

v2.3.4d ~Phinix
- Updated API to One Tamriel (Update 12)
- Updated libraries to latest.

v2.3.4c ~Phinix
- Updated LibAddonMenu to r22.

v2.3.4b ~Phinix
- Updated API to latest.
- Updated libraries to latest.

v2.3.4a ~Phinix
- Improved the debug system. Added a new option 'Allow Manual Debug Edit' to manually control the spam/flood filters when showing all combat events with the auto-flood filter disabled. Type /sdbadd XXXXXX or /sdbremove XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is the number of an ID you wish to hide/show) to add/remove ID's from the flood filter.
- Gave the Altmer Glamour from the Auridon quest a better icon.

v2.3.4 ~Phinix
- Added additional debug options.

v2.3.3 ~Phinix
- Updated Japanese localization and fixed incorrect acronym that was causing it not to work.
- Minor database maintenance.

v2.3.2b ~Phinix
- Fixed extra blank entry in options menu left in accidentally from testing.
- Added some new default blacklist entries.

(thanks Scootworks)
v2.3.2a ~Phinix
- Fixed error related to bug/oversight in last update.
- Added proper check to prevent fake debuffs on target that are not from the player.

v2.3.2 ~Phinix
- Fixed ultra-short auras (<3 sec) still showing.
- Fixed other people's Trap Beast showing on you.
- Added Flames of Oblivion to aura consolidation.

v2.3.1a ~Phinix
- Added Japanese localization provided by k0ta0uchi

v2.3.1 ~Phinix
- Added option to individual display frames to also show minutes for timers > 1 hour. Allows to show full time (1h32m) in self buff frame and shortened time (1h+) in target buff frame, for example.

v2.2.9 ~Phinix
- German translation fully updated (thanks Scootworks!).

v2.2.8c ~Phinix
- Fixed an error when addon buff to the Prominent whitelists when you had never added anything to the other prominent list.

v2.2.8b ~Phinix
- Small update to assign Defensive Rune tracking as a toggle. NOTE: in order to see your Defensive Rune status, you will need to choose a window for Toggles to display in.

v2.2.8a ~Phinix
- Added proper exclusivity to Prominent Buff windows 1 and 2. Now when you assign a buff to one that is already in the other, it will be automatically removed from the other.
- Added some entries for Harness/Dampen Magic to eliminate redundant auras.

v2.2.8 ~Phinix
- Fixed Rearming Trap IV debuff timer constantly resetting.
- Fixed custom debuffs not showing after changing targets.
- Improved debug information for Show All Combat Events.
- Improved tooltip description for Show All Combat Events option.
- Rearranged settings menus to be more clean/intuitive.
- Added a second Prominent Buff window for custom displays.

v2.2.7b ~Phinix
- Solved error seen since last updates. NOTE: This will disable the ability to see fake debuffs from Srendarr which the game doesn't normally track (like Trap Beast bleed when target is stun immune) if you move your mouse off the target and back again. If you keep the target under your reticle these will still be tracked however. This is due to API limitations. The game gives no unique reference ID for targets in the game. Without getting overly technical, suffice it to say it is a trade-off and ATM it is more important to ensure people can play without errors than limited cases like the above working reliably. I may develop a more permanent workaround in the future.

v2.2.7a ~Phinix
- Manually acquired ability ID for ALL ranks of Defensive Rune and ALL morphs of Beast Trap. Previous implementation of support for these will now work for all ranks, not just rank IV.
- Added debuff tracking for "Desecrated Ground" snare cast by exploding zombies.
- Errors (should be) resolved.

v2.2.7 ~Phinix
- Created workaround for game engine limitation where Srendarr wouldn't receive the information it needed to track the Beast Trap (and morphs) bleed debuff on a target if that target was immune to the initial stun effect.
- Some changes to the German translation (thanks Scootworks).

v2.2.6a ~Phinix
- Added support for Sorcerer ability Defensive Rune.
- Added Fighters Guild Circle of Protection and morphs to new consolidation system.

v2.2.6 ~Phinix
- Fixed duplicate Charging Maneuver aura.
- Fixed Mage Light passive in Long buffs.
- Fixed un-morphed Inferno in Long buffs.
- Added option to consolidate multi-aura passives like Restoring Light.

v2.2.5a ~Phinix
- Added the following armor set procs to the proc list: Trial By Fire, Whitestrake's Retribution, Vampire's Kiss, Tava's Favor, Clever Alchemist, Armor Master.
- Gave enchant procs more appropriate icons.

v2.2.5 ~Phinix
- Added new category option to show enchants and gear procs. BETA, requires ability ID's! See the new debug feature "Show Combat Events" below to help collect them!
- Added weapon/spell power and damage shield enchants to the above new category.
- Added new section to addon settings, "Debug Options" (at the very bottom).

Here is an option to show the AbilityID and Name of every single effect the player gains, from block to sprint fatigue to gear set procs. Enable this, and sort through the mass of information to pick out the AbilityID and Name of a proc that Srendarr should track, and post it to comments here!

UPDATE: Re-uploaded without version change. Debug mode now has spam control. Will only show ability once until /reloadui or until you type /sdbclear to reset the debug database.

v2.2.4 ~Phinix
- Fixed staged long duration auras (like vampire stages) displaying -0.0 when timer ran out at stage 4.
- Updated German translation file (thanks Scootworks).
- Added support for Assassin's Scourge ability (thanks code65536).
- Re-uploaded with slight changee to previous hour/minutes fix. Now will show seconds when minutes is zero instead of showing Xh0m for a whole minute. Will show XhYs.

v2.2.3 ~Phinix
- Added option to also show minutes remaining for timers greater than an hour.
- Fixed missing custom vampire stage icons and moved stage indicator to top left for better visibility (was hidden behind timer).

v2.2.2 ~Phinix
- Updated API to latest for Dark Brotherhood.
- Updated to latest LibAddonMenu and LibStub.

- Added missing abilityID to Soul Summons filter
- Tooltips now show full description when available, or just name otherwise

- Converted abilityID debug to a user setting
- Added toggle to display aura on dead targets
- Removed Repentance Minor Effects from 'always filter' list
- Added ability to blacklist and set prominent auras by abilityID

- Added the option to group passive Major|Minor Buffs as either Passives or with timed Major|Minor Buffs
- Corrected missing Experience Potion aura

- Added the keep bonus IDs and Experience Bonus to Cyrodiil filters
- Added the 3 Minor Effects from Repentance to 'always block'
- Added the Major Effect IDs to filter table and fixed the control ordering so Major|Minor Effects will be grouped appropriately even if they are passive.
- Corrected french translation

- Added German translations, thank you to Tonyleila and silentgecko
- Added several abilityIDs to Cyrodiil Filters
- Added several abilityIDs to 'Always Block' Filter
- Added the ability to alter aura icons before display
- Given Off-Balance [45902] an icon
- Given all 4 stages of Vampirism custom icons

- Added option to display name tooltips in Icon Only style (setting is per Display Window)
- Fixed issue with potion auras not being allowed to be set as prominent

- Added French translations, thank you to Ayantir
- Added debug option to show AbilityIDs in all styles - can be toggeld using the DEBUG_ABILITYID constant in Defaults.lua (line 4)
- Removed Magelight and Inferno (and their morphs) from Toggled Effects list
- Fixed transparency not being reset when windows are faded (ie, opening menus)
- Made the chosen proc sound play when changing the option in settings
- Updated default location for windows 5 & 6 so as to not overlap target health (if already installed before now, either reset locations to default or manually move)
- Updated LibAddonMenu library to r19

- Complete rewrite to use the new API system for accurate buff tracking
- Settings, due to extensive changes, have been reset and must be redone
- Major feature changes include:
- multiple display windows and the ability to sort and group auras between them
- the ability to blacklist unwanted auras
- a special 'prominent' category for whitelisted auras that need special attention
- more control over aura, and ability proc, display
- a fully customizable casting bar for abilities that require a cast time (does not include heavy attacks)
- an account-wide profile option

- Added Beast Trap and its morphs to debuffs
- Added Path of Darkness and its moprhs to debuffs
- Removed missadded IDE config ;)

- Updated for API version 100013 (Orsinium Update)
- Added Options to Hide Minor and Major Buffs, for e.g. "Minor Prophecy" or "Major Intellect"

FYI: This update doesn't support all changes in game Update 7 yet.
- updated for API version 100012 (Update 7)
- updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 library
- updated LibStub library

- changed way of checking active shields in order to avoid UI error reported by cheshyr.

- attempt to fix issue that shield timers were removed instead of refreshed

- corrected cast time for Crystal Fragments with Crystal Fragments Passive proc (reported by Gaulomatic)
- fixed proc animations after weapon pair is swapped

- disabled Warmth proc
- added vampirism stage icons (thanks to Dominoid)

- added buff timer for templar's Sun Fire abilities (it gives Major Prophecy upon activation)
- added Bit an Ally to vampire/werewolf filters

- fixed UI error for triggered events which haven't defined duration in AuraData
- class passive effects timers are now correctly started after you finish casting

- added timers for class passive abilities (for example Illuminate for templar or Shadow Barrier for nightblade)
- added timer for Entropy buff
- added Battle Spirit and Blessing of War to Cyrodiil buffs
- added Vigor abilities (Alliance War -> Assault)
- re-added 8s timer for Crystal Fragments Passive
- corrected a few timers for class abilities

- fixed UI error for proc animations
- potion timers are no longer set when quickslot is unusable (i.e. when slot is on cooldown or when no more potions left)
- removed Hardened Armor from shields

- added potion timers (experimental)
- added Meteor abilities

- fixed missing "self." in :UpdateAuras()

- fixed timer for Blessing of Restoration (healing staff)
- added option to show/hide less important buffs such as ESO Plus Member (General -> Aura Filters)
- fixed issue with some short term buffs (Momentum etc.)

- added Dark Stalker to vampire passives list
- added ESO Plus Member to ignored buffs list

- added Grand Healing abilities
- moved procs from long term buffs to short term buffs (example: Crystal Fragments Passive)

- added Lightning Splash abilities
- filtered out unwanted effects - Concentration (light armor), Medicinal Use (alchemy), Nourishing (champion points), Soul Siphoner (nghtblade) and Spell Shield (champion points).
- fixed aura padding when frame is scaled
- fixed UI error triggered in addon settings

- added Destructive Touch abilities (added by silentgecko)

- updated for API version 100011 (Update 6)
- updated LibAddonMenu-2.0 library
- updated LibMediaProvider-1.0 library

- added short term buffs threshold slider (default value is now 90 seconds)
- updated fontblock widget

- fixed settings menu (fontblock widget)

- converted settings menu from LibAddonMenu-1.0 to LibAddonMenu-2.0
- fixed typo in function Srendarr:GetAbilityIdFromPlayersBuff(buffId)

- fixed UI error with crystal fragments proc

- fixed issue with crystal fragment proc animation when you swap weapons
- fixed issue with channeled abilities (such as Drain Essence)

- added slot animation & sound for Crystal Fragments Passive proc (you're right, I've started play sorcerer...)

- TODO: convert settings from LibAddonMenu-1.0 to 2.0

- corrected & updated tracked abilities (many thanks to Lumber)

- support for Crystal Fragments Passive (sorcerer ability)

- fixed issue with debuffs applied out of combat

- ability names are now translated automatically
- a few new tracked abilities (bow, destro staff, werewolf, ...)

- updated LibMediaProvider-1.0 (r7)
- a lots of corrections in ability names
- attempt to make buff timers more accurate
- attempt to fix issues with show/hide buff frames

- updated unofficial version of LibAddonMenu-1.0 library (fixed submenu)

(list of changes in compare with official release 1.43)
- updated API version to 100010 (Update 5)
- unofficialy updated LibAddonMenu-1.0 because this library is no longer supported by original author (Seerah)
- modified tooltips to provide more information
- fixed typos in german names for Dark Shades ('dunkle Schatten^p') and Flames of Oblivion ('Flammen des Vergessens^p')

- updated API version to 100008

- updated LibMediaProvider-1.0 library

- updated API version to 100007
- properly formated french and german buff names (removed control characters "^")
- corrected a few buff/debuff names (english: "To" -> "to", "Of" -> "of", german: xx8xx's corrections.)
- updated libraries
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Unread 01/11/18, 02:52 PM  

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Any chance of getting a target buff whitelist filter? I'd like to be able to single out just the target CC Immunity timer for duels.
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Unread 01/09/18, 08:13 PM  

Forum posts: 0
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Originally Posted by Phinix
Right now you can set target debuffs to a frame and uncheck the option to only show the player's debuffs so you see everyone's there, then assign specific player debuffs you want to track to one of the prominent debuff lists and assign that to a separate frame, leaving the option to only show player debuffs there checked.

Having them both in the SAME frame and highlighting the player's is not currently possible however, and likely will not be added any time soon.
I tried following your suggestions to setup a different frame for target debuffs cast by me, but nothing is showing in the new frame. I did turn on the option "Only player 1 prominent debuffs". Do I have to manually include each debuff I want to track or is there an option to turn it into a blacklist to show all the debuffs I cast?
Last edited by Atavus : 01/09/18 at 09:00 PM.
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Unread 01/04/18, 10:20 PM  

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File comments: 3
Uploads: 0
Buff stacks (Merciless Resolve for example) work fine when solo or in a group dungeon, but during a trial the stacks constantly reset back to 0 and only intermittently show the stack number, so the stack display is really unreliable when it's needed most. It will show 0, then 1, then 0 again, then maybe 4, etc. Could this be fixed, and is anyone else having this issue? Other members of my guild who also play magnb also have the same issue. Thanks.
Last edited by ecru : 01/04/18 at 10:25 PM.
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Unread 12/30/17, 01:40 PM  
Phinix's Avatar
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Forum posts: 142
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Uploads: 26
Originally Posted by Tonyleila
I checked it again the round icon displayed it not showing up at the default char info buffs there its already using the right icon. Also the passives of bow no longer uses this icon, also no idea why it only shows this icon for the first stack. Also both 1 stack and 2 stack have the same abbility ID. My guess was its an artifact from the time where Srendarr simulated auras
What is the ID? Is it the Hawk Eye passive or something else (you say bow light attack). How is it being tracked? Was it manually added to a prominent list by name or ID? If by name what name was input?

Knowing what the ID actually is and how it was entered might help explain what's happening.
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Unread 12/30/17, 11:49 AM  
Tonyleila's Avatar
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No need to edit the files for that. Just go to the Aura Display settings tab and change the Aura Name Text settings for the bar in question. That is what the stacks are using for their format.
Ahhh! I see thats tricky because you can't change the Aura Name Text while in icon only mode hehe. But I got it now simply set to compleat mode change and then go back to icon mode

As for light attacks with bow or the Hawkeye icon, it wasn't changed and is still using the icon provided by the game. I haven't noticed it using a different icon for the first stack, but I can look into it. It would be something the game is doing though as Srendarr doesn't mess with that ability icon at all.
I checked it again the round icon displayed it not showing up at the default char info buffs there its already using the right icon. Also the passives of bow no longer uses this icon, also no idea why it only shows this icon for the first stack. Also both 1 stack and 2 stack have the same abbility ID. My guess was its an artifact from the time where Srendarr simulated auras
My Addons @ WoWInterface
Last edited by Tonyleila : 12/30/17 at 11:55 AM.
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Unread 12/29/17, 12:37 PM  
Phinix's Avatar
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Re: Last update conflict with TraitBuddy addon

Originally Posted by pelle412
Hi, a change in the last Srendarr update (via Minion) is now blocking 3 functions from working in the TraitBuddy addon.

The 3 buttons to the right in this image (from TraitBuddy addon) no longer works but they work as soon as I disable Srendarr addon. The TraitBuddy addon was last updated Dec 20 and this worked after Dec 20 up until Dec 26. Resetting Srendarr addon to defaults doesn't seem to help.

EDIT: Unlocking the traitbuddy window and moving it around seemed to get the buttons to work again.
Nothing in the last several versions of Srendarr changed anything that would be related to such behavior. There are no invisible floating windows or anything in Srendarr that would do what you describe.

To test I loaded up both addons and was able to click all the buttons fine. I also unlocked Srendarr's aura frames and moved Trait Buddy so its buttons were behind one and was still able to click them. This doesn't really matter though, as those windows only show when Srendarr is unlocked anyway.

The only time Srendarr's aura frames blocked clicking the buttons in Trait Buddy is if you moved Trait Buddy so the buttons were behind one of Srendarr's frames that actually had current auras in it, like the long buff frame. But that is not what is happening in your screenshot.

It is possible that the reload of the UI when testing removing addons fixed the problem, not the unchecking of Srendarr. The best way to test such things is to uncheck all addons, /reloadui, then enable one and test (always making sure the UI is reloaded AFTER enabling). If the problem doesn't exist enable another addon, reload again, and test.

My guess is some other addon that uses an invisible control window is causing this.
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Unread 12/29/17, 09:52 AM  

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Last update conflict with TraitBuddy addon

Hi, a change in the last Srendarr update (via Minion) is now blocking 3 functions from working in the TraitBuddy addon.

The 3 buttons to the right in this image (from TraitBuddy addon) no longer works but they work as soon as I disable Srendarr addon. The TraitBuddy addon was last updated Dec 20 and this worked after Dec 20 up until Dec 26. Resetting Srendarr addon to defaults doesn't seem to help.

EDIT: Unlocking the traitbuddy window and moving it around seemed to get the buttons to work again.
Last edited by pelle412 : 12/29/17 at 10:05 AM.
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Unread 12/28/17, 10:05 PM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 3
Uploads: 0

Thank you for fixing sunderflame, I really appreciate it!
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Unread 12/28/17, 03:30 PM  
Phinix's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Dingodan
Warning: Spoiler
I agree, but it would require a huge amount of work I'm not really up to at the moment. I would have to add settings that let you choose what direction they would grow, how much spacing, etc. I just had another stroke recently and am still recovering so I won't be working on such a major feature overhaul any time soon.

Originally Posted by Tonyleila
Warning: Spoiler
No need to edit the files for that. Just go to the Aura Display settings tab and change the Aura Name Text settings for the bar in question. That is what the stacks are using for their format.

As for light attacks with bow or the Hawkeye icon, it wasn't changed and is still using the icon provided by the game. I haven't noticed it using a different icon for the first stack, but I can look into it. It would be something the game is doing though as Srendarr doesn't mess with that ability icon at all.

Originally Posted by Octopuss
Warning: Spoiler
Should be simple enough to include this in the next update.
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Unread 12/27/17, 12:48 AM  
Dingodan's Avatar

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It would be nice to set an block of 1-x Buffs in a row all above x move to another row.
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Unread 12/26/17, 09:44 PM  
Tonyleila's Avatar
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Forum posts: 255
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Uploads: 6
Re: Updates...

The latest version separates the stack tracking from the timer text when in icon-only mode which should improve visibility.
Wow! Thanks for the fast fix Phinix! Very good so far!
Coud you maybe tell me in what lua file/line I have to search to remove the ( ) brackets, let the text use the thick outline instead of hardly visible drop shadow? Maybe I coud even make it same size as the timer font?

Also noticed that its now using the right icons for light attacks with the bow so I wonder if its a bug that its still using this old icon for the first stack?
My Addons @ WoWInterface
Last edited by Tonyleila : 12/26/17 at 09:45 PM.
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Unread 12/25/17, 09:11 AM  
Octopuss's Avatar

Forum posts: 81
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Uploads: 0
Phinix, could you add an option to make the example auras automatically refresh instead of disappearing? I typically spend considerable amount of time looking at the examples when I'm reconfiguring the addon, and have to constantly keep refreshing them.
Last edited by Octopuss : 12/25/17 at 09:12 AM.
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Unread 12/24/17, 05:30 PM  

Forum posts: 0
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Re: Updates...

Originally Posted by Phinix
Originally Posted by Tonyleila
Warning: Spoiler
The latest version separates the stack tracking from the timer text when in icon-only mode which should improve visibility.

Originally Posted by and
Warning: Spoiler
The latest version will now dynamically change the icon for Grim Focus (and morphs) when the proc event occurs.
Hi there! Sorry for not telling you before, I was a bit busy due to Christmas time.

The new changes are both really good, thank you so much for having implemented them!

Combined, they give a better overall control of Grim Focus mechanics.

I would dare to suggest a couple of finishing touches, but only if they don't require a lot of coding, you are the best who can judge, of course.

-It might be better, to improve readability, that the "stacks text" inside the icon would inherit the style from the "name text".

- It might be great to add a flashing effect (or sort of) when the icon changes.

Again, please consider the above only if not a lot of work is required and, of course, if you think it's interesting.

In the meanwhile, I wish you (and the other readers) a Merry Christmas!!!
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Unread 12/22/17, 11:21 AM  
Phinix's Avatar
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Forum posts: 142
File comments: 859
Uploads: 26

Originally Posted by Tonyleila
Warning: Spoiler
The latest version separates the stack tracking from the timer text when in icon-only mode which should improve visibility.

Originally Posted by and
Warning: Spoiler
The latest version will now dynamically change the icon for Grim Focus (and morphs) when the proc event occurs.
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Unread 12/20/17, 04:59 AM  

Forum posts: 0
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Ty Phinix. I will try your suggestions
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