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Murkmire (4.2)
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Lui Extended  Updated Today!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 5.7.1
by: ArtOfShred, psypanda
Version 5.7.1 Hotfix
  • Unit Frames - Fixed an issue where the default Player / Target / Group frames would fail to display even when enabled in the menu. This setting has been updated and the Saved Variables have been reset. Default Frames will be disabled by default and can be re-enabled by changing the menu option.
Update 5.7 is here. For a full list of changes, view the change log. If you have any issues updating please consult the Known Issues section below.

  • General - Reimplemented custom icons in the Skills Menu & Skills Advisor for Racials & Various passive skill lines.
  • Buffs & Debuffs / UnitFrames - Fixed an issue where the Mount icon/stamina bar wouldn't disappear when dismounting in any other way than pressing the mount key.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Updated buffs & debuffs for changes made in the Murkmire update. Updated tooltips for many class abilities and sets.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Fixed an issue where Prominent buffs with an unlimited duration would duplicate auras when you zoned into a new aura.
  • Chat Announcements - Added currency message options for Event Tickets.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where sometimes when rapidly looting/stealing items the message context would switch back from looted/stolen to "received."
  • Combat Info - Added a cast/channel bar for various mementos & seasonal quest events & items (replacing the icons that showed on buffs & debuffs previously).
  • Combat Info - Fixed an issue causing Crystal Fragments proc not to play a sound or be tracked.
  • Combat Info - Fixed an issue introduced with Murkmire where Bar Highlight & Ultimate Tracking was not behaving properly due to relying on a function no longer used by the API.
  • Combat Text - Added an option to display Group Member Deaths (enabled by default).
  • Info Panel - Info Panel no longer shows on all screens (Now hidden in menus, on the world map, and during dialogues).
  • Info Panel - Added an option to enable the Info Panel on the World Map Screen.
  • Unit Frames - Added Resolution Selection options to UnitFrames, this changes the default anchors for UnitFrames.
  • Unit Frames - Updated UnitFrame default positions to anchor relative to the center of the screen rather than top left.
  • Unit Frames - Added an option to toggle off the Default Compass Boss Bar.
  • Unit Frames - Added target Rank Stars to elite enemy NPC frames - this will show 1-3 stars based on the difficulty of the elite mob you are fighting - similar to the default boss/target frames indicators.
  • Unit Frames - Fixed an issue where Group/Raid Frames didn't color correctly when no role was detected (in Battlegrounds).
  • Unit Frames - Added an option to color the Target Frame by Player Class - this option takes precedence over Reaction Colors when both options are enabled.
LUI Extended
LUI Extended is an addon that adds multiple custom components including:
  • Default game enhancements and new SLASH commands
  • Buff & Debuff Tracking - Track buffs and debuffs with new custom icons and significant enhancements to auras done by using a manual override table.
  • Chat Announcements - Display messages in chat when spending or receiving currency, track loot, achievements, lorebooks, collectibles, experience gain, guild reputation, as well as customize chat announcements, alerts, and center screen announcements for various events such as social events, guild invites, quests, and more.
  • Combat Info - Track your GCD, Ultimate Value, Quickslot Cooldown, & Highlight Active Abilities on your bar
  • Combat Text - Now featuring the Combat Cloud scrolling combat text addon with enhancements. Display your outgoing and incoming damage/healing, track crowd control, track incoming damaging abilities with a new warning system, and monitor your resource gain.
  • Unit Frames - Custom unitframes for Player/Target, Group, Raid, and Bosses. Color group and raid frames by Class or Role, track power changes, armor changes, and dots with animations on the frame.

  • /regroup - Save your current party, disband, and then reinvite the members.
  • /home - Teleport to your primary home
  • /campaign - Queue for a Cyrodiil Campaign
  • /disband - Disband your current group
  • /leave - Leave your current group
  • /kick & /votekick - Kick a member from the group if you're a leader or initiate a votekick.
  • /guildinvite, /guildkick, & /guildquit - Commands to invite, kick, or leave a guild
  • /friend & /ignore - Send a friend request or add a player to your ignored list.
  • /unfriend & /unignore - Remove a friend or remove a player from your ignored list.

  • Track buffs & debuffs on Player & Target as well as ground targeted buffs & debuffs.
  • Track prominent buffs & debuffs cast by the player and blacklist buffs & debuffs you don't want to see.
  • Filter various buffs & debuffs to hide from display.
  • Custom tracking for events that do not normally create buffs - Sprinting, Galloping, Resurrection Immunity, Stealth & Disguise State
  • Track additional useful information - When you have Active Mount, Active Pet, Active Assistant, Active Disguise, and monitor Recall Penalty timer
  • Manual override table hides the display of numerous dummy buffs & debuffs that provide no useful information to the player.
  • New custom icons with backgrounds normalized per type. Standard abilities like dodge or block use a standardized "Innate" background, weapon attacks use the "weapon" background, etc...
  • Custom icons added for Potions, Poisons, Food, & Mementos.
  • Custom icons for Champion Point Abilities, Item Sets, Weapon Abilities, and many NPC abilities (See screenshots for more).


Display custom chat announcements for:
  • Currency Spent & Received
  • Items Looted & loot acquired by group members
  • Experience Points gained
  • Guild reputation (Guild Skill line experience) earned
  • Skill points earned and skill advancements
  • Collectibles, Lorebooks, and Achievements
Add Chat Announcements or modify the display of Alerts or Center Screen Announcements for:
  • Level Up Notifications
  • Skill Points & Skill Line Progression
  • Achievements Unlocked
  • Collectibles and Lorebooks Discovered
  • Quests & Point of Interest Discovery/Completion
  • Social Events - Friend/Ignore, Trading, Guild Notifications, Dueling, Pledge of Mara
  • Group, Trial, & LFG Events
  • Misc Events: Lockpicking, Entering Group Areas, Bag/Bank Space Upgrades, Mail Notifications, Justice Notifications, Disguise State Notifications
  • Alerts & Errors

  • Track Global Cooldown (based off the unimplemented ZOS method) with various customization options!
  • Track the duration of active abilities on your bar (With the ability to toggle labels on/off).
  • Track your current ultimate value, percentage, and display a backdrop texture when generating ultime.
  • Track the cooldown of your quickslot items.
  • Choose from 4 different display methods: Ellipse, Scrolling, Cloud, or Hybrid
  • Display Combat Text for incoming/outgoing healing & damage
  • Choose font format, color for text, message format, and toggle icons on or off
  • Track incoming/outgoing Crowd Control & Low Resources
  • Notifications when entering/exiting combat
  • Override critical damage and incoming damage colors to emulate ZOS combat text.
  • New Custom Alerts system notifies you when an ability is incoming and the methods in which it can be mitigated. This feature allows you to customize formatting options as well as customize ranks of enemies to display the alerts for.

  • Custom Player/Target, Group, Raid, Boss, and PVP Unit Frames
  • Choose from multiple formats for labels
  • Display an overlay for active shield effects
  • Color Group & Raid Frames by Role or Class Color
  • Track Hots/Dots with animated arrows
  • Track Power Gain/Loss & Armor Increase/Decrease with animations and texture overlays
  • Hide frames in or out of combat
  • Anchor LUIE Buffs & Debuffs to custom unit Frames
  • Optionally overlay default frames with new label formatting

DarkUI - Highly suggest using this addon for all its features, including much cleaner frames for buffs & debuffs.
Combat Metrics - The reason LUIE no longer has a damage meter. This addon is far superior and highly recommended!
No, thank you! - Despite the amount of hooked functions in LUIE - No, thank you! is compatible and suggested for hiding additional messages or features you don't want to use. Just be sure to set any messages you do want to appear from your Chat Announcements settings to default settings.
pChat - Further customize your chat settings and save messages displayed. pChat works well if you want more functionality than that provided by LUIE's print to chat method.

  • You can find work in progress versions of LUI on the LuiExtended GitHub repository. Myself and psypanda are generally pretty busy pushing changes there. In addition, there is a list of known issues present, and some future plans listed on the GitHub page.
  • Chat Announcements - Add custom announcements for Recipes Learned/Styles Learned
  • Chat Announcements - Add customization options for Chat Announcements/Alerts for various error & alert messages.

  • Custom Combat Text incoming ability announcements aren't here for "X" Ability - This feature is possible due to making a custom override table for each ability. It requires me to manually go through and process every ability in the game to add to the table. I will get around to adding everything eventually.
  • The Combat Info bar tracker does not always track every duration ability correctly - Several abilities track the wrong abilityId or don't correctly report a duration to the API. I will be working to update this list with overrides to fix the problem in the future.
  • If you receive the following error, try completely reinstalling LUI by removing the folder and manually downloading the latest version:
    user:/AddOns/LuiExtended/LuiExtended.lua:151: attempt to index a nil value
    stack traceback:
    	user:/AddOns/LuiExtended/LuiExtended.lua:151: in function 'LUIE_OnAddOnLoaded'

Some code and/or ideas used in this addon are very similar to that found in the following addons:
FTC - Initial short-term buffs implementation, damage meter code and ideas for custom player frame layout.
Combat Cloud - Combat Cloud was implemented into LUIE for scrolling combat text.
Srendarr - short-term buffs spell cast activation and passives tracking.
pChat - Timestamp and parts of print to chat function used.
Wykkyd's Enhanced Chat - ideas and some routines for Chat Announcements module.
AchievementInfo - achievement tracking in Chat Announcement module.
Thanks to Tiara Ra for reporting numerous bugs and providing consistent feedback for the last several months!
Thanks to psypanda for all his previous work with localization, cleaning files up, going over my code, and providing feedback and suggestions for features!
If you receive the following error when updating, try completely reinstalling LUI by removing the folder and manually downloading the latest version:
user:/AddOns/LuiExtended/LuiExtended.lua:151: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
	user:/AddOns/LuiExtended/LuiExtended.lua:151: in function 'LUIE_OnAddOnLoaded'

Version 5.7.1 Hotfix
  • Unit Frames - Fixed an issue where the default Player / Target / Group frames would fail to display even when enabled in the menu. This setting has been updated and the Saved Variables have been reset. Default Frames will be disabled by default and can be re-enabled by changing the menu option.

Version 5.7

  • Did some various minor optimization, removing some old and un-needed functions and adjusting a few functions that were enabled all the time to only be used when relevant options are enabled.
  • Fixed font paths for non-English localizations.
  • Updated Russian localization with many new translations from KiriX. Thank you!
  • Fixed an issue where the new icons added for Cyrodiil Campaign Bonuses were clipping through the rounded frames in the Campaign Window.
  • Reimplemented custom icons in the Skills Menu & Skills Advisor for Racials & Various passive skill lines.

Buffs & Debuffs:
  • Fixed an issue where the Mount icon wouldn't disappear when dismounting in any other way than pressing the mount key. This is due to an issue with the API that should be addressed in a later ESO update.
  • Fixed various minor issues with buffs & debuffs from changes made in the Wolfhunter & Murkmire updates.
  • Updated tooltips for Champion abilities.
  • Updated icons, tooltips, and names for Seasonal Items, Seasonal Experience buffs, and mementos.
  • Updated the names & tooltips of various food and consumable items by using the Item Names and Item Descriptions from these items.
  • Added duration into most toolips and updated the functions used for this to pull accurate values.
  • Updated tooltips for almost all item sets (missing Rewards for the Worthy Sets) and all Classes except Warden. Other skill lines will be processed in the future.
  • Added a timer to the "Battleground Deserter" debuff - and moved it into the long term effects container if enabled.
  • WIP - Started adding support to add a "G" label on any buff/debuff effect that is applied while the player is standing in a ground AoE effect. This is only implemented on some abilities but will be expanded in the future.
  • Fixed an issue where some undispellable debuffs (read by the game API as buffs) weren't set to debuffs in the Character Screen Active Effects Panel.
  • "Crystal Fragments Proc" has been renamed to "Crystal Fragments." If you are tracking it by name in a prominent container you will need to update the name. The abilityId remains unchanged.
  • Fixed an issue where Prominent buffs with an unlimited duration would duplicate auras when you zoned into a new aura.
  • Added fake buffs for Home Keep Bonus & Edge Keep Bonuses to Player/Target when Cyrodiil Buffs are enabled.

Chat Announcements:
  • Added currency message options for Event Tickets.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when rapidly looting/stealing items the message context would switch back from looted/stolen to "received."
  • Fixed an issue causing Tel'var Stone and Alliance Point transactions not to display the amount of currency spent with the merged message option enabled.
  • Updated Alliance Point throttle to include AP earned from Keep Repairs & Resurrecting Players.
  • Added a note to specify that the "Show Used Crafting Items" option in Loot Announcements doesn't work properly without ESO Plus.
  • Fixed achievement tracking categories missing with the Murkmire update.
  • Fixed a UI Error that would occur from Disguise Alerts during "The Colovian Occupation" quest in Arenthia in Reaper's March. This quest puts you into a disguised state without an item in your disguise slot which was causing errors.

Combat Info:
  • Added a cast/channel bar for various mementos (replacing the icons that showed on buffs & debuffs previously).
  • Added a cast/channel bar for some seasonal quest events & items (replaced the icons that showed on buffs & debuffs previously).
  • Fixed an issue causing Crystal Fragments proc not to play a sound or be tracked.
  • Fixed a few missing Bar Highlight trackers.
  • Fixed an issue introduced with Murkmire where Bar Highlight & Ultimate Tracking was not behaving properly due to relying on a function no longer used by the API.
  • Dragonknight - Updated the icon for Power Lash to stand out a little more from Molten Whip.
  • Nightblade - Shadow Image now has a unique icon (with similar colorization to the new green color for Incapciating Strike when the player is above 120 ultimate).
  • Nightblade - The Proc Icon for Grim Focus and its morphs now shows the remaining timer for Grim Focus on it.
  • Sorcerer - Unstable Familiar & Summon Winged Twilight abilities now use different icons on their bar/for their effects. The icons matching the base icon are ingame but for some reason not used.

Combat Text:
  • Added an option to display Group Member Deaths (enabled by default).
  • Updated the variable names for Incoming Ability Alerts - this will reset the color for Block, Dodge, Avoid, and Interrupt notifications. In a previous update Combat Alerts were changed to support multiple colors for the different alert mitigation types to improve clarity - this resets this for anyone who wasn't aware as well as adds a blue color for interrupt instead of white.

Info Panel:
  • Info Panel no longer shows on all screens (Now hidden in menus, on the world map, and during dialogues).
  • Added an option to enable the Info Panel on the World Map Screen.

Unit Frames:
  • Added Resolution Selection options to UnitFrames, this changes the default anchors for UnitFrames.
  • Updated UnitFrame default positions to anchor relative to the center of the screen rather than top left.
  • If you are installing the addon for the first time or clearing saved variables - the default unit frames are now disabled by default.
  • Added a "Disable" option to Default Group Unit Frames. It was confusing not being able to set this to disabled before if you were using Custom Group/Raid Frames.
  • Added an option to toggle off the Default Compass Boss Bar.
  • Added target Rank Stars to elite enemy NPC frames - this will show 1-3 stars based on the difficulty of the elite mob you are fighting - similar to the default boss/target frames indicators.
  • Updated Group/Raid frames to follow this functionality described in the Custom Raid Frames description: "If custom group frames are unused, then this raid frame will also be used for small groups."
  • Added an option to color the Target Frame by Player Class - this option takes precedence over Reaction Colors when both options are enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Group/Raid Frames didn't color correctly when no role was detected (in Battlegrounds).
  • Fixed an issue where the Mount Stamina bar wouldn't toggle off properly when dismounting in any other way than pressing the mount key. This is due to an issue with the API that should be addressed in a later ESO update.
  • Fixed an issue where the shared transparency setting for Group/Raid frames under Custom Raid Frames would be disabled when Custom Group Frames were disabled.
  • Flipped the menu order for color Group/Raid Frames by Class/Role. Role color takes precendence and therefore is the later option listed in the menu.

Version 5.6.1
  • Combat Info: Fixed an issue where Cast Bar custom position was not saving correctly.
  • Unit Frames: Fixed an issue where Group and Raid frame Role Colors & Icons were not working (thanks SilverWF for finding the issue and fixing it).

Version 5.6

  • Temporarily removed custom icons for passives and racials in the skill tree due to the related functions for this being changed in the update. I intend to reimplement this in the future.
  • Fixed various localization issues with some components.
  • Moved UnitFrames, Buffs & Debuffs, Combat Text, and Info Panel components down to lower draw layers (preventing them from overlapping low priority layer custom addon windows).

Buffs & Debuffs:
  • It may have been possible for debuffs not cast by the player to display in prominent buffs - added a filter to only show debuffs sourced from the player.
  • Fake & Consolidated Buffs & Debuffs can now be added to Prominent Buffs & Debuffs or the Blacklist by AbilityId.
  • Mousing over buffs & debuffs now shows the tooltip information.
  • Right clicking on buffs that can be removed will now remove the buff.
  • Updated & added custom tooltips for many abilities - as well as added normalized tooltips for Major/Minor effects.
  • Updated icons + auras for Main Story Quests, Fighter's Guild, Mage's Guild & the first 2 (about 50% of Greenshade as well) zones of AD quests.
  • Updated icons for NPC summon abilities (Each summon type now has an individual icon).
  • Hid various dummy id's for NPC summon abilities & NPC Caltrops.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC name based icon/name overrides for pets didn't correctly apply to the Death Recap Screen.
  • Buff Icon for Vanity Pet / Mount now shows the actual collectible icon overlaid over a background (Added an option to show the generic mount icon if desired).
  • Added cast bar for various general effects such as Filleting Fish, using Keep/Imperial City Retreat Sigils, Pardon Edicts, etc...

Chat Announcements:
  • Added an option to show when items are removed by quests or events. This requires the destroyed item message display option to be enabled (Otherwise can't tell if a player just destroys an item).
  • Removed hook for EVENT_BROADCAST - stops duplicate server shutdown messages from being displayed.
  • Updated Achievement Tracking Categories to support all achievement categories (they have been branched out again with Wolfhunter DLC).
  • Added some additional conditionals to messages displayed when upgrading an item in order to prevent errors.

Combat Info:
  • Added option to resize Cast Bar & Cast Bar Icon
  • Cast Bar Frame is now centered by default, and resizing keeps the bar centered
  • Cast Bar - Significantly improved the display options when unlocking the Cast Bar in the menu to adjust position.
  • Cast Bar will now break when incoming hard CC hits the player - or when the player rolls/blocks
  • Fixed a bug where Bar Highlight effects that were created by EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT would be removed when mousing over another target.
  • Added cast bar indicators for for Main Story Quests, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild & the first 2 (about 50% of Greenshade as well) zones of AD quests.
  • Added cast bar for Soul Gem Resurrection.

Combat Text:
  • Combat Text menu completely reorganized in order to be more accessible. All options are now categorized together (I.E. all options for Outgoing Damage, Healing, etc are grouped together now rather than being split across multiple submenus).
  • Updated Alerts to use different colors for each type of alert in order to improve differentiation.
  • Updated Alerts to use conditionals to determine if "Name" or "No Name" prefixes should be used. These options have been added to the menu as well.
  • Fixed an issue where custom icons/ability names based off target name were not displaying correctly.
  • Added the silence effect from Negate Magic & Morphs to the blacklist for SCT - this will no longer spam immunity notifications every .5 seconds on CC Immune targets.

Unit Frames:
  • Fixed a major issue where Unit Frames did not properly follow the Account Wide / Player Specific saved variable settings in the menu.
  • Added right click handler for Group Frames - you can now acccess group menu functions by right clicking frames.
  • Fixed an issue where disabling the option to display the player in Small Group frames would cause the role of class color to be incorrect.
  • Added Group Frames, Raid Frames, and Boss Frames into "loot" scene to prevent those frames from disappearing when looting an item.
  • Added tooltips to Custom Frames - Alternate Player Bar( for level information, Siege, Werewolf, and Mounted Status).
  • Alternate Player Bar - Champion XP bar now shows Enlightenment value.
  • Fixed an issue where frames weren't added to the "siegeBarUI" scene - causing your frames (and buffs if anchored) to fade when typing in chat or switching to mouse controls while using a Siege weapon.

Werewolf Specific Changes:
  • Werewolf Buff Indicator (Buffs & Debuffs) & Power Bar (Unit Frames) now behave correctly when dead/reincarnating
  • Fixed issue with Werewolf buff icon bouncing back and forth between effects that had a longer duration than it (due to forcing it to always have a maximum duration of 38 seconds).
  • Devour Cast Bar now ends when devour channel is broken
  • Devour now pauses Werewolf Timer buff when starting and resumes immediately when ending

Version 5.5.2
  • Combat Info: Added a cast bar for player abilities. Has a variety of customization options and position customization.
  • Combat Info: Fixed an issue where bar highlight for some abilities wasn't working. Updated ground tracking and mine tracking to remove auras when ground effects end prematurely.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Ground based auras are now removed when a ground effect ends prematurely.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Updated mine tracker to work for Eternal Hunt set, Manifestation of Terror, and Frozen Gate + morphs.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Fixed an issue where disabling ground effects from display would not do anything - as well as fixed blacklisting ground abilities not working.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Updated icons and auras for base Cyrodiil buffs. Keep bonus now shows a stack counter equivalent to the number of enemy keeps your Alliance controls. Also hid some useless auras on Guards/Structures.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Added missing icon/name changes for pve bite variants of Lycantrophy and Vampirism precursors (evidently its a different abilityId than you get from player bites).
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Updated a few various icons for auras & environmental hazards.
Version 5.5.1
  • Combat Info: All bar proc abilities will now play a sound when available for use, not just Crystal Fragments.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Fixed an issue with the prominent buffs font selector that could cause a UI error if an invalid font was selected.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: The debug option for Combat Events and Effect Changes now display abilities with the name updated to reflect changes made by LUIE.

Version 5.5

General Components
  • Added RU Translation thanks to a ton of effort from KiriX!
Buffs & Debuffs
  • Did a pass on ALL player skill line abilities - updated auras for all abilities with name corrections, icon corrections, and hid unneccessary dummy auras.
  • Added custom icons for the attacks used by Nightblade, Sorcerer, and Warden pet abilities.
  • Added custom icons for a great deal of NPCs that were missing them including all Dwemer NPCs, Giants, Trolls, Daedric Hungers, Iron Atronachs, etc...
  • Updated localization for major/minor debuffs so that all languages will show major/minor debuffs on the target regardless of source.
  • Reset the options for "Display Extra Buffs & Consolidate Buffs" to account for some changes made with this update as well as added an additional option to consolidate single major/minor auras.
  • Grim Focus updated to track its stack count on the duration buff applied to the player.
  • Fixed an issue where Ground Mine stacks weren't decremented when a mine triggered if an aura was set to prominent.
  • Removed a significant amount of older code related to ground effects that should result in minor performance enhancement.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pelinal's Ferocity experience buff was not correctly labeled as an experience buffs for the purpose of hiding it from display.
  • Updated auras for various sets, and added updated icons/auras for sets from Dragonstar/Maelstrom Arena, as well as all Summerset sets.
  • Fixed an issue where prominent auras weren't removed from tracking when the player died.
  • Added the option to display a timer buff when transformed into a Werewolf. This timer will pause at a Werewolf Shrine or when using the Devour passive.
  • Fixed an issue where dummy auras added by target name (example: CC Immunity buff added to some boss NPCs) would display on dead targets.
  • Fixed an issue where Artifical Effect id's would not refresh when updating settings in the Buffs & Debuffs menu (dummy auras added by ZOS - such as Battle Spirit).
Chat Announcements
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Disguise Notifications not to display even when enabled.
  • Updated Achievement Tracking options with all current categories.
  • Added Psijic Order guild reputation tracking.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu option to modify the context currency/loot message for "Spend" was missing.
  • Added a new context message option "Pay" for gold given to NPC's in conversation options.
  • Jewelry Crafting should now be supported by Loot crafting messages.
Combat Info
  • Did a pass on ALL player skill line abilities - Bar Ability Highlight tracking is now supported for any ability the player can slot.
  • Bar Ability Highlight tracking now supports multi-target tracking, when changing targets the highlighted abilities will update based on what debuffs are currently applied to that target.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crystal Fragments proc sound wouldn't play due to a bad variable name.
Combat Text
  • Fixed an issue where errors would be displayed when the Shorten Numbers option was enabled.
Info Panel
  • Reimplemented the menu option to change the scaling on the Info Panel for higher resolution displays.
  • Mount feed cooldown notification updated from "Feed Now" to "Train Now."
Slash Commands
  • Added the "/outfit" "#" command. Allows you to swap to an outfit. Also adding keybinding options.

Version 5.4

General Components
  • Implemented an ingame changelog that will display on the first load with LuiExtended enabled when the version number is different than your current version. This changelog can also be viewed from the addon settings menu.
  • Added the option to switch between using ACCOUNT WIDE or CHARACTER SPECIFIC savedVariables settings. Profiles can be copied between characters or deleted from the addon settings menu.
  • Separated Slash Commands & Info Panel modules into their own individual component menus.
  • Updated and cleaned up various menus to be more intuitive.
  • Replaced GetSynergyInfo() hook with ZO_Synergy:OnSynergyAbilityChanged() hook in order to fix compatibility issue with Innocent Blade of Woe addon by dorrino. This is a better way to hook, as only the displayed icon is modified and the original synergy info is preserved.
  • Chat Printing settings have been moved to Chat Announcements - and updated to allow the option to print to individual tabs instead of all tabs. This allows you to have loot, experience, etc notifications only display in one chat tab. Also added a toggle to allow system/notification based messages to bypass this and still appear in all tabs. These settings have been reset to default due to this change.
  • Added an option to choose the color for timestamps prepended to chat messages.
Buffs & Debuffs
  • Added the ability to track prominent player buffs & debuffs by name or AbilityId. Prominent containers support the ability to display the aura name and a timer bar.
  • Added the ability to blacklist buffs & debuffs by name or AbilityId.
  • Updated auras and improved custom icons for various NPC abilities as well as added new icons and updated auras for many NPC's missing them.
  • Added auras & icons for Scalecaller Crown Crate memento effects.
  • New internal table allows simulated aura display on targets based on name. This allows for the display of buffs such as Radiance on Flame Atronachs and CC Immunity on boss rank enemies.
  • Added a Debug option to display the AbilityId of effects on their buff/debuff icon.
  • Added Night Mother's Gaze & Line-Breaker into debuffs that always display on a target regardless of source.
  • Fixed an unintentional change which modified the Line-Breaker debuff from the Alkosh set to be named "Roar of Alkosh." This should prevent Combat Metrics from combining the two debuffs when reporting uptime.
  • Fixed an issue where Off Balance Immunity wasn't displaying on targets and adjusted it to display as a buff rather then debuff. This effect can still be tracked by prominent buffs & debuffs due to its importance.
Chat Announcements:
  • Updated the default variable settings for Alliance Point, Tel Var Stone, and Experience Point notifications so throttling is enabled by default.
Combat Info:
  • Added an option to toggle on/off the display of bar highlight for secondary effects like the magicka restore from Honor the Dead or Major Savagery from Biting Jabs.
  • Added option to change the formatting of the Ultimate Percentage Label & set the default font/position to match that of bar highlight.
  • Added an option to play a sound on ability procs.
  • Anchored bar labels to Action Button instead of flipcards, this stops the label from wiggling erratically when swapping bars.
  • Fixed an issue where when bar ability highlight for the Ultimate slot was enabled along with Ultimate % label the two labels would overlap on application for a split second.
  • Fixed an issue where the initial bar highlight label created for effects would display the default base ability duration without compensating for the extra duration added to many abilites added by EVENT_EFFECT_CHANGED.
Combat Text:
  • Added an option to set Transparency for Combat Text.
  • Added an option to abbreviate numbers like 12345 to 12.3k.
  • Updated Incoming Ability Alerts to hide suggested mitigation options by default. Now messages will simply display incoming ability name/icon unless mitigation method notification is toggled on.
Info Panel
  • Info Panel module has been moved to its own "LuiExtended - Info Panel" settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Info Panel displayed over other UI menu's by adding it into the Scene Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Feed Now" timer was clipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the Armor Durability indicator was clipped.
  • Removed outdated Imperial City Trophy Display & Scaling Options.
Slash Commands
  • Slash Commands module has been moved to its own "LuiExtended - Slash Commands" settings menu.
  • Slash commands can now be enabled or disabled individually.
  • Added /banker, /merchant, /fence commands to summon assistants.
  • Added /ready command to initiate ready checks.
  • Added keybinding options for /banker, /merchant, /fence, /ready, /home & /regroup.
Unit Frames
  • Added an option to display the AVA Icon & Rank Number independently from the Title or AVA Rank Name on Target Frames.
  • Added an option to set the priority for AVA Rank vs Title Display on Target Frames.
  • Added individual options to choose the Low Resource threshold for HP/Magicka/Stamina labels.
  • Added an option to select the transparency of the shield bar when using the default Overlay mode.
  • Fixed an issue on Target Frames where rank 0 "Citizen" players would display with a rank number of "ava."
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Player Frames layout would also reset the position of Group, Raid, Boss, and AvA frames.
  • Fixed an issue where the AvA rank icon of players of the same faction was colored white. The AvA icon for players of the same faction will now display the proper faction color.

Version 5.3.2
  • Base - Updated LibAddonMenu to the latest version.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - (WIP) Updating auras for Dragonknight Skills & added new custom icon for Power Lash (only rank 1 currently).
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Added Debug Options in the Buffs & Debuffs Menu for EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT and EVENT_EFFECT_CHANGED - Mostly this is included for development.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Added option to only show one buff/debuff in paired effects (like Burning Talons or Throw Dagger that have a dot + snare/root of the same duration) - saves some space in the debuff container.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Vampire Stage now shows a Stack Counter dependant on the stage.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Did a pass on all basic overland Human NPC's and Human DLC NPC's as well as Justice NPC's and Cyrodiil Guards. Aura updates, icons & Combat Text alerts updated. Some Animal + Insect mobs have been updated as well.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Added ground mine aura tracker for Eternal Hunt set.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue with the score always displaying as "nil" in VMA/DSA/Trial Announcements.
  • Chat Announcements - Hopefully fixed an issue where some users were getting error messages on login or looting related to the Laundered item function.
  • Chat Announcements - Updated Quest Loot display function to now display removed items first always instead of going in order of the item index.
  • Combat Text - Added support for Combat Event based notifications to Alerts.
  • Combat Text: Added option to display new Alerts for two events:
    • Important Buffs: Show an alert when an important/powerful enemy ability is used such as significant power increases.
    • Destroy: Show an alert when a priority target is spawned - enemies or objects that apply significant damage boost, damage reduction, or invulnerability. So far just used for Goblin Shaman's Aura of Protection.
  • Combat Text - Hid the notification that targets are immune to the Sacred Ground templar passive snare due to screen spam.
  • Unit Frames - Fixed an issue where Guard -Invulnerable- HP bars would remain in the red execute range text color if mousing over them when the previous target was in execute range.
Version 5.3.1
  • Fixed an issue where using Beast Trap (and its morphs) with the Buffs & Debuffs component enabled could throw UI errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the aura for Beast Trap (and its morphs) ground duration tracking wouldn't be removed when the target dodged the attack.

Version 5.3 (Dragon Bones)

General Components:
  • Did a pass on custom override tables for Templar Skills, Destruction Staff, Restoration Staff, Fighter's Guild, and Medium Armor. Many effects are now fixed to show the proper names and icons for Buffs & Debuffs and Combat Text. Additionally many erroneous auras that displayed now longer show up - such as pointless placeholder effects when the healing effect from Healing Ward fading triggered. Bar Highlight tracking for Combat Info has been updated to track many more abilities both offensive and defensive in these ability categories.
  • The above support extends to additional addons if they use GetAbilityName() or GetAbilityIcon() functions - For example Combat Metrics will show the correct icon/name for incoming healing tracked from Templar/Restoration Staff skills with LUI Extended enabled. Previously many healing abilities were named incorrectly, a good example being the initial heal from Healing Ward being named "Grand Healing."
  • General cleanup - Removed some un-needed hooks and a few lines of outdated code from various components.
  • Fixed an issue due to an oudated hook function where the Skills Advisor would throw UI errors whenever an ability was learned.
  • Skills Advisor now reads custom icons used for Class passive abilities.
Buffs & Debuffs:
  • Added localization support for auras for player abilities, sets, and consumables.
  • Thanks to the API update added Death Recap list can now use AbilityId's to properly update ability Names & Icons.
  • New icon added for Soul Summons passive, Roar of Alkosh
  • Added new icons for root effect from Beast Trap and it's Morphs and the Fighter's Guild skill Silver Leash's secondary ability "Tighten."
  • Effects with a stack count now display at one stack rather than only showing their stack count when above 1 stack.
  • Fixed an issue where Fake Debuffs (buffs/debuffs without an effect aura that are manually tracked so the player can keep track of them - example is Rearming Traps damage component) weren't properly saving their info for Target players and would fade when changing target and then mousing back over the target again.
  • Stack support added for Ground Mine effects - Rearming Trap now displays with 2 stacks, one is consumed every time rearming trap triggers. Later support to be added for Daedric Mines, and sets like Eternal Hunt.
  • Added an option to toggle on/off the display of Extra Buff/Debuff icons for certain player abilities that don't normally show a tracking icon such as Dragon Blood or Restoring Focus.
  • Added an option to toggle on/off consolidation of Major/Minor buff/debuff auras from certain player abilities such as Dragon Blood or Restoring Focus.
Chat Announcements:
  • Updated currency context messages to support currency received from Level Up Rewards.
  • Updated icon for Outfit Change tokens.
  • Crafting loot messages will now display for equipped items (for the new base game feature to upgrade equipped items).
  • Hopefully updated Guild Heraldry function to display the correct amount of gold deducted when setting Heraldry (can't test this currently).
  • When buying a Horse from the Stable, the Item Link is now replaced with a Collectible Link.
  • Fixed an issue where a few functions wouldn't properly set item brackets based on the menu setting.
Combat Info:
  • Fixed an issue where label timers for active abilities highlighted on the Action bar would flash when a potion was used.
  • Fixed an issue where label timers for active abilities on the action bar didn't apply the label immediately upon the effect being gained (sometimes showing 0 duration or no label for a split second).
  • Updated bar tracking function to be more accurate. Bar tracking no longer starts until the actual EVENT_EFFECT_CHANGED or EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT fires.
  • Bar tracking now uses effect duration (with a custom table for fixing issues) rather than GetAbilityDuration() as these value's often don't match for ground targeted effects.
  • Reimplemented highlight animation for skills with a proc effect that change the Action Bar icon when enabled (Grim Focus + morphs, Silver Leash).
Combat Text:
  • Fixed an issue where the Ellipse style text did not properly display with the scrolling direction set to up.
Unit Frames:
  • Added multiple options to choose how to display the Player Name on UnitFrames. You can now select a different method for Player, Target, and Group/Raid.
  • Updated several Menu Options to change on the fly rather then requiring /reloadUI.
  • Updated several Menu Options to properly unhide the relevant frames when making customization changes.

Version 5.2.8
  • Unit Frames - Fixed issue with Regen Arrows animation throwing errors if one of the few abilities in game that properly tries to apply a magicka or stamina regen animation is used. Now if the regeneration type isn't Health the function will end.
Version 5.2.7
  • Base Addon - Death recap custom icon replacement temporarily disabled. New function is all set and will be implemented with the API changes when the Dragon Bones update goes live.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Added individual hide options for Player/Target for Food/Drink buffs & Experience buffs.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Updated localization for Consumables & Mementos
  • Chat Announcements - Merged Currency and Loot context messages into one set, and moved the settings into their own Shared Submenu.
  • Chat Announcements - Added tracking options for Transmute Crystals, Outfit Change Tokens, Crowns, and Crown Gems to currency announcements.
  • Chat Announcements - Removed pointless ZO_Smithing and ZO_Enchanting hooks - these could cause other addons that hook the same function such as FCO Craft Filter and Multicraft not to work properly.
  • Chat Announcements - Added option to hide the Guild Trading House listing fee.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where laundering/fencing items without "Merge Currency & Loot Messages" enabled would throw UI errors. Now added context messages for Fence/Launder without a gold value in case of this.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where mail received when returned from another player would throw errors when loot or currency announcements were enabled.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where the Group Leader changing would occasionally throw UI errors (after leaving group sometimes the event would fire).
  • Combat Info - Can now toggle the Ultimate Value label and Ultimate Percentage label independently.
  • Combat Info - Can now toggle to display the duration label and glow effect on Ultimate ability. This will hide the % label for the duration of the active ability when enabled.
  • Combat Text - Removed IsError filter on Combat Text which was preventing immunity messages from displaying correctly.
  • Combat Text - Hopefully fixed an issue with Combat Text occasionally throwing error messages on Alerts with the Single Line Alert method option selected.
  • Info Panel - Updated spacing and font format for Info Panel.
  • Info Panel - Adjusted the threshold for the colorization of various labels and removed the decimal place in FPS tracking.
  • Unit Frames - Added an option to color target custom Unit Frame by Reaction type.
  • Unit Frames - Guards now have an - Invulnerable - tag on their HP bar instead of displaying HP.
  • Unit Frames - Fixed an issue where the Regen arrows animation was applied on Magicka/Stamina bar (this was never implemented in the game correctly to use and only seemed to trigger from something in Cyrodiil).
  • Unit Frames - Fixed an issue where the alternate bar would not anchor correctly to the separate shield bar if enabled when using Horizontal or Pyramid unit frames.
Version 5.2.6
  • Unit Frames - Fixed issue where setting menu option for player frame mode would throw errors if the custom target frame was disabled.
  • Unit Frames - Fixed an issue where the a UI error would be displayed if the PVP Target Frame was enabled.
  • Unit Frames - Fixed spacing issues with alternate bar below frames - now the distance should be normalized for all bar setups.
  • Unit Frames - Moved menu for Additional Player Frame options down as well as updated a few menu strings.
Version 5.2.5
  • Combat Info - Fixed a MAJOR PERFORMANCE ISSUE with the Show Global Cooldown function - This setting is now reset to disabled for all players using the addon. This setting now has a warning for high CPU usage.
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Changed icons for the one hour buffs granted by completing World Boss events in Craglorn to use the achievement icons which fit far better for each buff.
  • Chat Announcements - Moved Common Options settings for Chat Announcements to the bottom of the menu and fixed the missing header.
  • Chat Announcements - Moved the various events related to EVENT_DISPLAY_ANNOUNCEMENT into their own category in chat announcements. This currently includes: Respec Notifications, Entering/Leaving Group Area, DSA/Maelstrom Stages, Maelstrom Rounds, Imperial City Area Messages, Craglorn Buffs (new).
  • Chat Announcements - Display Announcements no longer display a debug message by default - You can now turn this setting on if you'd like to help process messages that are not yet included in the LUI Extended Options.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where sending a COD payment would also send a duplicate "Mail sent!" message if Mail Notifications are on.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed a UI error that would occur in gamepad mode when trying to send mail due to not being able to determine the recipient name.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed Group Loot member names sometimes displaying as "nil"
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where UI errors would be thrown when attempting to trade after accepting a trade invite after reloading the UI.
  • Chat Announcements - Mail, Trade, and Group Loot functions now have fallback options in case the name of the target player cannot be resolved. There are new context menu strings for these messages.
  • Chat Announcements - Formerly when sending mail to an invalid player name, a currency sent and received message would print for the transaction and immediate refund. These messages are now suppressed.
  • Unit Frames - Fixed an issue where regen/degen arrows would play the first time you moused over a target on loading the game.
  • Unit Frames - Moved menu options into dropdown categories instead of one gigantic menu
  • Unit Frames - Added new Player Frame Methods - You can now choose to have bars displayed in a horizontal spread out layout like the default UI, or in a Pyramid stack. NOTE: This setting will reset your custom positions and center the frames!!!
  • Unit Frames - Alternate Bar (XP Tracker, Werewolf Tracker, Siege Tracker, Mount Stamina Tracker) is now located centered below the attribute bars. Additionally this frame will now move to the stamina or magicka bar if you have Horizontal or Pyramid Frames selected.
Version 5.2.4
  • Fixed a MASSIVE performance issue caused by the Unit Frames Regeneration Arrows overlay - This update should remove menu lag and fps drop when turning your camera or in crowded areas as well as FPS drop in combat. You may still experience some FPS hit when using the Scrolling Combat Text. Let me know if you have any major performance issues after this update.
  • Added filters onto Combat Events for CombatInfo component to increase performance
  • WIP: Started to add a new method for Unit Frames to display the 3 bars separately on the bottom of the screen. This is a work in progress with menu option localization incomplete, default position incomplete, and missing functionality to move the mount/ww bar to the stamina/magicka frames.
Version 5.2.3
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Added filters for EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT - Should help with performance issues.
  • Combat Text - Added filters for EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT - Should help with performance issues.
  • Chat Announcements - Added group loot print function back in (never intended to remove it).
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where inviting a player to group who could not be found would display "That player is busy" instead of "Could not find a played named "input" to invite."
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an error that would occur when depositing items into the bank.
  • Chat Announcements - Temporarily removed EVENT_DISPLAY_ANNOUNCEMENT debug message. Think I've just about logged everything here now, thanks guys.
  • Unit Frames - Frames no longer unhide in menus when group members change role/or leader is updated
Version 5.2.2
  • Fixed a MAJOR issue causing group invites to not function when Chat Announcements was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Sell All Junk button at a vendor with Loot Announcements enabled would throw errors when more than one item was sold. The fix here is temporary (only one item will display - with the total value of gold received) until I have time to drum up a better solution.
Version 5.2.1
  • Buffs & Debuffs - Fixed an issue with a missing function causing buffs fading to throw UI errors when Fade Out Expiring Icons is enabled.
  • Chat Announcements - Hopefully fixed an issue where Guild Rank changes would throw UI errors when enabled. I am unable to verify this works currently due to lacking a guild to test in on the PTS.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where all currency gain/loss would display unless you had all 4 currency types set to disabled.
  • Chat Announcements - Fixed an issue where certain functions in this component would trigger even when it was disabled in the settings menu.
  • Combat Text - Combat text controls renamed to "LUIE_CombatText" to prevent conflicts with other addons.
  • Combat Text - Added slight filter for combat events (previously a few variables were being set on every combat event even if it wasn't related to player or pet/target - now that only happens if the source/target is the player or pet)
  • Combat Text - Added an option (disabled by default) to hide nearby enemies abilities that don't directly target the player. This prevents spam from abilites that are happening out of range of the player when disabled. Note: These alerts still always display in dungeons since players are likely to all be in relatively the same area.
  • Combat Text - Fixed an issue where incoming mitigation warnings would always display even when disabled.
  • Combat Text - Added a missing menu option for turning Outgoing Reflects off. Additionally fixed the toggle options for reflects so Incoming displays attacks you Reflect and Outgoing displays attacked an enemy reflected.
Version 5.2 (Clockwork City)

General Components:
  • Damage Meter Component has been removed. Highly suggest using Combat Metrics instead. (http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1360-CombatMetrics.html).
  • Combat Info component has been split into two components: Scrolling Combat text has been revamped and replaced with the more advanced features from the Combat Cloud addon. Combat Info has been updated with additional functionality. More details listed per component below.
  • Added an option to Hide the Experience Bar/Skill Progess Bar from popping up when the player earns XP from Experience Gain from Quests, Discover, Boss Kills, and Skill Line Updates. This is useful if you wish to place a UI component in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Updated description and functionality of the various SLASH commands. Error messages have been streamlined and will display additional alerts based off your preferences in Chat Announcements for the relevant commands.
  • Several SLASH commands now return errors if attempting to use them in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds where it is not possible to do so.
  • /regroup command no longer attempts to invite offline players or duplicate players in the party, as well as provides information if no additional players are present. If all party members are offline the regroup command will not proceed.
  • Added a new /campaign option to queue for campaign. Enter /campaign "name" to queue for a campaign.
  • Added Trajan Pro and Trajan Pro Bold fonts to the font library for use in LUI.
  • Dropdown menu options to select font now use a scrollbar method to prevent the number of font choices from going off the screen.
  • Adjusted menu options for various components to be more logically organized.
  • Fixed an issue where Buff/Debuff names, Combat Text messages and Item Styles did not display correctly on non-English clients.
  • Fixed an issue where the /kick SLASH command would prevent the /kick emote from being used. Now if you enter /kick without any additional input, the kick emote will be performed correctly.
Buffs & Debuffs:
  • Bar highlighting component removed and reimplemented in Combat Info component.
  • Buffs/Debuffs now display by EffectSlot instead of abilityId, this means if you have 3 searing strikes on your, they will all show as an individual debuff as you would expect.
  • Buffs/Debuffs will not display the stack count in the upper right corner of the icon when applicable.
  • Player/target debuffs no longer stack infinitely across the screen when anchored to the LUI Target Frame, and instead will stack upward (in the same way buffs stack downward).
  • Remaining time label can now be moved up or down to be positioned below or further inside the icon.
  • The radial cooldown border for buffs and debuffs now shows relevant to the total duration of the effect. Previously effects showed a solid border until their remaining time dropped below 8 seconds.
  • Buffs/debuffs with unlimited durations will now display a solid radial cooldown border instead of being empty.
  • Recall Cooldown indicator renamed to Recall Penalty and adjusted radial cooldown border to show its remaining duration relevant to the full 10 minute duration.
  • Added an option to reverse the buff sorting order for the Long Term buff container.
  • Fixed an issue where the long term buff container anchor was displaced when moving the frames with the Horizontal display option selected.
  • Added an option to HIDE the display of player or target buffs in addition to debuffs. Also added an option to hide the display of ground targeted buffs and debuffs.
  • Removed many excessive icons options for collectibles. Collectibles have been condensed into 3 options: Assistants, Vanity Pets, and Mounts.
  • When the option to show equipped disguises is enabled, a buff will no longer be displayed when wearing a guild tabard.
  • Option to Show/Hide Vampirism & Lycanthrophy buffs on Player/Target have been split into several categories: Vampirism Stage, Lycanthrophy, Precursor Disease, and Bite Cooldown
  • Option to Show/Hide Battle Spirit on Player/Target have been updated to now correctly display Battle Spirit in Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, or Duels.
  • Added an option to Show/Hide Soul Summons internal cooldown on Player/Target.
  • Added an option to Show/Hide Set Bonus long internal cooldowns (Phoenix, Eternal Warrior, Immortal Warrior) on Player/Target.
  • Ground targeted buffs/debuffs no longer incorrectly display an aura when the player presses the relevant ability but cancels it without selecting the target location.
  • Updated code for ground targeted buffs/debuffs for more accurate duration resolution. Note: Not all buffs/debuffs have been correctly adjusted to use this new code yet)
  • Added/updated icons for new Clockwork City food, and new crown items and memento's added in the last several updates.
  • Updated aura information for various consumables and memento's (Examples include hiding some goofy duplicate buffs that show for certain food/drinks, renaming seasonal foods that didn't have the correct names, etc)
  • Updated several memento self-stuns as well as various other abilities to use the "unbreakable" border color for buffs/debuffs - indicating there is no way to remove the effect.
  • Updated icons and auras for New Life Festival & added icon for new memento version of Breda's Magnificent Mead.
  • Updated Dodge Fatigue and Bolt Escape Fatigue auras to use the "unbreakable" border.
  • Added new custom icons & fixed aura display for almost all Item Sets in the game (missing VMA and DSA sets currently due to lack of inclusion in PTS containers - will be added in the future). Several new "fake auras" have been added to make certain effects easier to track such as Ilambris or Spawn of Mephala.
  • Updated Death Recap to display many of the new icons applied to item sets and abilities.
  • Internal cooldown buffs (Phoenix, Eternal Warrior, Immortal Warrior, Soul Summons, Vampire/WW Bite) now use a significantly darkened icon to represent they are on cooldown.
  • Added custom icons for several Justice Guard abilities as well as updated the display of various auras. (Hid a bunch of pointless trigger buffs that offered no useful information).
  • Added custom icons for Daedric Anchor abilities - Static Charge, Anchor Drop (meteor damage from standing under a dropped NPC), and Power of the Daedra.
  • Added custom icons for Champion Point Passives
  • Added custom icon for Ayleid Well health bonus
Chat Announcements:
Chat Announcements component has been completely overhauled. The structure for saved variables for this component have been adjusted in order to prevent issues when upgrading from older versions of the addon - all settings for this component will be reset to default.
  • Many announcements now send messages to a single printer function on a 50 ms throttle. This function interprets the messages it receives in order to print them in a logical manner. This means when a large number of messages is displayed from for example, a quest being completed, the messages will be displayed in a logical order. In addition this solves the issue where certain components used to cause an annoying scrolling effect as the messages were printed at different ms intervals.
  • Added individual options to toggle the display of [] brackets for Character/Account Name Links, Item Links, Lorebook Links, Collectible Links, and Achievement Links.
  • Most components now allow you to toggle on/off the display of Chat Announcements, Alerts, or Center Screen Announcements.
  • Significantly updated the syntax and display options for most components.
  • Hooked MANY functions in the game in order to provide more accurate information for commands and errors sent from ingame menus.
  • Shared - Added an option to use a single color for currency and item gain/loss instead of context based color.
  • Shared - Updated the syntax for Currency & Loot messages to display more detailed messages.
  • Currency - Added in several missing methods of currency acquisition with context messages.
  • Currency - Currency Names now use zo_stringformat, allowing you to enter both a singular and plural name for the currency if you wish to change it.
  • Currency - Streamlined options to throttle the gain of Alliance Points and Tel Var Stones. Now the throttle timer will be extended if additional currency is acquired instead of always displaying the currency gained a set duration after it is received. In other words: If you continue to earn AP at 3 second intervals with a 5 second throttle set, the currency gained will not print until a lapse of 5 seconds occurs between gaining currency.
  • Loot - Updated indexing function to always display accurate information about items received!
  • Loot - Fixed various issues with the display of Armor Type, Style, and Trait
  • Loot - Updated Group Loot to display either the Character or Account name of the player receiving the item based off your setting.
  • Loot - Fixed Group Loot/Notable Loot function to correctly display Green Quality set items looted.
  • Loot - Added individual options to show when a Quest Item is Looted or Removed from your inventory.
  • Loot - Added individual options to toggle the display of Total Item Count and Total Currency remaining when purchasing an item from a vendor.
  • Experience/Skills - Removed several options for cleaner functionality. Updated syntax for experience gain.
  • Experience/Skills - Now the throttle timer will be extended if additional experience is earned instead of always displaying the experience earned a set duration after it is received. In other words: If you continue to earn experience at 3 second intervals with a 5 second throttle set, the experience earned will not print until a lapse of 5 seconds occurs between earning experience.
  • Experience/Skills - Added option to toggle the display of Enlightenment State change messages.
  • Experience/Skills - Added option to toggle the display of Respec Notifications (champion points, attributes, skill points, morphs).
  • Experience/Skills - Added option to toggle the display of Skill Points earned and Skyshards absorbed with several options to adjust display.
  • Experience/Skills - Added options to toggle the display of Skill Lines Unlocked, Skill Line Progression, and Ability Progression.
  • Experience/Skills - Added options to toggle the display of Guild Reputation earned. With various options for color and syntax - and a throttle option for Fighter's Guild reputation earned from kills.
  • Collectibles/Lorebooks - Added several new options to Collectibles and Lorebooks display and updated syntax for messages.
  • Achievements - Removed several options for cleaner functionality. Added several options and updated syntax for messages.
  • Quest/POI - Quest Difficult Icon will now display in Accept/Complete/Abandon messages correctly.
  • Quest/POI - Added many new options to toggle the display of various individual quest updates.
  • Quest/POI - Added option to toggle the display of Imperial City Sewers area notification messages.
  • Social/Guild - Added many new options to toggle the display of various messages.
  • Social/Guild - Added option to color guild names and ranks based on Alliance.
  • Group/LFG/Trial - Added many new options to toggle the display of various individual LFG or Trial messages.
  • Group/LFG/Trial - Messages are now hooked to functions and should no longer display spammy/incorrect information.
  • Group/LFG/Trial - Added option to toggle the display of Maelstrom Arena/Dragonstar Arena stage start notifications.
  • Group/LFG/Trial - Added option to toggle the display of Maelstrom Arena round notifications.
  • Misc Announcements - Added option to toggle the display of Entering/Leaving Group Area notifications.
  • Misc Announcements - Updated Mail Notifications to be slightly more basic.
  • Misc Announcements - Updated options and syntax for Bag/Bank & Riding Skill Upgrades.
Combat Info:
  • Removed all old combat text options and damage meter options. Combat Text features moved into Combat Text component.
  • Removed old Global Cooldown function to implement new one based off the unused Zenimax GCD function. Added various options.
  • Added new Bar Ability highlight options with the ability to add a duration onto the label. This component tracks active abilities or procs.
  • Procs triggered when Bar highlight is enabled now play a sound.
  • Updated and separated old option to display a Cooldown duration for Potions and Quickslot items. Added options to configure label formatting.
Combat Text:
  • Combat Text component completed replaced by a modified and updated version of the Combat Cloud addon originally by Sideshow: http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info281-CombatCloud.html#info
  • Adjusted default options for Combat Text to have formatting similar to the default game combat text.
  • Combat Text now uses icon and name override tables from LUI buffs & debuffs components.
  • Combat Text now hides some un-needed or spammy messages such as resource drain from Sprint and Stealth.
  • Fixed an issue from Combat Cloud where the combat state would not be correctly toggled when reloading the UI in combat causing Enter/Leave combat messages to be reversed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Potion Ready alert would not trigger due to referencing a function that no longer exists.
  • Adjusted text speed for all scrolling methods to be slightly faster and have less overlap. Ellipse method now much faster and more similar to old LUIE style or FTC style combat text.
  • Added options to adjust the format for Damage/Critical Damage, Dots/Critical Dots, Healing/Critical Healing, and Hots/Critical Hots individually.
  • Added options to override the color for all Critical Damage done, all Critical Healing done, or all incoming damage. This can be used if you want to emulate the way the default game combat text is formatted.
  • Notifications to Block/Dodge/Interrupt have been overhauled and replaced with new advanced notifications, allowing you to display a warning displaying the name/icon of the incoming ability as well as the ways it can be mitigated. This option has various customization options for formatting and to choose what ranks of NPC's trigger these alerts.
Unit Frames:
  • Fixed regeneration/degeneration arrow animation!
  • Added option to toggle the display of hot/dot animation, power change, and armor change individually for Player/Target, Group, Raid, and Boss frames.
  • Power and Armor change overlays now use the animated effects from the default unitframes.
  • Added option to change the display method for Champion Points (show above cap or limit to cap). This extends to the default unit frames as well.
  • Added individual options to hide the display of the target Title/AVA Rank. Anchored buffs container position will adjust based off whether or not a target has a title/ava rank displayed.
  • Added option to color group/raid unit frames by Class Color.
  • Added option to display either Class Icon or Role on Raid Frames (one or the other or set a certain way depending on whether the player is in PVE or PVP content).
  • Separated transparency and size options for Player/Target bars.
  • Added option to hide anchored buffs frames when out of combat (if you choose to set player/target frame to 0 opacity when out of combat you might want to hide the buffs as well).
  • Added option to format the label on Raid/Boss frames.
  • Added option to configure the transparency of Group/Raid frames.
  • Added option to configure the transparency and size of Boss Frames.
  • Added option to shift the vertical location of default player frames if repositioning is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where character name was displayed instead of account name for the player when name display method was set to "@UserId" or "Character Name @UserId"
  • Fixed an issue causing Default Unit Frames overlay components (Class/Friend Icon and labels) to sharply disappear on target change rather than fading out with the base frame components
  • Low Stamina/Magicka will now flash green/blue on the bar instead of red.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the low resource flash effect would play several times on the stamina bar on player death.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Dead" label would clip into the role icon for dead players.


Version 5.1.2 Update (Horns of the Reach)
  • Updated API version for Horns of the Reach.
  • Buff and debuff icon countdown border now displays based on the FULL duration of the buff rather than only counting down at 8 seconds.
  • Temporarily removed function that add news icons to Death Recap until I have a chance to look at the changes to the function from this API update.
  • Removed LibAnnoyingUpdate and LibCustomTitles - Don't really see a need for these libraries to be here.
Version 5.1.1
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Fixed bar highlight for the majority of abilities to work correctly again! Note its a long time WIP to significantly enhance what shows here but it requires manual processing of every relevant rank of ability and morph to do so.
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Hiding certain buff categories from displaying on the player/target (Mundus, ESO Plus, etc) now works correctly again!
  • Buffs & Debuffs: Updated auras & icons for Air Atronach & Kotu Gava, added icons to Death Recap.
  • Chat Announcements: Added an option to show the total # of items held when an item is looted (thanks to a new ZOS function).
Version 5.1

General Components:
  • Added posthooks for GetAbilityName and GetAbilityIcon, allowing new LUI ability icons and name corrections to be used by other addons (not fully implemented yet).
  • Started custom icon implementation with Death Recap - at the moment only a bit of this is done and only English localization is supported (I have to override specificially by NPC names and skill names), although most of the single player content in Morrowind has been added.
  • Updated many passive skill tree icons and racial icons. Now passives for each skill tree have icons that match the relevant style of their active abilities. Please let me know if there are any icons you don't like. Still enhancing a few of them!

Unit Frames:
  • Fixed a major issue where Unit Frames disappeared in Battlegrounds when swapping to potions, an issue with Unit Frames disappearing randomly in player houses, and not correctly hiding when in the Housing Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where Wardens appears with a white square instead of the proper class icon
  • Fixed an issue where players changing role or joining/leaving group would cause the Unit Frames to appear when in another interface tab.
  • Fixed an issue where bars had blank space in front of them if Role Icons were toggled on in a battleground.
  • Group and Raid Frames now shift if Role Icons are enabled and a player changes their role to none.

Buffs and Debuffs:
  • Integrated into default UI components, the Effects Screen will now show the update names and icons of abilities, and hide relevant abilities that provide no useful information. NOTE: Does not hide special category buffs such as Cyrodiil Bonuses or Battle Spirit, these are only hidden from the LUI Buff & Debuff frames if selected.
  • Added different border colors for unbreakable/unremovable crowd control effects (haven't had time to expand implementation for this much yet)
  • Updated and enhanced many custom icons and did a pass to hide more pointless auras (blue skill placeholder icons). There is still much to do! NOTE: At the moment there are a few placeholder icons present for several effects, I will replace these as soon as I can.
  • Implemented Artificial Effect Id's (something ZOS added recently) - The only cases I've seen this used so far is for the Battle Spirt buffs when dueling or in a Battleground).
    Disguise Buffs: Fixed an issue where the Scarlet Judge disguise would throw UI errors and added an icon for this costume.
  • Fixed various menu options here to function slightly better
  • TEMPORARY ISSUE: Bar highlight for many abilities is currently disabled, I am in the process of switching from a basic abilityName resolving function to using abilityId's for more control of the bar highlight. It will be reimplemented in the future.

Chat Announcements:
  • Corrected and updated various strings for consistency.
  • Fixed various misc small issues and adjusted timing on some chat printing events. The order of events is far less likely to be out of whack when a large amount of events happen at once.
  • Achievements Announcements: Significantly overhauled the options for Achievements Announcements
  • Collectible Announcements: Overhauled the options for Collectible Announcements and moved them into a new menu category with Lorebooks.
  • Lorebook Announcements: Added option to display Lorebooks Discovered (and Eidetic Memory Books + Crafting Motifs) with many customization options.
  • Loot Announcements: Fixed a bug that caused the index to break when items were confiscated by a Guard and the option to print the items confiscated was disabled. Regardless of the options selected, the index should refresh correctly when items are confiscated
  • Loot Announcements: Fixed an issue where using Gamepad mode and crafted item announcements would throw a placeholder error string.
  • Loot Announcements: Added Subscriber Bank into Loot Announcements. Bank items should all display correctly again now.
  • Loot Announcements: When equipping multiple pieces of gear or equipping a set of gear with addons like AlphaGear, LUI is much less likely to erroneously print [Received] notifications in chat. NOTE: This will still happen if you rapidly spam equip/uneqip a piece of gear, I am looking into a solution for this.
  • Loot Announcements: Fixed an issue where items added to the craft bag from not-looted sources
  • Currency Announcements: Fixed an issue where earning gold from battleground medals earned was displaying a debug message.always displayed as [Looted].
  • Group Announcements: Updated group invite messages to correctly work with the changes to this event implemented in Update 14 (It no longer resolves names automatically and only returns what you type when using /invite to invite someone).
  • Group Announcements: Updated Group Finder message syntax to correctly display Dungeons and Battlegrounds.
  • Group Announcements: Updated methods used for LFG announcements to be more accurate and relevant. Unfortunately the events thrown by the API here are chaotic, I may be able to tune it just a little more in the future.
  • Misc: Bag Space Upgrade Announcements: Added an additional check here to prevent these messages from appearing randomly in chat.
  • Misc: Mail Announcements: Updated the reset timer on displaying sent mail message info, when the server lags its less likely you should see any duplicate sent messages now.
  • Misc: Duel Announcements: Added an option to configure the "Duel Started" message to various formats with the addition of the icon ZOS uses in Update 14.
  • Misc: Disguise Announcements: Fixed and updated Center Screen Messages for disguises equipped/unequipped.
  • Quest Announcements: Fixed and updated Center Screen Messages for Quests abandoned (this will now display the Icon for quest difficulty if the option is toggled on).
Version 5.03
  • Hopefully fixed an issue where using a set equipping addon such as AlphaGear would cause [Received] item displays to print out randomly.
  • Added "Raid Name Clip" slider in the UnitFrames Options, this allows you to clip the raid frame name manually in order to prevent it from overlapping with the HP display.
  • Fixed an issue where removing items from the Guild Bank would occasionally throw UI errors.
  • Added a debug message to fix an error where Crafting items with Crafted Loot Announcments on would sometimes throw errors. I'm still attempting to determine the cause of this, please notify me if you receive the error notification.

Version 5.02
  • Fixed an issue caused by the last hotfix that broke Buffs & Debuffs attaching to the custom unitframes.
  • Fixed an issue where Hide TARGET Buffs menu option was missing.

Version 5.01
  • Fixed an issue causing Tel Var Stone currency announcements to throw UI errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the addon did not load correctly for certain people.
Version 5.00

LUIE Base:
  • LUIE Chat Printing function has been updated, this option can be turned on to add timestamps to messages or help with compatibility issues with certain addons such as Social Indicators if you are also using pChat.
  • Chat Announcements and Buffs & Debuffs now have their own individual menus for easier use.
  • Improved functionality of existing commands.
  • Error returns from slash commands now also display a ZO Alert and play the generic error sound.
  • /regroup and /disband now return errors when attempted in LFG.
  • Updated /ginvite command syntax. Now format is /ginvite "#" "name."
  • Guild order is now indexed correctly, allowing all /g commands to work properly when guilds are left/joined without having to reload the UI.
  • New Command: /ignore "name"
  • New Command: /removeignore "name"
  • New Command: /friend "name"
  • New Command: /removefriend "name"
  • New Command: /leave - Leaves current group
  • New Command: /kick "name" - Kicks the target player if you are the group leader.
  • New Command: /votekick "name" - Initiates a votekick in LFG.
  • New Command: /gquit "#" - Quit guild # entered.
  • New Command: /gkick "#" "name" - Kicks the target player from guild # if you have permissions to do so.

Chat Announcements (Updates and Bugfixes):
  • Separate many Chat Announcement components into better categories and expanded options.
  • Updated and normalized strings for various CA functions to be more consistent, a long with fixing several broken strings.
  • Guild Messages now have the correct Alliance Icons.
  • Group Finder messages now display correctly for all players whether joining as a full group, partial group, or as an individual.
  • Fixed an issue where removing items from the mail could cause UI errors.
  • Fixed an issue where moving items around in the guild bank could cause UI errors.
  • Fixed several issues with context messages for mail, as well as fixing an error that would cause items to be falsely announced to the player if they attempted to loot and one or more items were unable to be looted due to lack of inventory space.
  • Justice confiscation messages reverted to display 1 item per line again - the multiline print from it was causing issues when enough items were removed at once.
  • Fixed several issues with currency announcement formatting - most importantly the total value will now correctly separate large numbers with commas (or relevant localization)
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing mount riding skill upgrades also printing a bag space upgrade message with both components active.
  • Fixed an issue where Achievement details were not displaying correctly in the Achievements component.
  • Show destroyed items and show confiscated items now also applies to EQUIPPED items.
  • Major update to Loot Announcements - Now looted items will be indexed and printed in a more accurate fashion. This means some odd events that didn't trigger a loot message before such as obtaining a ring of Mara, receiving loot from the Dark Brotherhood Supplier, or purchasing items from the Crown Store will now show a loot message.
  • Crafting Loot Announcements has been updated to now show better context specific messages based off the type of crafting you are performing (ex: Researching a item now shows as [Researched]).

Chat Announcements (New Components):
  • Quest Announcements: New category added with options to display quests being accepted/failed/abandoned with various additional options and POI discovery/completion options as well.
  • Group, Guild and Social Announcements have been split off from the misc menu and now have several addition sub options.
  • Loot Announcements: Added color options for [Context Specific] gain or loss messages for currency announcements.
  • Experience Announcements: Added option to show Level Icon if the "Total Level" setting is toggled on for experience gain.
  • Experience Announcements: Added option to display enlightened state changes.
  • Social Announcements: Added Dueling
  • Misc Announcements: Added option to display "Inventory is Full" messages.
  • Misc Announcements: Added Pledge of Mara
  • Misc Announcements: Added /stuck messages
  • Loot Announcements: New option to display when a COLLECTIBLE is unlocked.
  • Loot Announcements: Added toggle option to show when a lockpick is broken.
  • Loot Announcements: Added a new option to display when a disguise is equipped/unequipped.
  • Misc Announcements: Added new component for Disguises that displays a message when you enter/exit a DISGUISE state (entering/exiting the relevant area for the disguise). These messages are context specific based off the disguise.
  • Misc Announcements: Added new component for Disguises that displays a warning message and plays an alert sound when the player is near a Sentry NPC or performing suspicious activity.
  • NEW THROTTLE OPTIONS: Added a throttle (delays printing of gains) and a threshold option (prevents display of values under a certain value) for Gold/AP/TV gain in Combat to prevent spam.
  • Currency Announcements: Added an option to HIDE the display of Guild Trader posting fee gold loss. This is intended as an option for players using AGS (or any other addon that prints a message when an item is purchased from a Trader).
  • Group Announcements: Added invididual toggles for Group/LFG messages.

Buffs and Debuffs:
  • Added in icons and custom auras for several champion point passive effects that were missing them.
  • Removed pointless buff icons that display for ~100 ms from the Magicka and Stamina restore effects that are applied on the player when resurrected by another player.
  • Added icon for generic "melee snare" applied by players in PVP. Updated icon for ghost ability "Haunting Spectre."
  • Resurrection Immunity icon will now correctly display if the player relogs or reloads UI after dying and then resurrects.
  • PVP Support Line "Guard" ability added to the list of effects that display as "T" toggled.
  • Stealth icon now has a "T" toggled indicator.
  • Fixed broken links to Poison icons, poisons will now display correctly.
  • Updated categorical icon display toggle options to now hide icons for the player or target individually.
  • Toggle option added to show/hide BLOCK icon.
  • Toggle option added to show/hide Recall Cooldown indicator.
  • Toggle option added to show/hide Battle Spirit (individually from Cyrodiil buffs)
  • Toggle option added to show/hide ESO Plus Member icon
  • New toggle added to display DISGUISED state on the player or target.
  • Updated icons for Wild Hunt Crates - Momento Rewards and new poisons
  • Updated icons for XP Scrolls, Psijic Ambrosia, Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia
  • New icon added for Resurrection Immunity & Recall Cooldown
  • Added aura for Skyshard Collect and Mundus Stone use.
  • Added new toggleable display option for various collectibles - Mount, Non-Combat Pets, Assistants, Polymorphs, Skins, Costumes, and Hats. NOTE: These icons automatically adjust and hide each other when an effect is blocking another. For example wearing a polymorph will hide active Skins, Costumes, and Hats. Pets are automatically hidden in Cyrodiil as well.
  • Added new toggleable display for disguise equipped.

Unit Frames:
  • Updated code for resizing and positioning, names should now longer clip into icons on the player bar, and the target bar will no longer fail to shorten the name correctly.
  • Removed an unnecessary guild indexing function that was being used to display Guild Icons on unitframes (now using a far more lightweight solution). This will likely fix issues with the game hardlocking when running LUIE with Guild Notificators.
  • Raid frames now display HP value as well as % HP
  • Added toggleable option to display ROLE icon on party / raid frames.
  • Added toggleable option to color party / raid frames by ROLE.
Version 4.99f

  • Fixed a major error with the option to turn off the display of stamina/magicka bar labels or bar display. Now these features work as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the party leader name on group frames would clip into the other icons.
  • Fixed an annoying issue where weapon and armor trait crafting items, as well as style materials would display their trait/style.
  • Fixed an issue where withdrawing crafting materials from the guild bank was throwing UI errors (if you have a craft bag, the materials attempt to go into it).
  • Fixed an issue where removing an item from trade with items remaining in a later slot index would try to display the nonexistent item in the slot and throw an error.
  • Support added for CraftBagExtended to the Bank and Guild Bank announcements. (Limited support, some display issues when moving items between craft bag and bag during Bank transactions).
  • Fixed broken saved variables in LuiExtended.lua that affected the functionality of chat system settings.
  • Fixed the Chat Announcements toggle option to hide materials consumed by crafting - now items will be hidden with the option off, and displayed with the option on.
  • Something random caused a bag upgrade message to display for no reason with 0 upgrades purchased. I added a check to make sure the upgrade value is 1 or greater so this erroneous message should never display again.
  • Fixed a missing icon for Dwemer Spider "Overcharge" ability.
  • Fixed a missing icon for Resurrection Immunity and added a toggle option to show or hide this buff in Spell Cast Buff preferences.
  • Updated the ground tracking timer for Spear Shards to be more accurate since the Homestead patch cast time reduction.

Chat Announcements:
  • ADDED menu option to show items confiscated by a guard. This feature was implemented but missing the option to toggle it on.
  • Items received from deconstructing or items displayed from use when crafting now display in a single line separated by commas to conserve space.
  • Additionally, items confiscated by a guard now follow the single line separated by comma's format.
  • Added slider to filter out AP gain below X value (0-10000).
  • Added slider to filter out XP gain below X value (0-10000).
  • Added option to throttle XP from kills by up to 5 seconds.
  • Enhanced the XP printout function, now experience gains from Quests that also complete a world POI display both experience sources, with the correct relevant %.
  • New toggle option to display an icon for level up messages (normal level icon for normal levels, and relevant champion point for Champion Levels).
  • New toggle option to color the level display text based on the context of the level.
Buffs and Debuffs:
  • Added option to hide the display of target BUFFS.
  • Added option to hide the display of target DEBUFFS.
  • Added option to hide the display of GROUND buffs and debuffs.
  • Added an option to toggle the glow on ability bar icons on and off for active buffs.
  • Added an option to toggle the glow on ability bar icons on and off for active procs.
Unit Frames:
  • Replaced quest marker icon for the normal experience bar with normal level icon on UnitFrames.
  • Added % HP display to raid frames.
  • Adjusted critter HP label from "-critter-" to " - Critter - " -o something about this still bothers me. Any suggestions welcome. I tried making the bar blank but that looked odd as well.
  • Added an option to configure the % of HP in which the the enemy HP bar text label turns turn as well as the execute skull displays.

Version 4.99e
- Sending mail with Gold currency change announcements toggled on, but currency icons off will no longer throw a UI error from attempting to reference an invalid variable.
- Added a description of the SLASH COMMANDS available in LUI to the main Addon settings window.
- Fixed a minor issue where Costume items were being hidden by the Hide Trash chat announcements option.

Version 4.99d
- Fixed a silly oversight that caused groups of items looted from the mail to all share the icon of the first looted item. (Accidentally declared a variable as global instead of local).
- Fixed a double declaration of a variable in SpellCastBuffs.lua (shouldn't have effected anything, but just in case).

Version 4.99c
- Fixed an issue with raid frames where players going offline was throwing UI errors.
- Fixed a minor issue with raid frames that caused player names to clip into the OFFLINE label if present.
- The Unit Frames Champion XP bar now shows the correct value for completion toward the next level.
- Currency Change Reason 32 (AH Refund) now has a proper context message and will no longer display a debug message.
- Lockpick failure message no longer insults you :-D
- Grey quality clothing looted when stealing, as well as disguises looted are no longer considered trash when the filter option for hiding Trash items is toggled on.
- Disguises have been added into the show prominent loot setting.
- Show only prominent items option no longer unintentionally applies to items received in the mail.
- Made some changes to further integrate the mail components with one another - this should hopefully stop UI errors from being thrown occasionally.

Version 4.99b
- Fixed MAJOR issue with debuffs not displaying on the player.
- Added separate Player Buff, Player Debuff, Target Buff, and Target Debuff containers when you toggle the Hard-Lock position to Unit Frames option off. This allows you to have separate buff/debuff frames without using the LUI player & target frames.
- Enhanced Party Frames to update more consistently when party members go offline.
- Added a toggle option under Buffs and Debuffs to turn off the icon display for Sprint/Gallop
- Added a toggle option in Chat Announcements to turn off default string enhancements. This was added as a request due to the lack of other localization support currently. I recommend using this setting otherwise unless you are experiencing some sort of conflict with another addon.
- Added a toggle option to complete turn off the Chat Announcements component.
- Fixed an issue that was causing an error to generate when editing settings in the Chat Announcements loot component.

Version 4.99a
- File size decreased significantly, previously I had accidentally included various GitHub repository files in the directory.
- Fixed an issue with debuffs not refreshing correctly when changing targets.
- Fixed an issue with the /regroup command not displaying names correctly and trying to reinvite before the group was disbanded. (Please let me know if you experience issues with this still!)
- Added a toggle option for social notifications (friend/ignore list messages)

Version 4.99
Overall Changes
- Added new Slash commands: /home, /disband, /regroup, ginvite1,2,3,4,5.
- Updated options for any messages LUI prints to chat. By default messages are no longer printed to system chat by default. This functionality was intended to allow players using pChat to take advantage of pChat's feature to preserve messages in chat between sessions.
- Timestamp now has more options and the color now matches that of pChat.
- Reorganized the folder structure of the addon, as well as updated Addon libraries.

Combat Info
- Fixed an issue with Ultimate % values not correctly updating outside of combat when swapping weapons.

Buffs and Debuffs
- Adjusted buffs and debuffs component for the new API changes, now players will only be able to see self applied or pet applied debuffs, as well as major/minor category debuffs.
- Updated Major and Minor debuffs to use the new Zenimax icons added to the game in Homestead NOTE: if you prefer the old buff icons, you can download an optional patch here. Extract effects.lua to LuiExtended\modules.
- Implemented horizontal container orientation for long term effects.
- Updated a number of buffs that display a green highlight on the ability bar while their duration is active.
- Updated the duration of ground tracking effects to be more accurate based on cast time. There is still some work to do here.
- Added a significant amount of new icons for player effects - Potions, poisons, food, experience consumables, momentos, and weapon enchants.
- Added a significant amount of new icons for NPC abilities, as well as updating icons for certain player passives, champion point passives with active components, etc..
- Many placeholder icons used by abilities or NPC abilites have been updated.
- Implemented new "fake" buff tracking to display a buff/debuff for effects that normally do not show one in the base game. This includes the weapon and spell damage weapon enchant procs.
- Utilized new "fake" buff option to make a far more accurate display of Stagger effects on players and NPC's. Now for example, when a heavy attack from an NPC is blocked, the stagger effect should appear to smoothly transition into a stun as the mob staggers backwards.
- Altered a significant amount of NPC abilities and quest based buffs and debuffs to correctly display as a buff or debuff if they were not previously, as well as hid multiple useless debuffs that provided no useful feedback to the player.
- Corrected errors with various ability name inconsistency to provide a more polished experience. Renamed the Ability ID for weapon medium attacks so they now properly display as "Medium Attack."
NOTE: Buffs and debuff changes will also apply to Combat Cloud in the future, as well as support Combat Metrics!

Chat Announcements
Misc Announcements
- Added option to choose method of name display printed to chat for players - Character Name, Display Name, or both.
- Added option to print Group Event messages to chat - Leaving/joining a group, disbanding, queueing, ready checks, votekicks.
- Added option to print Trade Event messages to chat - Trade invitation and success/cancellation.
- Added option to print Mail Event messages to chat - Mail sent, received, or deleted.
- Added option to print Guild notifications to chat - Invites, members leaving, as well as rank changes.
- Added option to display a message when Bag/Bank space upgrades are purchased, as well as Riding Skill Upgrades
- Added option to display a notification when lockpick attempts succeed or fail.
- Added option to display a message when gold or items are confiscated by a guard.
Currency Announcements
- Expanded option to display currency changes for Gold, AP, Tel Var Stones, and Writ Vouchers with multiple options for customization.
- Multiple options for currency color, method of display, and syntax are available.
Loot Announcements
- Updated option to display items looted - with the option to filter certain items, as well as show notible items looted by group members.
- Added option to display inventory changes from selling or buying at a vendor or laundering at a fence.
- Added option to display inventory changes from depositing or withdrawing from the bank.
- Added option to display inventory changes from sending and receiving mail.
- Added option to display inventory changes from trading.
- Added option to display inventory changes from crafting items - with an optional setting to show materials that are consumed.
- Added option to display when items are destroyed.
- Added option to display the Armor Type, Trait, and Style of an item.
- New option to MERGE the results of inventory changes with currency changes where applicable.
Experience Announcements
- Significantly overhauled the experience component - now allows the display of experience gain and levelups. With options for formatting, and the ability to toggle the display of experience gain in combat.

Unit Frames
- Added the ability to individually control the size of custom Magic and Stamina bar.
- Added the ability to hide the Magicka or Stamina bar labels, or hide the bars entirely.
- Updated the icons on unit frames to be more consistent, as well as replaced the execute skull texture.
- Added option to choose method of name display for player targets - Character Name, Display Name, or both.

Version 4.35
- Buff: Added Magicka Bomb to Debuffs re-adjusted some vMOL debuffs and replaced rending slashes with the actual icon instead of the bleed tick icon.

Version 4.30
- Unit Frames: Fixed smooth transition
- Transition from Veteran ranks to Champion points after 50*
- Buff: Fixed issues with black box on buffs and added vMOL buffs
- Bug fixes

Version 4.14
- Unit Frames: Added option to display shield bar as separate from health
- Unit Frames: Added option to shorten numbers from 12,345 to 12.3k
- Bug fixes

Version 4.13
- Info Panel: added option to disable colouring of FPS/Latency
- Unit Frames: Fixed small misalignment in raid group when having more then 1 column and spacing enabled
- Unit Frames: Added configuration option to set custom transparency when In-Combat

Version 4.12
- Added 13 fonts from Combat Cloud addon; added optional dependency on LMP library to theoretically fetching more fonts from other addons that uses that library. You can select those new fonts in Unit Frames module. No additional fonts for Combat Info module yet
- Lots of various minor and not changes all over the addon code

Version 4.11
- Only API version bump. Everything seems to work without any further changes. Not really tested much though.

Version 4.10
- Buffs: added back timer on Vampire Stage 1-3 buff on player
- Various fixes here and there; typos

Version 4.9
- Buffs: added option to manually select direction of sorted buffs (LtR vs RtL)
- CombatLog: to log incoming debuffs events
- DamageMeter: added logic to count how many actual mobs were damaged

Version 4.8.a
- CombatLog: added option to adjust combat log font size manually

Version 4.8
- CombatInfo: added 'Cleanse Now!' alert
- CombatLog: added more colours to messages and increased font size by 1
- CombatLog: added option to auto-focus corresponding chat tab during combat
- CombatLog: added option to save last 20 messages during logout

Version 4.7
- CombatInfo: changed back the default (for new installations) cloud-like floating text
- CombatInfo: added options to filter out healing and dots events (in- and out-)
- CombatInfo: added more colouring to cloud-like floating labels when damage-dependent colouring option is on
- UnitFrames: fixed smooth target health bar transition on target change

Version 4.6
- Info Panel: fixed IC trophies panel items
- UnitFrames: added smooth transition effect to custom bars (can be disabled in menu)
- Buffs: filtered out _some_ effects, that come usually (f.e. boundless storm, volatile armor, combat prayer)

Version 4.5
- Combat Log: (new) added as a part of Damage Meter module.
- Buffs: fixed issue when buffs were disappearing on character death
- Scrolling combat text: added option to drop some events if queue is getting too long
- Info Panel: added 3rd row (off by default) to track IC trophies
- Various minor fixes and optimizations

Version 4.4
- Buffs: re-added option for cooldown UI element on short buffs icons.
- Buffs: added option to select in what format to display remaining numbers ("%.1f" vs "%.2d")
- Various fixes in other modules

Version 4.3
- Buffs: added option to change font on icons
- Buffs: re-implemented option to split players buffs into 2 windows (short/long). The alignment of long buffs as of now fixed to be vertical.

Version 4.2-beta
- Damage meter: added abilities icons into full damage details window
- Buffs: re-added manual tracking of effects whose information is not provided by API (Negate, Liquid Lighting, Runes, etc).
- Known issue: manual tracking of ground-targeted skills from time to time wrongly triggers creation of custom buff icon when the use of the skill was canceled

Version 4.1-beta
- Various fixes in all modules
- Buffs: First part of reworked Buffs/Effects tracking. Some work is still required

Version 4.0-beta
- Updated all modules for new ESO API
- Combat Info: updated scrolling text to include more skill names.
- Buffs/Debuffs: currently being refactored to work better with new API. Most of the core functionality is present, but it requires more patching and testing.

Version 3.10
- Custom Unit Frames: added another target frame which will display only PvP targets
- Combat Info: tweaked a little existing cloud-like floating labels
- Combat Info: added completely new scrolling text labels. You can switch between existing and new ones, or you can have both of them (though a bit unpractical)

Version 3.9
- Long-term buffs: added option to enable buff icons only for player and not for target
- Custom Unit Frames: Player and Target bars width can be controlled independently
- Custom Unit Frames: Added label to display current anchored position of frames when they are unlocked.

Version 3.8
- Default Unit Frames Extender: added option to change overlay labels colour
- Ultimate Generation Tracking was moved to Combat Info module. Not it will display glowing texture under Ultimate skill button

Version 3.7
- Fixed Achievement reporting on French clients
- Changed icons on Damage Meter mini panel
- Added option to force ChampionXP display for v1-v13 characters

Version 3.6
- Damage Meter: added graph plot feature
- Fixed several minor bugs

Version 3.5
- Long-term effects: added Crystal Fragment Proc to ignored buffs. Now this effect is tracked only in Short-term buffs module
- Chat Announcement: added achievement tracking routines (disabled by default)

Version 3.4
- Custom Unit Frames: added option for shield bar to be full-height instead of default half-height one
- Custom Unit Frames: added option for target frame to show large skull texture when target should be executed (enabled by default)
- Short-term buffs: Stealth custom buff icon is now optional and can be disabled via settings menu

Version 3.3
- Default Unit Frames: changed default font to be consistent with other default UI elements; added options to customize this font
- Default Unit Frames: added Friend/Ignore/Guild icon to default UI small group frames
- Custom Unit Frames: changed left label on target control for critter units. Now it will read as "-critter-" instead of default "9 / 9" health values. Right label will be hidden for critters

Version 3.2
- Unit Frames: Friend/Ignore icon is now Friend/Ignore/Guild, i.e. it will track now if player is if one of your guilds
- Unit Frames: this Friend/Ignore/Guild was added to Custom Small Group frames and Default Target frame to the right of unit name
- Custom Unit Frames: changed position of Leader icon on Custom Small Group frames
- Custom Unit Frames: added options NOT to sort raid size group alphabetically and to add small vertical spacers for every 4 raid members. This way the ordering and grouping of members _should_ correspond to default UI one, though it was not well tested
- Combat Info: added EXPERIMENTAL option to Throttle (group similar) damage and heals events

Version 3.1
- Custom Unit Frames: revised group update code to solve (hopefully) short freezes during raids
- Damage Meter: changed mini-panel default backdrop texture
- Damage Meter: added option to make it completely transparent
- Damage Meter: added option to hide combat time label and have only 3 other visible

Version 3.0
- Custom Unit Frames: fixed issue with experience bar for vr1-vr13 players (I hope so)
- Custom Unit Frames: added IsFriend/IsIgnored icon to target frame
- Short-term buffs: added option to change alignment of icons within holding container
NEW: Chat Announcement Module.
- Prints to chat information on Looted items, Gold and XP changes, Group events.

Version 2.15
- Short-term buffs: updated code for spell activation detection. This should help with ground-targeted spells.
- Custom Unit Frames:
- - Added separate options to display experience bar and Mount/Siege/WW
- - Added option to set colour of ChampionXP bar according to champion point being earned; changed textures of champion point.
- - Size of this alternative bar will now scale with size of the font used

Version 2.14
- Info Panel: added option to change panel scale. This should help on screens with large resolution
- Short-term buffs: rewritten potion tracking algorithms, added passive skill effects tracking
- Short-term buffs: added code to remove 'Mines' target debuff on first activation. This relates to Fire Rune and Daedric Mines

Version 2.13
- Combat Info: rewritten UI part of module. Now different floating text areas are unlockable and movable
- Ultimate Tracking: added option not to hide %% value when > 100%
- Info Panel: added option to toggle information parts to display
- Short-term buffs: added custom "stealth" buff icon

Version 2.12
- Unit Frames: Increased maximum font and sizes of frames, optimized layout for extra large sizes
- Unit Frames: Experience alternative bar will show ChampionXP only for level cap players. For vr1-vr13 it will continue to show your veteran rank progress
- Combat Info: Experience floating text will take account Enlightened buff for vr14 players, i.e. the numbers displayed will relate to ChampionXP instead of raw one
- Long-term effects: added option to hide Cyrodiil buffs
- Short-term buffs: added "toggle" texture for skills: Surge, Momentum and Entropy

Version 2.11
- Unit Frames: Fixed issue that prevented frames to be unlocked for moving
- Ultimate Tracking is merged into Combat Info module
- Damage Meter: Finally completed code to display full damage statistics. Credits goes to FTC: in my version just the layout is a bit different; the code co collect statistics is almost identical to FTC one. To display statistics you can setup key binding or click on fight time label on damage meter mini panel

Version 2.10
- Short-term buffs: Added (optional) in-combat ultimate gain icon
- Combat Info: Added (optional) floating text for interruption and stunned effects as well as miss and reflected events

Version 2.9
- Added Bosses encounter separate frames. When you are in dungeon and near Boss zone, new frame will appear and show current status of up to 6 bosses as thought by game API

Version 2.8
- Added option to display target players class as a text label (disabled by default)
- Added feature to blink player power bars when you are out of power
- Optimized inventory lookup code in Info Panel, so it safely ignores game flooding of evens when you are caught stealing by the guard
- Adjusted a little timing settings for small floating labels in Combat Info module

Version 2.7a
- Added option to enable each component in default and custom frames independently of each other
- Added new option for name colouring for Friendly Players targets
- Fixed bug introduced in previous release
- Added Proc animation over ActionBar slot for Crystal Fragments passive

Version 2.6 - Custom Frames fixes
- Added options to change all sizes of player and target custom frames
- Many bugfixes and improvements

Version 2.5 - Custom Frames fixes
- Added option to disable alternative bar on player custom frame
- Added options to change all sizes on group and raid custom frames
- Adjusted the way visuals are displayed on player and target frames
- Many bugs were fixed and a lot of code optimized

Version 2.4 - Custom Frames fixes
- Added option to disable default target frames when default unit frames extender is not used
- Added option to exclude yourself from small group custom frames
- Added new visuals for increased/decreased armor and increased power on player and target frames (optional)

Version 2.3
- Bug fixes to previous release
- Added option to disable default player frames when default unit frames extender is not used
- Added Small Group Custom frames.

Version 2.2 - new Unit Frames:
Combat Info:
- added option to select font sizes for scrolling text
- changed routing for outgoing healing
- added option to colour outgoing damage according to damage type
NEW: Custom Unit Frames.
- Contains previous Default Unit Frames Externder module
- Provides new Custom Frames for Player, Target, (Raid)Group
- Allows to lock position of short-term buffs and debuffs to corresponding unit frames

Version 2.1:
- Added option to select between 3 font families for floating combat text
- Added display of attributes drained/energized events
- Minor fixes to buff tracking modules

Version 2.0:
- API version bump 100011
- Dropped CrystalFragmentProc module, as now API provides needed info
- Rewritten Short-term buffs module is the same way as FTC was modified
- Default Unit Frames module now put commas into long numbers
- Updates to colouring of reticle.

Version 1.19 - pre Update 6:
- Updated LAM to r17
- Added compatibility code to mount feed timer, so it does not give error on PTS
- Added new manual "Recall" long term effect timer
- In CombatInfo module: the previously queued areas now display numbers as they appear in game events

Version 1.18:
- Added combat status "In/Out Of Combat" alert (disabled by default)
- Bug fixes in Default Unit Frames module, related to group member shields

Version 1.17:
- Added option to disable all icons in Combat Info module
- Code cleanup in some other modules

Version 1.16: ( failed to upload )
- Added more combat tips alerts, rewritten corresponding settings menu
- Added weapon charges tracking into Info Panel

Version 1.15:
- Fixes for previous release
- Added option to menu to actually switch on and off Combat Tips alerts
- Changed default font for Combat Alerts

Version 1.14:
- NEW: Alerts for active combat tips in Combat Info module
- NEW: Group Members class icons in Default Unit Frames extender module

Version 1.13:
- NEW: Damage Meter is enabled by default now
- Player class now properly position without gap left to target level
- More missing icons for synergies and weapon enchantments

Version 1.12:
- NEW: Displays player class icon for current target
- More missing icons for sorc pets and lightning staff

Version 1.11:
- Added some missing icons for floating text damage in Combat Info module
- Added option to change color of reticle according to target reaction in Default Unit Frames module

Version 1.10:
- Default Unit Frames module now displays health and shield numerical values for small group members

Version 1.9.2:
- Minor tweaks to Combat Info Module
- Again commented out Damage Meter.

Version 1.9.1:
- Updated to add more options to Default Unit Frames module

Version 1.9:
- NEW: Default Unit Frames Extender module
- NEW: Long-term Effects Tracker
- Minor updater here and there

Version 1.8:
- Added tracking of used potions into Shot-Time Buffs module
- Rewritten localization module. Full localization for German and French game clients

Version 1.7:
- More customization of how short-time buffs looks
- Adjustments to Combat Info module, so floating text will be more spread on screen

Version 1.6:
- Reworked settings menu
- NEW: (optional) Fadeout expiring buffs icons (disabled by default)
- Minor bug fixes here and there

Version 1.5a:
- Info Panel can be unlocked via settings and moved to desired position on screen

Version 1.5:
- NEW: Prints to chat name of player who has joined and left your group
- Added vampire feeding 5.5-seconds buff icon

Version 1.4:
- Added routines to create 10-seconds Resurrection Immunity buff on player when the soul gem is used to revive
- Some adjustments to spells timing table

Version 1.3:
- Code optimization in InfoPanel
- Added proper icon to UltimateReady alert
- Added several missing translations of spells

Version 1.2:
- Partial localization. Though some of the abilities names are still missing
- New feature: low health/magicka/stamina alert
- Proper handling of Burning effect from EVENT_COMBAT_EVENT to display 4-seconds debuff on target
- Code optimization

Version 1.1:
- Proper handling of ground targeted abilities
- Removal of shield short-time buffs when shield disappears before expiration time
- Removal of buffs and debuffs when player or target dies

Version 1.0:
- Initial release
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Unread Today, 12:44 PM  
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You can re-enable default frames here:

Originally Posted by Tiara Ra
Hmm okay, so I guess what happened is two Champion Point gained events somehow fired at the exact same time which caused this to happen. That's how I had to replicate it by debugging.

I can put a short throttle on it to stop it from doing that - but my question is - did you only gain 2 CP there, or did you actually gain 3?
Last edited by ArtOfShred : 11/13/18 at 01:00 PM.
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Unread Today, 03:20 AM  
Tiara Ra

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PC EU, GM "Pride Inc" PvP/AD/Sotha
Recruting now
Last edited by Tiara Ra : 11/13/18 at 03:22 AM.
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Unread Today, 01:42 AM  

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Unit frames lost

Hi mate,

first a big ty for your great work.

After installing 5.71 this morning all my unit frames are gone - do i have to activate any new setting i miss ?

Went back to 5.61 for th moment and all is fine again.

Thx for any hint

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Unread Today, 01:04 AM  

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hello. after update i lost my target frame and my player frame, they are all gone and i can't seem to get them back :/
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Unread Today, 08:56 PM  
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Originally Posted by ezchunka
After update I lost my target health frame, and cant seem to get it back. I tried enabling default frame, too, and it wont let me. When I do, and reload UI, it goes right back to disabled. Am I missing something?
Nah I messed something up. I'm not sure exactly why it's not holding value on reloading either. Hmm. I'll upload a fix here shortly, thank you for reporting this!

EDIT: Found the issue, I'll have an update out shortly.

EDIT: Update is out to fix this issue.
Last edited by ArtOfShred : 11/13/18 at 12:27 AM.
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Unread Today, 07:35 PM  

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After update I lost my target health frame, and cant seem to get it back. I tried enabling default frame, too, and it wont let me. When I do, and reload UI, it goes right back to disabled. Am I missing something?
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Unread Yesterday, 04:04 PM  
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Alright the update is live!

Thanks everyone for your patience with the delays for this update. I'll do my best to get API updates and fixes out for each Game Update in a more timely manner in the future!
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Unread 11/10/18, 07:50 PM  
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Getting close to an update release - should be within the next few days. Just picking at various things checking for bugs and making sure I haven't missed anything reported in comments/pms/etc over the last few months.
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Unread 11/10/18, 03:22 PM  

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possible to show skill panel if im dead, please?
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Unread 11/08/18, 10:23 PM  
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Originally Posted by jizlerq
What part of LUI is giving me a chat read out of my DPS to target dummy? I was unaware this addon had any code in it for this function...
That's part of the base game as far as I know. After you un-engage a Target Dummy you get a DPS printout in chat.
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Unread 11/08/18, 06:21 PM  

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What part of LUI is giving me a chat read out of my DPS to target dummy? I was unaware this addon had any code in it for this function...
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Unread 11/07/18, 05:47 AM  
Tiara Ra

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Can u make 1 more cosmetic change? It possible change color on default player bar as on screen?
I dont want install 1 more addon for so little changes. Ty!
PC EU, GM "Pride Inc" PvP/AD/Sotha
Recruting now
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Unread 11/03/18, 10:37 AM  
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Originally Posted by TootY
Any way to get the original Proc Sound back with Crystal Frags?
Wasn't aware it was missing but I assume maybe the ID was changed in one of the recent patches. I'll definitely address it in the next update.

EDIT: I've fixed this on the GitHub build among many other things. Still working on getting an update out soon. Just various little things I'm working on before I do so.
Last edited by ArtOfShred : 11/06/18 at 12:14 PM.
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Unread 11/03/18, 06:06 AM  

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Any way to get the original Proc Sound back with Crystal Frags?
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Unread 11/03/18, 12:33 AM  

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Not able to hide default Group/Raid frames

I am not able to hide the default frames. They randomly appear over the LUI frames, usually after a loading screen or something like that. I have selected to use the Extender frame for the Group frames and I haven't found any options for the default raid frames. Either way they are both overlapping the LUI frames
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