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Endless Archive (9.2.5)
base-game patch (9.1.5)
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Created:08/10/22 08:47 AM
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UA Patch for Tamriel Trade Centre
Version: 1.0ua
by: w2unemdhysend, cyxui

First, I do not own the rights to this add-on in any way, a link to the wonderful creator of original add-on.
cyxui | Tamriel Trade Centre
Second, this add-on is created specifically to work with | EsoUA Ukrainian Localization Project |
  • Цей додаток створено, як патч до проєкту, посилання на який знаходиться вище. Якщо бажаєте допомогти з перекладом, долучайтеся до нашої спільноти, докладніше на сторінці локалізації.
  • This Add-On was created as a patch to the project, link to which is above.

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logs from the fork that was created for the needs of the Polish version of eso. The same error is in the ua version. The developer of ttc has already fixed these bugs.

TamrielTradeCentre.lua:432: function expected instead of nil
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentrePLPatch/TamrielTradeCentre.lua:432: in function 'RequestAllOldStoreHistory'
user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentrePLPatch/TamrielTradeCentre.lua:651: in function 'TamrielTradeCentre:Init'
user:/AddOns/TamrielTradeCentre/TamrielTradeCentre.lua:794: in function 'OnAddOnLoaded'`
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