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Wolfhunter (4.1)
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Zolan's Junk Handler  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.18
by: zolan, Harven
NOTE: Zolan has passed ownership onto Harven for future updates.

What does it do?

This addon will mark junk items as junk.

Defining junk items as:
  • Trash items. The stuff that says it is only good for selling to vendors. The icky stuff. The stuff you don't want. [Enabled by default]
  • Ornate items that are +% gold to sell to vendor. [Disabled by default]
  • Icky food (Stale, Congealed, etc food) [Disabled by default]
  • Items you have manually marked as junk. [Disabled by default and SHOULD BE USED WITH CAUTION]
  • More options in future updates.

It can also destroy your junk for you based on certain rules. Keep in mind that once destroyed it is gone so use this at your own risk. I've not had anyone using the destroy feature tell me that something went wrong but you have been warned.
  • Destroy items that have been marked as junk and have a 0g sell value. [DANGEROUS add Disabled by default]
  • Destroy items that have a sell value less than or equal to a specified value on a 1-50 slider. [DANGEROUS and Disabled by default]
  • When considering the sell value, you can set it to use the price of an individual item [DEFAULT] or the price of the entire stack.
  • Destroy items X seconds after looting them. [1-60 seconds. 30 Seconds by default]
  • Do not destroy if stack is greater than a specified value on a slider from 1-50. [Enabled By Default and slider set to 1]

There is a config setting that I put in there because it has been requested but I honestly don't recommend you use it. It is the "THE SUPER INSANE DO NOT TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT DESTROYING STUFF AND JUST DO IT" setting [Disabled by Default]

And then will sell your junk upon visiting a vendor automatically. There are settings on how this is reported to you in chat.

It will also periodically scan your bags for junk (enabled by default) in case, due to a crash or any other number of bugs in the game, it forgets that things were marked as junk.

Most aspects of it are configurable so install it and enjoy!

What are the future plans?

Most of this list was given to me in the comments section by choekstr. Thank you for the great list!
  • Add a hotkey to junk stuff.
  • Add item quality junking feature.

Long term I may try to add the suggestion of: Create escalation based on the number of free slots but this is a long term goal and may never happen.

Known Issues:

As of v0.95 there are no 'known' issues. But there is a new super dangerous feature that you should use with extreme caution. I can't say that enough.

Donation Hall Of Fame!

These people have donated gold to Zolan! (This list encompasses all donations from all of my addons.)
  • choekstr - 11,000 gold! Yeah... The comma is in the right place. At one time this was the largest donation out there. Since then Awesomebilly got a donation for 15,000 so now I await a rich fan to make me #1 again. Aside from the donation choekstr has given me tons of ideas for features to add to my addons as well as inspring a couple addons.
  • Guardianrule - 500 gold! My very first donation I ever received. Sooooo nice to be appreciated for the amount of time I've put into making my addons for you guys!!!!
  • ironllama - 500 gold! And another! You guys are friggin' awesome! Makes me feel like addon writing is worth it and helping people!
  • jchudz - 500 gold! And another! Really happy that people enjoy my work!
  • luizterra23 - 2,000 gold! And another! I am a happy man!
  • Greiger - 2,000 gold! Just when I thought the well was dried up... WOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Caeric - 1,000 gold! And again!

Who is Zolan thankful to?

This isn't everyone that has helped but this is the major players that I'd like to call out.
  • Garkin - This addon was originally completely inspired by Garkin's Dustman addon. I used that addon for some time. I was having fun making addons so I figured I'd re-invent his addon and then I started adding my own features, but it still remains that Garkin's Dustman was the inspiration behind this addon.
  • The Arcane Scripters Guild - These guys are amazing. Too many to list them all specifically. I love being able to be part of the gang. Thanks guys!
  • Seerah - For various libraries, and ZAM Notebook which is an amazing tool for many reasons. Oh, and generally being a guru.
  • Iriel - For many things: Giving me the idea for the bag caching so I could track when an item was marked as junk by a user. Giving me the idea for icky food.
  • choekstr - Giving me an amazing set of ideas to make this addon better for everyone else.
  • Jcline9677 - For giving a similar idea to Iriel's idea that lead me to an idea that let me do stuff smarter than I was originally trying to do.
  • YOU - That's right. Thank you for using the addon! Seeing the number of downloads and favorites encourages me to do more work.

My Other Addons:

All of my addons are intended to be used together, so if you like one, you might want to install others. Here's the list.

Zolan's Chat Notifications - Makes audio queues on incoming chat that you don't want to miss. It is extremely configurable. Please give it a try.
Zolan's Junk Handler - Handles nearly everything you could hope for when it comes to junk. Including, tracking user junk marking and repeating it. Marking certain things like ornate items or 'icky food'. Then selling all junk upon visiting a vendor. It even has the ability to destroy junk under certain conditions. You really should give it a shot. It is, in my biased yet honest opinion, a pretty darn good addon.
Zolan's Auto Repair - Automatic repairing of your gear upon visiting a vendor.
Zolan's Slash Commands - A couple handy slash commands for doing stuff.
Zolan's Anchors Away - Blocks that annoying 'Too many anchors processed.' error. It is kind of like cold medicine. It doesn't fix the problem, it just makes the symptoms go away.

Final Notes:

If you have ideas of features you'd like to see added, post them in the comments. I keep my addons very specific so any ideas will need to be along the lines of marking stuff as junk and/or auto selling stuff.

If you have an idea for a 'hopefully' simple quality of life addon you'd like added to my suite send me a private message on the site. Keep in mind that I prefer my addons to do one thing and do it well.

-- Zolan
Updated for new API,
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r26,

Updated for new API,
Upgraded LibStub to 1.0 r4
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r24,

Updated for new API,
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r23,

Updated for new API.

Updated for new API,
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r22,
Fixed item slots indexing starting at 1 instead of 0 (in two places) - thanks BloodyRain2k :)

Updated for new API,
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r21.

Updated for new API.
The addon will automatically sell stolen items marked as junk at fence (if "Sell Junk Items Automatically" option is enabled).

Fixed occasional ui error when entering the game having some junk items not marked as junk.

Updated for new API.

Changed items link style to default, thanks BigMons.

Updated for new API,
Fixed UI exception when switching "Mark Worthless Weapons And Armor" option (again :))

Updated for new API,
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r18

Fixed UI exception when switching "Mark Worthless Weapons And Armor" option.

Updated for the new API changes,
Settings panel converted to LAM-2.0

New option in "Manage Junk Marking Settings" options menu called "Mark Worthless Weapons And Armor". When enabled all white quality weapons and armor worth 0 gold and without any trait will be marked as junk.

Updated for the new API changes,
Updated LAM-1.0 to the patched version - thanks Garkin!

Updated for the new API changes.

Changed the version number.

Updated for the new API changes.

NEW METHOD OF SELLING: This addon now has the option (default) to sell each junk item individually instead of calling ZOS' SellAllJunk() function which seems to sometimes lock up your game or crash it altogether. (Read with anger, frustration and disgust). There is an option in the Sell submenu that allows you to revert back to ZOS way of handling it.
There is also a new setting that allows you to specify the amount of time to wait between sells. Anywhere from 0ms to 250ms (default 10ms)
I have a feeling this will fix the problem. Thanks to CGT_400 for the suggestion.

Updated for new API.
Tiny backend changes.

Fixed a really dumb small error that if you turned on debugging you could never turn it off. Whoops. :D

NEW FEATURE: Send your output messages to a different chat tab. NOTE(S): This does not affect the very first 'loaded' message you get. It will always be on the main chat tab. Any further messages will go to the specified tab. For now you have to type the name of the tab in the settings. I didn't make a dropdown or anything. I didn't test having spaces or special characters in the tab names so if it doesn't work, try something simple. If, somehow, it doesn't match EXACTLY, it will default back to sending the message to your current tab. Drop me a line on the author portal if you are having any issues with this new feature.
Hefty changes in the backend code but all to make adding features even easier in the future.

Updated LibAddonMenu to fix 2 small submenu issues.

Updated for the new API changes.

NEW FEATURE: Audio notifications for when an item is marked as junk or marked to be destroyed (2 separate sounds)
NEW FEATURE: When deciding if you will destroy based on price, you now have an option to base the price check on the individual unit price of an item [DEFAULT and original behavior] or on the price of the entire stack.
NEW FEATURE: Added the ability to not destroy any stacks larger than X, where X is defined by a slider that goes from 1 - 50. This is enabled by default and set to 1. THIS BEHAVIOR IS DIFFERENT THAN 1.3 AND EARLIER, SO OLD-TIMERS WILL NEED TO ADJUST THEIR SETTINGS IF THEY WANT IT TO WORK THE OLD WAY.
USERS: As always, please take great care in using the destroy options. ESPECIALLY new options as there is only so much testing I can do. Every scenario I could think of, I tested and it seemed to work as advertised but be careful anyway. :D Thanks for sticking with me!

Nothing too exciting. I revamped the config screens of my 3 biggest addons (the other 2 tomorrow probably). They had been taking up a ridiculous amount of vertical space and the thought of adding more features and making that list made me sick. Now they are much nicer. Check 'em out.

Removed 'Old' as an icky food prefix because of Old Kindlepitch. (Thanks Iriel)

NEW FEATURE: A slider to let you control how long to wait before destroying an item. You have the choice between 1 second and 60 seconds.
NEW FEATURE: A super crazy insane option to not notify you at all when it is destroying stuff. Zolan does NOT recommend using this feature but it has been requested strongly by some users so I have put it in. I understand that the addon spams the crap out of you but that is generally for your own good. This puts 100% faith that my addon will work flawlessly and though I have never had a problem and I'm very careful, bugs do happen... So you are warned.

Mainly a version bump to 1.0 and a change to the way it prints your receipt upon selling junk. It actually doesn't change the output, but it makes it so that it won't conflict with my new auto repair addon.

NEW FEATURE: Defaulted to off, it lets you set a slider from 1 to 10 and it will auto destroy junk that has a gold value of that number or lower.
Cleaned up the addon menu quite a bit so it isn't so hideous.
Fixed a small bug that was stripping the 'h' off of items that began with an 'h'. D'oh!
Backend cleanups. (Not like wiping one's toosh. Like awesomerizing the code that makes everything work.)

Accidentally didn't actually release 0.9... Sorry...

Changed the way chat output works so it makes slightly less noise while still informing you of stuff. No matter what it will ALWAYS inform you if it is going to destroy something. It just combines 2 output lines into 1 when possible.
Bug fix for what I 'think' was Qwynn's lua error.

NEW FEATURE: Defaulted to off, it will destroy items marked as junk that have a 0 gold value. Read the full notes. This should be used with EXTREME caution. Once an item is destroyed, it is gone. Be absolutely sure you want to take a gamble that there are no bugs in my code. I will not be claiming that I am perfect.
I did a HUGE rewrite and the code, though not slow before is much much much more optimized and organized. Adding new features should be a lot easier now.

NEW FEATURE: Defaulted to off, it can now auto junk 'icky food' which are the Old, Stale, Congealed, Flat, etc items.
Fixed a small bug that could cause the bag scan to falsely assume that an item was marked as junk by a user.
Changed the way I track user junked items on the backend and made the change 'hopefully' seamless to the user.

NEW FEATURE: Defaulted to off, it will now track when you manually mark something as junk and continue to automatically mark said things as junk until you unmark that item as junk. USE THIS WITH CAUTION.
Tons of changes on the backend to support this new feature.
Your config settings will be reset due to this huge change. (sorry)

NEW FEATURE: Defaulted to on, it will now periodically scan your backpacks for items that should be junk and are not and marks them as junk. This can happen when you've marked something as junk and then disconnect. When you get back, the item is no longer marked as junk and, prior to this feature, you would have to mark it as junk manually or sell it manually.
Fixed a dumb bug that even if you set the addon settings to disable the addon, it still did whatever it wanted. It will now obey that option.

NEW FEATURE: Added the ability to mark Ornate items as junk.
Fixed a huge dumb problem that cause this addon to only work when Zolan's Chat Notifications was also installed. This can now be independent.
A LOT of backend changes.

Small text changes.
Small backend changes.

Initial Release.
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Unread 02/04/23, 07:22 AM  

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nice, but room for improvement

Great addon. Could use a couple tweaks though. For one, I've noticed when I change characters, I have to mark stuff as junk all over again for each character. It'd be nice if once I mark an item as junk for one, it's junk for all. Of course, I'm noticing this because of all the "Treasure" items I'm getting in the event. It would be great if I could just mark Treasure items as junk by default. It's not like I can accidentally sell stolen treasure to a normal merchant, and I'm not destroying anything by default.
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Unread 10/04/22, 05:38 PM  

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There are no options/settings

Just downloaded this tonight and there is no way to make changes
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Unread 06/15/22, 08:50 PM  
PlagueSD's Avatar

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 10
Uploads: 0
Login error

Yeah, ever since the High Isle release, I've been getting the below error when I log in. Junk handler still seems to function properly as I see my junk items categorized correctly and auto sells when I vendor. Not sure what the issue is:

user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Libs/LibZolan/LibZolan/LibZolan-1.0.lua:113: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Libs/LibZolan/LibZolan/LibZolan-1.0.lua:113: in function 'LIBZ:sendMessageToChat'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:1]{}, formattedMessage = "|c88DDDDZolan's Junk Handler:|...", toCurrentBuffer = T, mainContainerNum = 1 </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Zolan_JH_Handler.lua:68: in function 'Handler:handlePlayerActivated'
|caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:2]{} </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Zolan_JH_Handler.lua:98: in function 'handlePlayerActivated'
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Unread 04/09/22, 07:30 PM  

Forum posts: 3
File comments: 5
Uploads: 0
Add-on causing issues with Settings->Add-ons

I noticed the only two add-ons in the Settings->Add-ons list were Zolan's Junk Handler and Zolan's Auto Repair. I disabled all add-ons and re-enabled them one at a time, reloading to verify that the Settings->Add-ons menu was showing all enabled add-ons. Everything was fine until I got to Junk Handler - the last one in my library. When I enable this one, I only see the two Zolan add-ons again.
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Unread 09/08/21, 08:59 AM  

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Originally Posted by Harven
Looks like some addon compatibility issue. Can you find out which addon is causing it?

Originally Posted by Treadpool
I get this error on login. Any idea what it is?

user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Libs/LibZolan/LibZolan/LibZolan-1.0.lua:113: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Libs/LibZolan/LibZolan/LibZolan-1.0.lua:113: in function 'LIBZ:sendMessageToChat'
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Zolan_JH_Junker.lua:181: in function 'Junker:notify'
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Zolan_JH_Junker.lua:225: in function 'Junker:markIfJunk'
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Zolan_JH_Junker.lua:242: in function 'Junker:scanBackpackForJunk'
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Zolan_JH_Handler.lua:51: in function 'Handler:handleGameCameraUIModeChanged'
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Zolan_JH_Handler.lua:82: in function 'handleGameCameraUIModeChanged'

Hi Harven, I'm getting that error as well. Edit: Some playing around with my mods has revealed that the problem is being caused by LibGPS, not PersonalAssistant. I'm not sure why.
Last edited by jolamath : 09/08/21 at 09:47 AM.
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Unread 05/04/21, 07:46 PM  

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Lualibs errors

I'm from Russia, so my English may be strange
my friend gets an error notification when he logs in.
user:/AddOns/LibAsync.lua:10: Cannot find a library instance of 'LibAsync'.
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/Zolan_JunkHandler/Libs/LibStub.lua:27: in function 'LibStub:GetLibrary'
user:/AddOns/LibAsync.lua:10: in function '(main chunk)'
how can this be solved?
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Unread 08/03/20, 09:49 AM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 1
Uploads: 0
Settings problem

I do not have any settings options for this mod. Is this a known problem, or do anyone have a fix for this?

I find the settings under addon for my other mods.
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Unread 07/30/19, 04:57 PM  

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Just want to Upvote Teva. I would love account wide settings so I dont have to make the same item as junk on all 18 characters
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Unread 02/28/19, 01:11 PM  
Teva's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 162
Uploads: 1
Account Wide?

Any chance we could get account wide settings instead of per-character memory on junked items?
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Unread 05/11/18, 09:04 AM  
Dingodan's Avatar

Forum posts: 50
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Uploads: 0
Will there be an Update for Summerset?
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Unread 10/25/17, 06:36 AM  
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 257
File comments: 1513
Uploads: 2
hey guys please can someone tell me, this addon can autojunk stolen furnishing materials?
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Unread 07/23/17, 05:15 PM  

Forum posts: 1
File comments: 1
Uploads: 0
Need some help :P
I wanna add to autojunk all white and green weapons/armors but not set items.
so i try to rewrite some code at Zolan_JH_Junker:

function Junker:isItemWorthlessWeaponOrArmor(bagID, slotID)
    ZL:debug("   +_ Junker:isItemWorthlessWeaponOrArmor")

    local isItemWorthlessWeaponOrArmor = false
    if not ZJH.settings.markWeaponsArmorsAsJunk then return isItemWorthlessWeaponOrArmor end
	local itemType    = GetItemType(bagID, slotID)
	local itemInfo    = { GetItemInfo(bagID, slotID) }
	local itemQuality = itemInfo[8]
	local itemIsSet = { GetItemLinkSetInfo(item) } - try to get info about set
	local HasSet = itemIsSet[1] - try to get boolean hasSet from GetItemLinkSetInfo
	local sellPrice   = itemInfo[3]
	if HasSet = false then - this is not set? ok.
	if itemType == ITEMTYPE_WEAPON or itemType == ITEMTYPE_ARMOR then
        if itemQuality == ITEM_QUALITY_MAGIC or itemQuality == ITEM_QUALITY_NORMAL then - green and white weapon/armor go to junk
				isItemWorthlessWeaponOrArmor = true
	return isItemWorthlessWeaponOrArmor
but this is not work. Need help

i know i am noob at coding

UPD. already solved:
Lua Code:
  1. local itemType    = GetItemType(bagID, slotID)
  2.     local itemInfo    = { GetItemInfo(bagID, slotID) }
  3.     local itemQuality = itemInfo[8]
  4.     local itemLink = GetItemLink(bagID, slotID)
  5.     local _, setName, _, _, _ = GetItemLinkSetInfo(itemLink)
  6.     local sellPrice   = itemInfo[3]
  8.     if setName == nil or setName == "" then
  9.     if itemType == ITEMTYPE_WEAPON or itemType == ITEMTYPE_ARMOR then
  10.         if itemQuality == ITEM_QUALITY_MAGIC or itemQuality == ITEM_QUALITY_NORMAL then
Last edited by DarkT : 07/23/17 at 06:55 PM.
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Unread 06/13/17, 07:13 AM  

Forum posts: 1
File comments: 116
Uploads: 0
Could you disable the loading message, please?
Last edited by Bierdeife : 07/27/17 at 08:08 AM.
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Unread 06/02/17, 05:58 AM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 22
Uploads: 0
Unhappy Problem with stolen items being tracked

Thank you very much for your work on this. I've just started using this addon and so far it's working pretty well. I did however notice a problem with the handling of stolen items. I activated the option for the addon to remember my manually marked items. I marked some stolen weapons as junk and the addon gave me a notification it's tracking that item. However, as soon as I picked up another one of the same item, it gave me the message "No Longer Tracking [item] As User Specified Junk" and now I can't even get it to retrack the item even if marking it as junk again.
It would be great if you could fix that.
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Unread 05/31/17, 05:46 PM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 31
Uploads: 0

Little nervous about giving this mod a try, would be wonderful to see a version that NEVER destroys or sells items and only marks things as junk so I can manually (but rapidly) sell items marked as junk. For me its not the selling that takes time but the sorting that i would like automated.
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