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Wolfhunter (4.1)
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Zolan's Chat Notifications  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.12
by: zolan, Harven
NOTE: Zolan has passed ownership onto Harven for future updates.

What does it do?

This addon makes a sound when you receive a chat you are interested in.

For each of the following things, you can choose a sound from a list to play (or no sound to disable) if:
  • You receive a chat in the following channels: Whisper, Party, Guild 1 through 5, Say, Zone or Yell. (individual settings per channel)
  • Someone says your current character name, or your account name.
  • A friend has said something in any chat channel.
  • A specified key word or phrase has been said.

Additionally, you can...
  • Have it NOT play a sound if you are the sender.
  • Specify a blacklist of players you don't want it to make a notification for.

Since we aren't allowed to add our own sound files, it uses a handful of sounds from the game.

How do I configure it?

You can find the settings in SETTINGS->Zolan's Addons.
In the Zolan's Chat Notifications Settings section you will find everything you need. It is pretty straight forward and the tooltips on mouse overs has even more detailed information.

What are the future plans?
  • Increase the number of sounds that you can use.
  • Possibly add a separate visual notification if the desire is high enough.

Donation Hall Of Fame!

These people have donated gold to Zolan! (This list encompasses all donations from all of my addons.)
  • choekstr - 11,000 gold! Yeah... The comma is in the right place. At one time this was the largest donation out there. Since then Awesomebilly got a donation for 15,000 so now I await a rich fan to make me #1 again. Aside from the donation choekstr has given me tons of ideas for features to add to my addons as well as inspring a couple addons.
  • Guardianrule - 500 gold! My very first donation I ever received. Sooooo nice to be appreciated for the amount of time I've put into making my addons for you guys!!!!
  • ironllama - 500 gold! And another! You guys are friggin' awesome! Makes me feel like addon writing is worth it and helping people!
  • jchudz - 500 gold! And another! Really happy that people enjoy my work!
  • luizterra23 - 2,000 gold! And another! I am a happy man!
  • Greiger - 2,000 gold! Just when I thought the well was dried up... WOOOOOOOOO!!!

Who is Zolan thankful to?

This isn't everyone that has helped but this is the major players that I'd like to call out.
  • Blythe - I had wanted to make an addon like this and Blythe beat me to it by releasing ChatAlert. I asked her if I could use her code as a basis for my addon and she graciously gave me permission. Without this as a starting point, it would have been overwhelming to figure out how addon development worked. Anyway, she is amazing for letting me use her code and generally just awesome. Her addon ChatAlert is still being actively developed and has differences with my addon so if you are unhappy with mine, feel free to check hers out. Hers has a feature to make sound when a friend logs in and out which I do not plan to add to this addon.
  • The Arcane Scripters Guild - I can't list everyone in the guild but I will call out Xrystal and Seerah as they have helped me a lot. I've yet to ask a question and not get an answer from someone. I'm very thankful that I was allowed to be part of the group.
  • YOU - That's right. Thank you for using the addon! Seeing the number of downloads and favorites encourages me to do more work.

My Other Addons:

All of my addons are intended to be used together, so if you like one, you might want to install others. Here's the list.

Zolan's Chat Notifications - Makes audio queues on incoming chat that you don't want to miss. It is extremely configurable. Please give it a try.
Zolan's Junk Handler - Handles nearly everything you could hope for when it comes to junk. Including, tracking user junk marking and repeating it. Marking certain things like ornate items or 'icky food'. Then selling all junk upon visiting a vendor. It even has the ability to destroy junk under certain conditions. You really should give it a shot. It is, in my biased yet honest opinion, a pretty darn good addon.
Zolan's Auto Repair - Automatic repairing of your gear upon visiting a vendor.
Zolan's Slash Commands - A couple handy slash commands for doing stuff.
Zolan's Anchors Away - Blocks that annoying 'Too many anchors processed.' error. It is kind of like cold medicine. It doesn't fix the problem, it just makes the symptoms go away.

Known Problems:

None, but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

Final Notes:

If you are interested in having visual notifications, ask for it in the comments. If you think you have better onomatopoeias than I do, feel free to add them to the comments as well.

-- Zolan
Updated for new API.
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r26.

Updated for new API.
Upgraded LibStub to 1.0 r4
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r24.

Updated for new API.
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r23.

Updated for new API.

Updated for new API,
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r22.

Updated for new API,
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r21.

Updated for new API.

Updated for new API.

Updated for new API.

Updated for new API,
Upgraded LAM-2.0 to r18

Updated for the new API changes,
Settings panel converted to LAM-2.0

Updated for the new API changes,
Updated LAM-1.0 to the patched version - thanks Garkin!

Updated for the new API changes.

Updated for the new API changes.

Updated for the new API changes.

Updated LibAddonMenu to fix 2 small submenu issues.

Updated for the new API changes.

Nothing too exciting. I revamped the config screens of my 3 biggest addons (the other 2 tomorrow probably). They had been taking up a ridiculous amount of vertical space and the thought of adding more features and making that list made me sick. Now they are much nicer. Check 'em out.

Fixed an issue that caused keyword stuff to break when you use lua pattern characters.

Fixed an aesthetic bug that made this app report that it was the Junk Notification app. Damn you copy-pastos!!!

NEW FEATURE: A user defined blacklist of accounts to not play sounds for.
This release is nearly a complete rewrite as this was my first addon and I didn't know the best way to write addons in at the time. I have completely restructured the code and it is far more maintainable now, but that means there are potentials that some new bugs got added in there. Please let me know if you find any. I tested it pretty thoroughly but there is only so many times you can ask your buddies to send you a chat on various channels or with various words, etc. :)

A version bump and repackaged to make ZAM's Minion not so cranky.

Calling this version 1.0.
Added a few more sounds.
Fixed a bug that existed when whispering while having chat notifications on for your outgoing messages.
Made the sound dropdowns sorted.

Fixed long-standing bug that was causing outgoing whispers to make a sound even when you had notifications turned off for yourself.
Added key word/phrase notifications.
Added notification if someone says your name in chat.

Added a few new sounds. More to come. (I'm picky)
Made the config window pretty.
Fixed a potential problem on the backend that only occurs when debug is turned on.

Unfortunately this change will reset your settings one more time but for good reason. You can now select 'Disable' for no sounds or a sound from a list of sounds for each chat channel. This should hopefully also fix a problem with settings not being remembered that was mentioned in the comments.

Please let me know if you want certain sounds or if you find problems. I will try to fix them promptly.

Change to the back-end only but is leading up to me (and eventually you) to be able to assign different sounds to each type of chat. This update will, unfortunately, reset your config. This should not be a common occurrence but was a necessity in this case.

The first working version.

Was totally broken and Zolan hangs his head in shame.
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Unread 01/14/21, 01:47 AM  
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Note :
Adding a lot of keywords in the list causes huge lags on every new chat message (like 1/2 second freezes).
Last edited by Masteroshi430 : 01/14/21 at 01:49 AM.
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Unread 09/03/20, 09:23 AM  
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No longer works - abandoned

This addon seems to be abandoned, and no longer works. In fact, it breaks most other addons' settings.
I loved this addon, so wrote a replacement; Taz's Chat Notifier.
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Unread 03/14/20, 11:34 AM  

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Just started getting this error this morning

Not sure what got updated between last night and this morning - I didn't see anything, but started to get this error... any assistance would be appreciated.

user:/AddOns/Zolan_ChatNotifications/Zolan_CN_Util.lua:13: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/Zolan_ChatNotifications/Zolan_CN_Util.lua:13: in function 'Util.sendMessageToChat'
|caaaaaa<Locals> formattedMessage = "|c88DDFFZolan's Chat Notificat..." </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/Zolan_ChatNotifications/Zolan_CN_Handler.lua:48: in function 'Handler.handlePlayerActivated'
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Unread 11/03/19, 09:02 AM  

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Game freezes after Dragonhold update

Thx for that usefull addon.

After Dragonhold update this addon freezes game for 1-10s sometimes (like few times in a minute or few times in a hour).

Can't figure out when: sometimes notification is ok and sometimes game freeze even if there isnt on chat any massage that should make notification. Freezes are shorts or even few seconds.

When i put off this addon there is no such freezes.
When only this addon is turned on (no other addons) problem occur.
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Unread 08/25/19, 08:37 AM  
Addon Addict
NeuroticPixels's Avatar
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Please give us an option to make our settings account-wide.
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Unread 08/17/18, 08:34 AM  

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Thank you!

Originally Posted by Harven
Hi, it's fixed
Thank you so very much! I so love this mod!
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Unread 08/16/18, 03:00 PM  
Harven's Avatar
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Hi, it's fixed
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Unread 08/14/18, 03:59 PM  

Forum posts: 0
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Sadly this mod is broken for me after Wolfhunter

Sadly this mod is broken for me after Wolfhunter. It stopped alerting me to all chat after the installation of the new DLC.

It's throwing up an error message too.

user:/AddOns/Zolan_ChatNotifications/Zolan_CN_AddonMenu.lua:39: table index is nil
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/Zolan_ChatNotifications/Zolan_CN_AddonMenu.lua:39: in function 'AddonMenu.loadAudioAlertOptions'
user:/AddOns/Zolan_ChatNotifications/Zolan_CN_AddonMenu.lua:169: in function 'AddonMenu.initializeControlPanel'
user:/AddOns/Zolan_ChatNotifications/Zolan_CN_Handler.lua:27: in function 'Handler.handleAddOnLoaded'

This mod has become so important to me managing my guild, that I find it hard to live without it.

Thanks in advance,

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Unread 02/25/18, 10:05 AM  

Forum posts: 0
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Originally Posted by Alp
The addon seems to be crashing my game. I am not sure why, maybe its a conflict with another addon. But the moment I turn this addon on my game crashes.
Same here since this morning...
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Unread 02/17/18, 01:14 PM  
Alp's Avatar

Forum posts: 3
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The addon seems to be crashing my game. I am not sure why, maybe its a conflict with another addon. But the moment I turn this addon on my game crashes.
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Unread 10/17/16, 09:39 AM  

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 1
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Adding the "ding" sound from incoming courrier

The only sound I find that is easily recognizable is the one you hear when you receive a new mail, but it is not present in the list. Will it be possible to add it?
Otherwise it would be nice if we could add a personalized mp3 or wav for example
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Unread 09/12/16, 01:44 AM  
BigMons's Avatar

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I think I have a bug with this addon. I have ALL sounds disabled EXCEPT for "key word", which I have set to "lockpick break". Sound for whispers is DEFINITELY set to disabled. I then send a whisper to myself to test the key words and it plays the Book Acquired sound every time I whisper myself, no matter what message that I whisper to myself. I did have Blythe's addon installed too, but I disabled it and reloaded thinking that their may be some type of conflict, but I'm still getting the Book Acquired sound when I whisper myself.
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Unread 05/07/16, 12:47 PM  

Forum posts: 0
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Can we get the default whisper sound as an option?
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Unread 04/06/16, 10:04 AM  

Forum posts: 0
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Exclamation Not saving keywords

I mainly used this for notifying me on certain keywords, but now it seems to cause a crash when someone actually uses the keyword. And... the keyword tool isn't saving the keywords... I have to keep putting them in everytime I login. Can you please fix these things? Because I really do love this app when it's working for me
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Unread 12/12/15, 11:05 PM  

Forum posts: 0
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Uploads: 0
Love it!

I have all 3 of Zolan's addons but it started with this one. Very simple, very easy to set up and use, and VERY handy. Thank you so much!
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