Archive: Notes for Delay Subtitles addon
Recommended Addons:Reasons for Addon:
I found it more distracting to have the text stream into view with the Slow Dialogs addon by Shinni, so I made this alternative for people who are easily distracted like me.

Some people speak faster or slower than others, so its not entirely accurate, but its helpful for me. If the words are there my eyes just can't help but read them and I end up not listening to the people talking. And I like to listen to them. But I also want to make sure I didn't miss anything, so I made this addon sometime during early access. I thought for sure something better would have been out already, so I never uploaded it. And then I left it without updates for a while, but now a friend of mine is starting the game for TU and wanted to use it, so I went over it and made it a lot nicer while fixing it for update six.

Final Notes:
The idea to wait x number of ms per letter is inspired by Shinni's addon (the older version from beta).

All of the code is my own. Primary resources used include http://esodata.uesp.net/current/index.html, http://wiki.esoui.com/Main_Page, and reading the ESOUI forum discussions.

The Lua 5.3 (English) manual is available at http://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/ (and other materials/languages at http://www.lua.org/docs.html).