Hi. I'm a long time Elder Scrolls fan and love RPG's in general. I've never been particularly into MMO's, but this is a pretty good one. I love programming, solving problems, and helping people. If you want to talk about lore, code, or other awesome (i.e. nerd) things, or you want to team up for something, you can find me on the NA server as @taloskiin.

I have a Pact DK at vr14, and my primary alt is an AD Templar currently in the level 20's. I have a very low level DC alt, but I'm not giving much time to it right now while I level my AD alt.

If you have a guild that is into lore and also runs trials in a relaxed atmosphere, I'd be very interested in talking. I've cleared AA, HR, and 3/4 SO (I've only ran SO once). I've cleared DSA normal, but I haven't had a chance to try veteran DSA (would love to though). I also love veteran dungeons and have most of the achievements for them.

A lot of people find me abrasive, condescending, and very stiff/formal. I'm really not, but I'm on the autism spectrum and word things in ways that can be taken wrong, take things literal (semantics is something I get hung up on, but its not because I'm trying to be difficult), and I ramble on which gives an obsessive impression when I often don't actually feel one way or another on the topic. So keep that in mind if you ever talk to me, otherwise you'll end up having to put me on ignore and being upset all day from being so offended by the "terrible things" and "rude accusations" I made towards you lol.