Reasearch Timers
In your character profile you can now find your current trait research timers for the tradeskills under the Tradeskills tab.

Dungeon progress
The dungeon progress is now available in the character profile. The dungeon progress provides an overview of the completion of both normal and veteran dungeons. The dungeons are sorted by category (DLC). If you hover your mouse over a green checkmark, you will see information about when you completed the dungeon.

Guild Search
The guild search corresponds to the guild search results from the game. The data is exported for all guilds via the addon and allows you to search for a suitable guild while on the go. The guild search can be reached via this link: https://www.eso-database.com/en/guild-finder/

Quest overview of the character
In your character profile you will now find an overview of all quests. This allows you to see which quests you have already completed. Example: https://www.eso-database.com/en/char...997611/quests/

Researched Alchemy Properties
In your character profile you can now find the link "Show ingredients" under the tab Craft behind the entry for Alchemy. There you will get an overview of all researched properties of the ingredients. Example: https://eso-database.com/en/characte...dients/546023/