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Feature #: 457
File: Harven's Quest Journal
Date: 06/16/14 08:54 PM
By: TheKotU
Status: Wont add Feature
Ability to add your own Notes into the Quest Journal. With or with out a time stamp.

Ability to add an Image from Screenshot(With or Without UI) Crop an Area of it to show that can fit in a page. When Cropped image can be expanded by Left click-closed the same way. (May not be feasible atm but id like to see this if the API can or will allow this)

Ability to create your own To-Do List and have this tie into or utilize something similar to your experience bars and or something like Wkkyds Quest Tracker seen in page and if tracked on your screen. Like if as a goal you want to create a full set of upgraded gear you know how many mats you need you set them and it will track your progress or you may click to check it once you have it done.

Ability To create link to a Page (Like in Morrowind) anywhere in the journal, that link can forward info to a page concerning it or Provide a quick summary when hovering mouse over.-And extending this an Index with filters that lists all linked quests and items you have put into it.

Ability to Have a Player Database Kind of like IRemeberYou mod, in a way that allows us to keep notes regarding players info we can mention. Time stamped info on when they helped you, pissed you off, links to screenshots(like i mentioned if possible)

General Layout Ideas

Main Tabs
Denoted by [[]] These Are the only things you'll see on the top-left of the Journal
Sub Tabs Will be denoted by --- Will appear after selection on the left-top or expand from the main tab to the right IMO

[[Quest Log]]
---Active (By Level, Name, Date accepted, Quest Giver)
---InActive(Make a quest inactive by selecting it for being (Bugged, To hard at this time(With Reminder), other)
---Completed ((By Level, Name, Date accepted, Quest Giver)
complete the Quest do to
---This will be like any journal allowing inserting of chapters and pages and formatted to the liking of the user.
[[To-Do List]]
[[Bestiary]] Shows Player compiled and Combat compiled info on the selected mobs
---By Name
---By Zone
---All Creatures
[[Library]] Contains all found books Scrolls and Information from bookcases etc.
---Dunno what to put here atm (Sort by zone or Quest related...)
---By Zone
---By Quest
---By other
---Lists Broken down by filters of all linkable content
-Available on all pages

I have a lot of ideas concerning this but ill be back with more info or even if i have the time images to show what i mean

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By: Harven - 08/06/14 03:23 PM
sorry for not letting you know earlier but I'm not willing to implement your suggestions. It's too much work, some things can't be done and generally I'm not interested in these features. I don't mean to say that these are bad ideas, quite opposite - but the amount of work required is overwhelming...
- Harven