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FCO Craft Filter does not work with FCOIS (for me)
Bug #: 2157
File: FCO CraftFilter (Hide bank/hide inventory)
Date: 01/07/18 01:15 PM
By: Rhialyn
Status: Not a Bug
My FCO Craft Filter icon randomly stopped showing up in applicable menus yesterday, so I disabled all my addons and turned them back on until I figured out which addon was causing the problem.

The FCO CF icon was accessible with all of my other addons turned on, but disappeared when I turned on FCOIS.

It's probably something I'm doing wrong, but I've yet to figure out the solution. (Especially since I hadn't been fiddling with the FCOCF or FCOIS settings before the problem began).

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By: Baertram - 01/08/18 05:18 AM
Not able to reproduce this so far.
Are you using the most current version of both addons?
Which craft stations and which panel (deconstruct/extract, improvement) are affected?
Did you turn on the setting of FCOCF to show only bank items too?
At which state does the button disappear?

Only known addons that are problematic with FCOCF are Multicraft and some others.
Are you sure it happens if you ONLY have FCOCF and FCOIS enabled?
Because FCOIS is not overwriting any funcitons that FCOCF uses... There shouldn't be any possibility to impact.
By: Baertram - 01/08/18 10:53 AM
Hey there, just tested it again and made some screenshots to proof it works. Either you got old versions of FCOIS and/or FCOCF or there is some other addon active that interfers for you.

Please check again, thank you.
Here are the screenshots (german client) showing you that the filters work and the FCOCF button is shown properly at all supported crafting stations:
By: Rhialyn - 01/10/18 09:40 PM
Thanks very much for checking! (And sorry for the delay in response, have had a busy couple days).

I don't know what the problem was, but I was having a similarly nonsensical problem with LUI. Everything was up-to-date, but I reinstalled the addons (LUI, FCOIS, and FCCF), and now everything works properly.

If you were still wondering...
- I believe I was using the most current versions, as they were both up-to-date according to Minion.
- I checked the decon tab of the WW, C, and BS stations, so I know the FCCF icon wasn't showing up on those. Didn't check other stations/menus.
- I left the "show only bank items" option off.
- The button was there when FCOIS was disabled. I'd enable FCOIS, /reloadui, and the FCCF button would be gone from the above-mentioned menus.

Thanks again and sorry for the non-issue