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05/16/14 09:00 PM by: Seerah has launched and, with it, my companion addon. This had been a large chunk of my time lately, so with the site and addon now live I have more time to spend on other projects again.

Last night I pushed an update to ZAM_BuffDisplay which added several new options. I also plan on adding a setting to change the font colors in the near future, and will also look into guesstimating short-term buffs/debuffs.

ZAM_UnitFrames has had a beta version up for a while (available on the Optional Files tab) that has not gotten much feedback so far. I'll start rolling out those changes/additions to a wider audience slowly.

LibAddonMenu will be getting a rewrite this summer, so be on the lookout in the next couple of months for LAM 2.0!

There are also a few other, lower priority, things on my to-do list that I may get to over the summer. We'll see how things go.
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03/30/14 08:22 PM by: Seerah
Early access has begun and all of my addons and libraries are working as expected.

The month of April will be spent working on a notepad addon and addressing feature requests and the to-do lists of my other existing addons.
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02/18/14 11:29 PM by: Seerah
Welcome to Seerah's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!