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File: Combat Metrics11/20/23
Re: Easy way to preview/calculate a modified spell/weapon power?
Posted By: Solinur
Hi there, I was curious if there is an easy way to preview or calculate damage/skill dps by modifying the report's weapon and spell damage value? I.E. if I did a trial atro parse and wanted to see how the current numbers would look if I had a higher or lower weapon and spell damage. I'm not sure if there's a way to easily adjust t...
File: LibCombat11/15/23
Re: Do I have to worry about these warnings?
Posted By: Solinur
1x LibCombat/events reducedslot missing on queue event: Light Attack (Inferno) (16165) 1x LibCombat/events reducedslot missing on queue event: Light Attack (Inferno) (16165) 1x LibCombat/events reducedslot missing on queue event: Light Attack (Inferno) (16165) 1x LibCombat/events reducedslot missing on queue event: Lig...
File: Untaunted10/12/23
Re: Hope it gets approved soon :)
Posted By: Solinur
Hoping the update you pushed gets approved soon. I tried the workaround but..... now I can't even see the settings, I played with all 3 sliders and i think it's the 2nd but it didn't seem to fix, so I'm hoping the update does when it's approved. This looks like something unrelated. Maybe disable b...
File: Untaunted10/12/23
Re: Reply
Posted By: Solinur
Yep I emailed you prior but wasn't 100% sure it was the same person so I replied here as well. I can try to edit the text height in the meantime. As for the suggestion, I'm surprised as you mark over enemies with your enemy marker thing, and you can see who is taunted to list them at top left so I kinda assumed it'd just be a combina...
File: Untaunted10/12/23
Re: UI Issues With Timer Display
Posted By: Solinur
I ran into an issue where are enabling "Show enemy markers" The name and the time for the countdown of taunted enemies vanished. It also gave me some error about Wykked Enhanced Chat, so I later uninstalled that in hopes of this fixing it. (It did not) I then tried uninstalling Untaunted and it's requirements, kept Wykked uninstal...
File: Combat Metrics09/15/23
Re: just a little request !!
Posted By: Solinur
Hello, i want to thank you for this extremely good and useful addon. I have nothing to complaint about, everything works great. I just wanted to ask you if it was pssible to add a option in keybinds so we can toggle light mode on/off. Thanks again for your good work and hopefully you ll be able to keep this addon alive for years to c...
File: Simple Castbar08/16/23
Re: Resize
Posted By: Solinur
Hello option to resize cast bar don't seem to work other than that amazing addon love it! Thanks, I'll check it once more.
File: Combat Metrics06/15/23
Re: Companions Combat Metrics
Posted By: Solinur
Thanks for this excellent addon. I wonder if it is possible to see the Companions Combat Metrics? For now Companions are not supported. I'll look into what can be done there.
File: Combat Metrics05/09/23
Hey there, I was wondering if it is...
Posted By: Solinur
Hey there, I was wondering if it is possible to see single target percentage damage compared to the group? Unless I am missing it, I can currently see the percentage compared to the group of all of my combat, but if for example I wanted to see just the boss's damage percentage from me compared to the group is there a way to do tha...
File: Combat Metrics04/01/23
Re: Light attack tracking
Posted By: Solinur
Hey, just wanted to report something that i have been seeing. Light attacks dont seem to be tracking properly on the info screen and instead are tracking as extra misses. Info screen (95 light attacks) damage screen (103 light attacks) log (103 light attacks) Thanks, I already know but it's a bi...
File: Untaunted03/30/23
Hi Solinur, after changing teh e...
Posted By: Solinur
Hi Solinur, after changing teh ettings of the untaunted UI I cannot move the UI to teh right screen edge anymore: The green rectangle is kind of blocked. I had changed the width from default to 150, height to 20, max bars to 10, switched the bars to expand at the top for new taunts. As I switched to teh move mode afterwards...
File: Combat Metrics03/15/23
Re: Feature request
Posted By: Solinur
Hi, Would it be possible to add a feature to enable auto-save for selected boss fights? I am constantly forgetting to save fights when I'm in prog groups and there is information that cmx provides that esologs does not. If we could get a checklist or similar to select bosses we are interested in, and then make it auto-overwrite th...
File: Combat Metrics03/15/23
Re: Re: Re: top row buttons still inaccessible in 1.5.12
Posted By: Solinur
Thank you very much for the quick reply! After turning off all other add-ons and libraries (except those required for Combat Metrics) and reloading UI, I can see that the issue persists. I also deleted the add-on and reinstalled it while the game was closed, just to be sure I had the latest version. The txt file says 1.5.12, so I...
File: Combat Metrics03/14/23
Re: top row buttons still inaccessible in 1.5.12
Posted By: Solinur
I updated to 1.5.12 today, and I see in the change log that there is a fix for some of the top rows being inaccessible. Unfortunately they are still inaccessible for me even with 1.5.12. I have reloaded and restarted the client. I have reinstalled the add-on. I'm not sure what else I might be able to do to try to get the fixed ver...
File: Combat Metrics03/13/23
Re: Live Logging Window
Posted By: Solinur
Hi Since today, update 37, My Live Report Window has no more Background color. Can you fix that? Would be nice :) (And yes I have tried to set background opacity, but it has no effect ;)) I think I fixed that in yesterdays update, can you confirm you have the newest version (1.5.12)...
File: PenTest (Critical)03/13/23
Re: Frame issue after UPDATE37
Posted By: Solinur
After todays patch, the addon is messed up.Can anyone else confirm that? Thx for the report. I just uploaded a quick fix that hopefully resolves it.
File: Untaunted03/13/23
Untaunted throws Lua errors related...
Posted By: Solinur
Untaunted throws Lua errors related to this change: Forgot to upload my fix yesterday :rolleyes:
File: LibCombat03/11/23
Re: zen
Posted By: Solinur
11, 8469929, 27, 126597, 1, 2, 5, 1, 244 |rstack traceback: user:/AddOns/LibDebugLogger/LogHandler.lua:201: in function 'Log' |caaaaaa level = "W", config = {originalTag = "LibCombat/other", enabled = T, tag = "LibCombat/other"}, handled = T, message = "11, 8469929, 27, 126597, 1, 2,...", shouldLogTraces = T |r (...
File: Improved Death Recap02/28/23
First of all thanks much for this a...
Posted By: Solinur
First of all thanks much for this addon, I dig :) Not sure if its in the scope of this addon to do, but I would love it if there was a way to hide the default death recap screen as this functionally replaces it. Possible? how can I make this happen? Isn't it normally possible to just hide it by pressing "T" ?
File: Combat Metrics02/14/23
Re: Display Target Dummy Health
Posted By: Solinur
Is there a way to display the health of a target dummy in the combat log or on the chart? Turning on "BossHP" on the chart doesn't seem to do anything. It would be useful to see how various execute skills ramp up their damage as the dummy's health declines during a parse. Its not the most straight forward way but outside of boss...
File: Combat Metrics02/06/23
Re: Error encountered when selecting
Posted By: Solinur
user:/AddOns/CombatMetrics/CombatMetrics.lua:2591: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/CombatMetrics/CombatMetrics.lua:2591: in function 'CMX.RemoveCombatLog' user:/AddOns/CombatMetrics/CombatMetricsMenu.lua:567: in function 'setFunc' |caaaaaa value = F |r user:/AddOns/LibAddonMenu-2.0/con...
File: Combat Metrics01/25/23
Re: Damage Type Summary
Posted By: Solinur
Hey Solinur, thanks for the great addon! Always works flawlessly! 👍 One question I had is whether it's possible to see a quick summary of damage in it's various forms (direct damage vs DoT, or single-target vs AoE), as all damage can come under one of each category above (so 4 possible combinations), and would make it supe...
File: LibCombat12/29/22
2022-12-29T13:10:07.800+01:00 |cff0...
Posted By: Solinur
2022-12-29T13:10:07.800+01:00 |cff0000Lua Error: user:/AddOns/LibCombat/LibCombat.lua:1939: operator / is not supported for nil / number stack traceback: user:/AddOns/LibCombat/LibCombat.lua:1939: in function 'SpecialBuffEventHandler' isdebuff = F, _ = 131108, result = 2240, _ = F, _ = "", _ = 0, _ = 0, _ = "", sourceType...
File: Combat Metrics12/28/22
Re: Occasional Error
Posted By: Solinur
This comes up rarely. This time it happened when I was leaving the Vivec Outlaw's Refuge user:/AddOns/LibCombat/LibCombat.lua:1939: operator / is not supported for nil / number stack traceback: user:/AddOns/LibCombat/LibCombat.lua:1939: in function 'SpecialBuffEventHandler' |caaaaaa isdebuff = F, _ = 131108, result = 2...
File: Combat Metrics12/12/22
Re: Re: Re: Log Export?
Posted By: Solinur
Thank you for even considering it. As an example of what I'd want to look for in a log. Let's say I have used Greater Storm Atro three times during a parse. I may want to look at all of the attacks by that one ability, and possibly even filter further by regular and critical attacks. Presently, this requires a lot of scrolling over t...