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Kill Counter  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.2.4
by: mikethecoder4, Ayantir
Kill Counter is an addon that Tracks Kills in PVP and other PVP achievements. It also has Deathmatch/MOBA style Kill streak alerts (Like "Killing Spree" or "Dominating") as well as death streaks, and capture streaks (Keeps and resources). Kill Counter also alerts you when a Keep or resource has been taken on the map. It features an unobtrusive GUI element for quick view of your current session kills, deaths, Kill/Death ratio, and Streak. Individual kills also have their own alerts, with an added sound (which I plan to replace with custom sounds that go along with the streaks once the API allows for that). All Alerts and Sounds are fully customizable and can be toggled on/off via the Kill Counter settings menu (/kc settings, see below).

The GUI element can be dragged to a different place by clicking and dragging the top most grey bar.

Kill Counter also has a Full stats menu which lists has 7 distinct sections
  1. Overview - Overview of all stats (totals, KDR, etc., seige stats)
    [#]Current Session - List of stats for the current session, along with comparison to overall stats. Work in Progress
  2. Kills (List of Killed players and their Alliance/Class/etc.)
  3. Killers - List of players that killed you
  4. Breakdown - Summations/Averages/Other break downs of your stats
  5. Killing Blows - Lists all the spells you have gotten killing blows with
  6. Settings - List of togglable settings to customize how Kill Counter works
To toggle the menu, simply click GUI element anywhere but the top most grey bar (used to drag the element) or use the slash command /kc stats. You can also set up a keybind for the stats menu in the keybinds section of the ESO options If you click on a players row in either the Kills or Killers sections, you can see a detailed breakdown of stats against that player, including kills, deaths, ratio, threat level, and more.

This addon will auto hide when not in Cyrodiil. If not in Cyrodil and you wish to view the Kill Counter use:
/kc toggle. See below for more slash commands

To enable/disable various alerts and sounds, use the slash command /kc settings. A window will pop up with all the different settings that can be turned off and on. You can also set up a keybind, or simply open the KC stats menu, and navigate to the settings tab from there (its the last tab)

Slash Commands
  • /kcreset - reset the counter. you can also do
  • /kcreset full to reset all of your stats (including list of killed enemies, total kills, etc)
  • /kc is a general purpose command with many different functions:
  • /kc toggle to show and hide the kill counter
  • /kc stats to view or hide stats panel
  • /kc settings to view and enable/disable various parts of Kill Counter
  • /kcreport - Use to report your Kill Counter stats to chat. See below for full list of options for this but an example would be:
    /kcreport g1 --reports to guild one
    /kcreport z -- reports to zone
    /kcreport s full -- reports to say, and shows full stats
    /kc report w @somefriendofyours --reports to someone in a whisper

For those who may be used to the old slash commands, please us /kc settings instead.

KC Report slash command information: Please see the Author Portal for information on the /kcreport slash command, and more: http://www.esoui.com/portal6888.html

Special thanks to Ayantir, QuadroTony, the NA dueling/PVP legend, and many others for helping me create/update/test my addon and more.
*API Bump

*updated to new version
*fixes issues with new API

*rolled Kill Counter to the latest API version

*Fixed an issue caused my an outdated version of LibMainMenu
*fixed issue with current session KDR difference color code. The color is green when a lot above your KDR, Red when a lot below, and yellow when within 70% (above or below)
*Added current Kills table to current session tab. Note: Known issue with this tab, sometimes it will show an extra death on certain rows/players under certain circumstances.
*Removed all archived Kill Counter versions from before 2015

*Huge GUI overhaul. KC stats menu is now a full fledged menu (like your skills menu, or inventory) with the same tabs that the old /kc stats window had. I used the LibMainMenu addon to do this, so now Kill Counter comes with LibMainMenu, as well as LibStub (as well as a couple new Lua/XML files). The overall size of Kill Counter is now a little bigger, but the size shouldn't be that noticeable.
*Removed seige tab from the stats menu, and put seige stats information into the overview tab
*added current session tab that lists stats for the current session. This tab is a work in progress and I plan on adding a lot more info to this menu, including a list of people you've killed, and some stats similar to the stats that are in the breakdown tab
*fixed a bug that had to do with color codes. Please let me know if you see this error with color codes!
*added tracking for longest and current killing blow streak to the overview tab of the stats menu
*slightly increased the size of the Killing blow tab table.
*The killing blow tab is also a Work in Progress and I plan on adding more information, including possibly a graph of the top 5 (or maybe a pie chart). Please leave a note in the comments section or my author portal if you have any ideas for more information that should go into this tab!
*Removed the settings window, and added the settings to the Kill Counter Stats menu. You can still type /kc settings to open the stats menu directly into this tab
*adjusted various Gui elements to look cleaner
*Added Keybinds to kill counter, 1 for opening the main Kill Counter stats menu, and one for opening the settings tab of the stats menu directly.
*adjusted/refactored various files to make the code easier to change
*added more current session tracking for future updates to the current session stats menu. See above for notes on how the current session tab is a work in progress
*changed a few icons/buttons to make the GUI more coherent.
*added new screenshots to reflect the changes to the GUI
*Removed all archives before November 2014

*Fixed a big that could cause deaths not to be recorded.
*added code to prepare for GUI overhaul

*fixed a bug that was preventing some kills from being reported
*added new command /kcreport. See comments page and description page for usage information
*added a new stats window tab - Killing Blows. Will show a list of killing blow spells, to give an idea of which one of your spells gets the most killing blows. Right now this part of the window is pretty barren, but I plan on adding more information to this page. Probably a break down of killing blows by class/alliance and stuff like whats on the breakdown page
*added tracking of killing blow spells.
*minor GUI tweaks

*Updated to latest API version
*fixed a few string formatting and localization issues
*fixed /kc stats and /kc settings commands sometimes not showing the respective GUI elements correctly.
*added the ability to ignore NPC deaths. This means that if you are killed by, say, NPC gaurds, the death will NOT end your kill streak. However, this behavior is DISABLED by default. To enable this setting, go into the settings menu by typing /kc settings and enable the "Ignore NPC Deaths" setting.

Update 2.1.10
*Fixed a few minor bugs
*added spell to killing blow text. For example, if you killed someone with the spell executioner, it will now say "You have killed XXX with a killing blow using Executioner"
*soon to track what you've killed people with. Hopefully in the CS update
*hopefully fixed all colorized text to not cause an issue with addons like pchat. PLEASE let me know if you find errors with text (like random letters being appended/prefixed to text)

Update 2.1.9
*updated to latest API version
*fixed double kill issue (hopefully for good this time)
*prepared addon for overhaul

Update 2.1.8
*updated to latest API version

Update 2.1.7
*updated to latest API version

Update 2.1.6
*updated to latest API version

Update 2.1.5
*Added Killing blow ratio and killing blow level to stats breakdown
*added deaths by class graph to stats breakdown
*fixed bug that would prevent stats from updating correctly in the Stats menu GUI
*few minor bug fixes
*new Killing blow level: Like threat level for enemy characters, shows different level/color based on current Killing blow ratio
*Killing blow ratio defined by the ratio of killing blows to kills

Update 2.1.4
*Added Killing blow tracking
*added killing blow streaks
*changed many streaks and other chat alerts to be color coded. Some alerts are still the default color. Please let me know how you like this change!
*changed chat alerts to be slightly less spammy. this is an on going effort that will get better
*added a bar graph to the break down stats subsection. This graph shows a breakdown of kills by class
*prepared addon for further breakdown graphs (notably deaths by class and kills/deaths by alliance)
*added killing blows to the individual player view
*Added killing blows and killing blows streak to the on screen Kill Counter GUI element. (labeled as kb() and kbs() respectively)

Update 2.1.3
*Updated to latest API version
*Note, for some reason, the stats are reset. I have tried backing up my stats, and reloading them, but it doesn't seem to work. Sorry everyone. Before updating to the newest version of ESO, you can make a back up of your stats by going to your ESO folder (usually in documents for windows) and then live/savedVariables and make a copy of the file called Kill Counter.
*Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience. I will look into this further to see if there is a way around this.

Update 2.1.2
*fixed issue with non english versions of the game and deaths. If you continue to have a problem with endless kill streaks and deaths please contact me or leave a comment immediately.
*if you are using an english version, or are not experiencing endless kill streaks, you can safely skip this update

Update 2.1.1
*Added Player View window, to see stats against that player in 1 window, including kills, deaths, etc.
*added color coding to seige messages based on faction
*fixed issue with an error when having no stats
*changed faction specific colors in various places to make it look better with rest of UI
*added AP tracking, Both overall and current for the session
*fixed and tweaked a few minor UI things

Update 2.1.0
*Added new stats menu sub section: Killers. Lists all people who have killed you, including alliance, class, and Level in a sortable list (like the Kills list). Note: Some players may be missing Class. Because of the way the API works, You have to target someone before or after they kill you.
*Added a Stats breakdown sub section: Has various stat averages, maximums, and other break downs like player you killed most, player with most killing blows, most killed class/alliance, etc. See main menu and screenshots for more details
*removed Deprecated slash commands
*Added Killing Blows tracking variables. No GUI elements showing them yet, coming in next update
*Coming: more breakdown stats, damage done, last 10-20 kills breakdown, killing blow streaks/tracking and more.

Update 2.0.6
*Added sorting to the players killed stats window. You can now sort by columns by clicking on the column header (both ascending and descending)
*Changed death alert to reflect who has killed you
*tracking of Players who kill you is now enabled. There is not yet a sub menu for this in the stats menu, this is coming soon.
*fixed a few minor issues

Update 2.0.5
*Added a new settings menu that consolidates most of the slash command settings
*added new slash command /kc settings
*removed many slash commands. they still techinically work, but will be fully gone from Kill Counter by 2.1.0. Please use /kc settings to turn on and off various Kill Counter alerts
*You should no longer be forced to wipe your stats because of a Kill Counter update.
*Killers (players who killed you) coming soon.

Update 2.0.4
*small change to sounds
*you can now type /kc sounds to enable/disable sounds. sounds are on by default
*prepared internal Kill Counter code for new settings menu

Update 2.0.3
*added tracking of many things that were missing this includes:
*added class and alliance tracking
*added revenge and avenge kill tracking
*changed overview GUI to be more readable

Update 2.0.2b
*Updated to latest version of API
*prepared Kill Counter for tracking death information in newest patch
*fixed rare error with fixing walls. Please contact me immediately if you get an error while trying to fix a wall in Cyrodiil

Update 2.0.2a
*Fixed issue with a kill streak related bug that would occur when you have reset your stats or starting with brand new stats

Update 2.0.2
*fixed bug which would prevent kill counter from showing in cyrodiil in certain situations
*fixed uncommon double kill issue

Update 2.0.1
*Fixed small keep tracking error
*added kill streak to on screen gui element

Update 2.0.0
*This is a very large update. I recommend everyone update to this update as soon as possible, as it has many bug fixes and other updates that truly make it the best version
*Totally overhauled the stats menu. Now has different sections split up into Overview, Kills, and Seige, a sliding menu, and overall looks 1000 times better.
*Changed the Kill Counter on Screen widget. It is now much thinner and the information is more streamlines, but also longer. Should now be less obtrusive, and fit better with other addons
*many major fixes to the kill tracking algorithm. Should help mitigate a double kill issue that was pretty uncommon
*Added a few stats, like KDR (overall and current)
*Added many Player killed stats, including revenge kills, avenge kills, class, etc. Most of this information is NOT yet tracked yet, but will be in a future update. ATM only Kills, and Killing blows are tracked
*New saved variables format, so all previous data will be lost.
*Made Keep tracking slightly more reliable. Still needs more work.

Update 1.1.6
*This update is mostly about fixing the keep capture tracking. Keep capture trackign should now work, at least in a limited way.
*Fixes a misspelling bug with Keep Counter. Capturing Keeps should now work. Remember, to get credit for a keep capture, you must capture at least 1 of the flag
*fixed minor misspelling issues
*Identified rare double kill issue. steps are being taken to fix this.

Update 1.1.5a
*small update fixing out of combat message
*adds slash command /kc ooc to toggle showing when you leave combat.
*showing when you leave combat is disabled by default.

Update 1.1.5
1.1.5 is a very large update comprised of several updates. This update includes Seige Counter, which tracks and shows when you capture resources and keeps! Note, the keep portion of the tracking is not yet fully tested. If you have captured keeps, and this doesn't show it, please report to me. In theory, it should work, but again, I haven't been able to test it thoroughly, so I decided to just release the update rather than make you guys wait
*Seige Counter, tracks resource and keep captures. see description for relevant slash commands and more information
*made kill tracking ALOT more accurate. Note, sometimes Kill recognition comes a few seconds after you have gotten a kill. See comments for more information.
*fixed a few small bugs
*added resource and keep capture streaks
*since the saved information structure has changed, all your data from before this update will be wiped unfortunately :( If you really want to keep your stats, please contact me and I can help you

Update 1.1.2
This is a small update, preparing for a bigger one in which I had a "seige counter" more info to come
*restructured code to be more in line with standards
*changed kill streak sound to be more noticable
*deleted old archives

Update 1.1.1
*This update overhauled the slash commands, making them more efficient and less likely to cause problems with other addons. See Main Description for new slash commands system, and see the comments for more in depth description of the changes
*added auto hiding and command /kc toggle to manually hide and show kill counter
*Kill Counter now auto hides when not in Cyrodiil. Using /kc toggle overrides this behavior (see comments for more in depth description)

Update 1.1.0
This update adds sound effects and a few small utility tweaks.
*Kills and Killing streaks now have different sound effects when they happen. Note, when there is a lot of sound, it can be difficult to pick out to sounds from all the noise
*You can now reset all of your stats by using the command /kcreset full
Note this also removes list of killed enemies. This does NOT reset the position. Please contact me if it does!
*a few more messages to make the addon more responsive

Update 1.0.8a
*Small update fixing death streak bug and mouse scrolling bug.
Update 1.0.8
*This update fixes several issues this addon had with UI element positioning, and hiding. It now hides automatically when going into ESO ui screens (Like inventory) and no longer should interfere with other addons like Wykkyds quest Log. This addon has a new savedVariables structure so unfortunately, your data will be wiped. as Always, message me if you REALLY want to keep your data.
*Also fixed/tweaked a few messages to be more grammatically correct

Update 1.0.7
Small Update. Added remembering of last position you put it in. It should now stay where you put it once, without you having to keep moving it. Please contact me if yours resets position!
Note: after update, it will be in the default position. Also, because of the way saved stats/settings work, your stats will be reset in this update (and indeed in the previous update). If you wish to retain your stats, I can help, simply contact me.

Update 1.0.6
*Fixed quite a few various UI bugs, including the killed players list not updating/staying empty.
*Steps took to try to debug wykkyd framework problem.
*Added auto hiding when entering inventory screen, or other ESO UI screens.
*Added Death Streak! and Death Streak messages!
*Fixed double killing bug.
*various UI tweaks

Update 1.0.5
*Added a stats menu! This can be reached by clicking the stats button on the main UI box. This stats menu shows total and current kills and deaths, as well as who you have killed before! I am going to work on adding whose faction these people are in. This will be in a later update
*improved overall look of GUI elements.

Update: 1.0.4:
*Includes saved stats! KillCounter now tracks total kills and total deaths and shows them in parenthesis next to current kill/death number. I also track who you kill, but i haven't yet created the window that will show this information. This is coming soon!
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Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to move the counter around.

I know this question has already been made a couple of times but I didn't see an answer for it.

thanks in advance
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Homestead 2.7 (2.2.5 vs) optional file

Originally Posted by Fialdarg
Any news about update? Very nice tool.
Hello everybody! I just updated this add on to be compatible with the 2.7 Homestead API. This makes the addon working properly as intended. If you have never used it outside of "Out of date" well now you have a chance. Its basically a new addon for you. What this update did was allowed it to work properly, display the UI correctly, fix strings, and keep track of data that was no longer being tracked.

I hope you enjoy, please check other files for version 2.2.5
Last edited by Casterial : 05/16/17 at 02:01 PM.
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Any news about update? Very nice tool.
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Hey Everyone, i still use this addon, one of my favorites in fact, anyone knows how to fix this error


Without reseting my stats would be great, got more than 10k kills recorded.

Last edited by sAnn92 : 04/03/17 at 01:47 AM.
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i still hope for a christmas miracle that this addon will get updated on the 24th
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Move or reset KC?

The tiny stat window is clipping into the side of my window, I can't see my kills. How do I move it or reset the whole thing? I've tried reinstalling and deleting my saved variables.
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The chat log of killing blows doesn't register kills from Elemental Rage (Icy Rage).
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any news?
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Originally Posted by Ayantir
Originally Posted by l3x0r
i still got my hopes up for a reworked version of this addon for one tamriel
its really the most used addon in PVP... it really needs some love <3
I'll update for next dlc
Amazing, was coming here to report a bug where the addon was counting two kills when I got only one, but glad to see this. Love your addon.
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i hope you'll insert a language file system.
I have try to translate it in french and change api but this doesn't work very well.

thanks for all your work
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Unread 09/25/16, 12:04 PM  

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Originally Posted by Ayantir
I'll update for next dlc
THIS is the best news i have heard in ages! I LOVE YOU MAN
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Originally Posted by l3x0r
i still got my hopes up for a reworked version of this addon for one tamriel
its really the most used addon in PVP... it really needs some love <3
I'll update for next dlc
Obsessive Compulsive Coder

My little french Guild: Cercle de l'Eveil
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i still got my hopes up for a reworked version of this addon for one tamriel
its really the most used addon in PVP... it really needs some love <3
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Unread 08/18/16, 07:30 PM  

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I started playing pvp for the first time a few weeks ago (in any game) and am enjoying it immensely. Just wanted to add my hopes to the rest that we'll see an update sometime! Such a great add on, one of my favorites.

I've been lucky to never have any lag on NA. Not even once. A few load screens, but that's it.

I've been hearing a few of the problems with cheaters, but I haven't run into it very often. Seems to be a bigger issue for people at the top of the heap, ie those organizing campaigns, going for emp, the best of the best. The most dangerous players. I imagine devs would mostly be in this category and I empathize with your disenfranchisement. Filthy cheaters...what a shame.

But for us naive players at the lower end of the alliance power structures, who have not yet been turned into a cynic by the scumbags, here's hoping things will change! Keeping fingers crossed.
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